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The Feeling You’re Feeling

AlexI currently have this strange sensation inside the darkness that is my tummy. It’s not angry…it’s not even hungry. I think it may be partially hungry, but not wholly.

The abstract emptiness that I’m feeling may be somewhat caused by the abundance of lukewarm Coca Cola I’ve been drinking. Perhaps my inner sanctum is trying to deal with the tepid secret recipe…but it’s more than that.

‘I feel that I should apologize’ is a statement that I gladly don’t find myself saying very often, but this time it may be warranted. I neglected my responsibility and didn’t post a video on Monday.

Now, it’s not as if this website is viewed by thousands of people per day, however, to you, the one person (or more) who expected Video Monday to be…Video Monday, I’m sorry. I was working on other things. Big Things. Which brings me to my main topic:

Super Dudes Power Squad…yes, you’ve heard the name before…but imagine this: a Web Show! Comedy! Skits! Writing! My ultimate plan is to turn Super Dudes Power Squad into primarily a sketch show. We will have written segments and concept contributions from the entire staff as well as actors (essentially us) to fill the roles. Sound exciting? Christ, I hope so.

And now that I’ve given you the heads up on that, I expect something in return: your support and your help. We can’t do this without you. We need your feedback. We need your advice. And we need your ambition.

Our site will still feature ARTICLES every day, as well as the occasional COMICS and PODCASTSbut the extra stuff might not come every week.

Whew…now I’ve been cutting back on my weekly Movie Trailer picks, so here’s a few that I found today. There really is nothing exciting on the cinematic horizonthat I haven’t mentioned already…but in the words of posthumous Golden Globe winner Heath Ledger as the Joker:  “…and here…we…go.”

1. STREET FIGHTER: The Legend of Chun-Li

2. X-MEN ORIGINS: Wolverine

3. Coraline

Enjoy those, and be sure to thank your local neighborhood

Until we meet again



AlexAlso, today our country made history. If you’re not some troglodyte living in a glacier, you’d know by now that Barack Obama is officially our new President; and this country’s first obviously multi-racial one, too! Although, I’d imagine the significance lies more in his black half than his white…Congrats, Mr. President. Give ’em hell.


2 thoughts on “The Feeling You’re Feeling”

  1. Fallout 3 is my favorite game for PS3. It has its minor flaws, but overall it’s amazing. It’d be cool if you could play it online, too.

    Thanks for the compliments, too! ^_^

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