#FEB2019 Tha Smirk Season Issue

https://youtu.be/lSkpPaiUF8s   there's a storm coming. keep your head above the water.   https://youtu.be/uevYxaID9sM


#SailorTwiftClub x Tape Leak Magazine (Jan. 2019)

See SAILOR TWIFT CLUB art and more in Tape Leak! Instagram.

Sailor Twift Magazine #December2018

We Have the TAPES! Review Brah has a Whopper... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03pXYDd4FQw   Barron is growing... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkYeleh0XC0   Pete Davidson on Suicide Watch... https://youtu.be/GKaakjMVtyE   Running Immigrant Memes...   Cardi B's relationship was always a sham... https://youtu.be/t1-wKELbW4E   Sarah Hyland is losing her mind... https://youtu.be/EiR6DPzRufs   Jake Paul is on someone else's Suicide Watch... https://youtu.be/I__NPlB1iVU?t=634   TOMMYNC2010 reconnects … Continue reading Sailor Twift Magazine #December2018

Kavanaugh’s Sports Bar – Limited Long Sleeve

FRONT IMAGE: Kavanaugh's Logo "I liked beer. I still like beer." BACK IMAGE: Full Kavanaugh's ad with sponsor images and locations BUY NOW: CLICK HERE!