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Why I Hate Canada and Want to Go Home!

alexbwRecently, I took a trip to Canada (of all fucking places); Ottawa to be specific. Naturally, I had no idea what was actually in Ottawa except for a few examples of gorgeous Gothic architecture that I could see any time I want in America through something called Google. So why does anyone travel anywhere? What the fuck do I want with awe-inspiring architecture?!

What am I gonna do with this shit?!
What am I gonna do with this shit?!

As soon as I arrived in Ottawa, my nasal passages were overcome by a sensation that practically floored me. The air was actually refreshing! Canada, if I want to be refreshed, I’ll buy a $3 bottle of Spring Water. I don’t need your fucking charity. It’s almost as if the entire pompous city is patronizing me; pointing and laughing as I struggle to breathe in this purified oxygen.

The first thing I did when I entered the Canadian Hellscape was grab some fast food at a Wendy’s rest stop. I couldn’t wait to absorb the dirty looks from the underpaid cashiers as I flaunted my American Money like Scrooge McFuck. But no. Nothing works in Canada the way it’s supposed to. The Wendy’s cashiers are all pleasant young women and they actually talk to you like they give a shit. Where the fuck am I?!

What have I gotten myself into?
What have I gotten myself into?

This trip has already gone south and I only just stepped out of the car.

Alright, so I’ve seen all the giant buildings and shit, and then I start thinking…where are all the cell phone stores and check cashing places? Where can I trade my gold in for cash? On first glance there was nothing around but monuments and memorials. I didn’t even know Canada had fought in any wars!

I can do this at home...
I can do this at home...

So after wandering aimlessly around my prison-like hotel room with king-size bed, giant bathtub and flat screen tv (what good is a huge TV if it only plays Canadian television shows?!), I realized that I needed to exchange my good old American currency for some queer technicolor Canada cash.

Sexually ambiguous military men cross multiple cultures.
Sexually ambiguous military men cross multiple cultures.

What the fuck is a looney? A tooney? Who came up with this concept? You know how much fun it is to have spare change in your pocket? Well, let’s make you carry bigger and bulkier change to replace your practical $1 Bill…and the $2 coin?! We got rid of $2 Bills years ago. Get with the program, Canada!

If my money is worth more, what the fuck am I doing with all these coins?!
If my money is worth more, what the fuck am I doing with all these coins?!

After trying to figure out what great American heroes were trying to be portrayed in these Canadian memorial statues, I came to the disparaging conclusion that I wasn’t getting anywhere. I needed to have a drink; so I popped woefully into the shittiest-looking bar I could find. Perhaps in a local dive, I could acquire some of American bar hospitality. All I wanted to do was witness someone quickly jolt into a blind rage or an elderly gentlemen sipping his sorrows away until his inevitable grim death.

“Have a beer, eh!”

“Where’re you guys from then?”

What the fuck is that all aboot? I don’t come to a bar to be chatted up by pleasant, interesting people. It’s a bar, goddammit!

So I needed a cigarette; but where to find them? No cigarette ads, no flashing signs encouraging myself and mature-spirited children to come on in and puff away.

In Canadian culture, naked incestuous dancing is a time honored tradition.
In Canadian culture, naked incestuous dancing is a time honored tradition.

Finally, I find a shop selling cigarettes, which I can hardly afford…almost $10 a pack?! Shame on you, Canada. Poor people need to be able to kill themselves quickly. Making it so that only happy rich people can afford cigarettes is torture. And the tobacco industry is no doubt suffering. Canada, embrace your Cigarette Industry!

Its like drinking a bottle of water that says SOMETIMES PEOPLE DROWN
It's like drinking a bottle of water that says "SOMETIMES PEOPLE DROWN"

And lastly, when on vacation, you hope to get away from your government. Everything in America is Obama, Obama, Obama. Can I just escape from the blinding glory of Chocolate Jesus for a week??

I’m ready to embrace a new government…whatever government Canada has (I suspect none).

And all I see in Ottawa is “OBAMA CAME HERE!” They’re much more excited by our politics than their own and Obama has become bigger than Brad Pitt. I was compelled to buy an Obama cookie, but what would that do to aid our economy? Dick.

The cookies were a chocolate/vanilla swirl. Appropriate.
The cookies were a chocolate/vanilla swirl. Appropriate.

And in a nutshell, that was my trip to Canada. Luckily I got out of that hellhole when I did. Imagine being trapped there forever…the horrors of socialized medicine…the pristine air and weather…the brazen friendliness of everyone you meet? Get me the fuck out of here.

Alex G/

(for more information on Canada, visit your local Library. Oh, it’s closed?…uh…well, it wasn’t really important anyway)

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411 thoughts on “Why I Hate Canada and Want to Go Home!”

  1. Canada what a funny name. i lived in canada for a while man it is one of the worst places on this planet
    government can fuck you up for no fucking reason and people have no idea what a shitty life they have. fucking cowards every where
    French haha
    it was really fucking bad idea when i moved there

  2. fuck canada
    living in a giant freezer each 8 months of the year)
    fuck all canadians because they ve all reached a very high level of stupidityfuck the cold freezing weather in canada(imagine youself
    fuck canada because people pay 50% taxes
    fuck canada because despite the bad weather its a very 10000 boring place where you can not do any thing for exitement(beleive me no1 most boring country in the world)
    fuck canada because where i live in montreal there is no fucking sea
    fuck canada because although there are so many churches over there no body and i mean no body goes to one or prays
    fuck all canadians because they are addicted to a very useless boring silly and meaningless game called hockey
    lets pretend that hockey is a nice game fuck canada becauase it never wins
    fuck canada because where i live (montreal) every one seems to hold on to his french language and accent while no one talks the real fucking french
    fuck all canadians because they are pussies and even when insulting them no one dares to fight back for his dignity
    fuck canada because where i live in montreal a home for 3 million human being only contains 4 fucking universities
    fuck canada for its fucking severe laws and rules that forbides you from living freely
    fuck canada because it has the most ugly nightlife in the world (canadian nightLIFE is a nightMARE for us immigrant)
    fuck canada because all the hot girls seem to like stupid guys (so i wonder what should i do to be stupid like them in order for a hot girl to like me)
    fuck all canadians because they dont have any idea about the shit life that they re living( i advise them to live a couple of years in any other country like for example lebanon and see the real beauty of life)
    fuck every ones who likes canada(what s in to like)

  3. Were you dissing Canada? I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you over my health-care benefits!!!!!

  4. Well, Canada is crap I can say living here for this many years, you could just jump off a bridge, that’s if it hasn’t fallen down already. However, the author of this post has no education as we can all see with the terrible use of the english language as well as the nonsense cigarette issue, you shouldn’t be smoking anyways, hello !
    I would move in a second from this wannabe country however, meeting a person like this makes me think twice about going to the US.

  5. Hey Mackenzie, are you referring to your third world health care benefits? The ones that you and every other Socialist loving tundra dweller thinks is his birthright?
    Maybe you love your putrid Tim Horton’s coffe too?
    Yes, you should feel very good about yourself while your quasi communist government rapes you by stealing 50% of your paycheck while forcing you to watch re-runs of the Beachcombers and The King of Kensington!
    You go commie-lover!

  6. It’s interesting how you guys are all fucking retarded–and it’s sad that I’d have to actually come out and explain that this article is ironic and satirical. You want to get mad at me, and at each other? Fine. Go fuck yourselves.

  7. this article clearly shows how pathetically clean, sadly safe and overly oxygenated Canada is. from the stupidly great architecture, why build great buildings if they’re not at the epcot center?

    I mean sderiously. and the awful entertainement and personalities thT Cnada has. I mean michael j. fox is practically the poster child for parkinsons…

    canada – why? heaven is meant to be after death! duh! dumb canucks.

  8. Clean? In Downtown, maybe! So the tourists can buy the fucking Canadians’ lies.
    Safe? Well, with bridges falling apart, banks getting robbed all the time, cars getting stolen, gangs everywhere, mafias also, drugs, and go on…yeah it’s very safe indeed!
    Canada? Overly Oxygenated? Only if you are talking about Canada from another dimension! `Cause Canada I know is over polluted.
    But SAD? In this case I have to agree…Canada is the most boring place in the world!
    Fucking shit hole…
    Nothing to do, borring and ugly people, very expensive, cold as hell (-45C), grey, lots faggots, obsolete…no nothing!
    Thanks God, I’m out of that fucking place! I’ve tossed out my shitty Canadian Passport already… Now, Canada NEVER MORE!
    Just BRAZIL FOREVER, thanks Lord!

    *Hey, can you really imagine Canada without USA? I mean, what if USA stop helping that shit hole…huh?

  9. I respect you’re opinions BUT every Country has good things and bad things about them. When I moved to Korea, it was such a big change to what I was used to and I got used to it and learned to appreciate the good things about it. We should all be a little more positive. It only makes you seem dumber if you argue on the internet why you’re Country is better than others. Embrace life whereever you are and enjoy it. 🙂
    Be happy everyone! Peace, and remember we all share the same planet and destiny.

  10. Umm, people are so fucking stupid. And obviously you were being ironic haha! Great blog I loved it. PS

  11. Funny shit dude. Try Vancouver next time. It sucks here too. Surrounded by all these shitty mountains and green trees. Everyone smokes weed and nobody caries guns around. How the fuck can I protect myself from all these friendly people if I don’t have a gun? Balls.

  12. your soooo stupid. if you could see everything that there’s in canada in your lovely computer, then you could know that there is nothing interesting here BEFORE you came.
    and by the way Canada is beautiful, one of the most peacefull and lovely place in that fucking world. so stay in your crazy country with your crazy people and there crazy islam musulman ETC. you suck

  13. are you serious? I’ve lived in Canada, Vancouver to be specific, for five years and it’s a fucking hellhole. There’s absolutely no nightlife here every fucking store closes at like 6 and there is not even a decent bar or any restaurant! The tax is crazy and the weather… it rains all year. There are hobos and drug addicts everywhere and people carry around bearmace to mace people. No entertainment whatsoever. It’s the worst place on earth.

  14. Alex you are so Stuid and ignorant

    What has Islam or Moslems to do with this Blog, you should learn and read about Islam to know how much it is great religion, actually it is the only true religion exists right now

  15. I live in Ottawa and its a very depressing place, its not the country, but the people, they are so lifeless and fake. Very boring people live here and its too multicultural even though Im an imigrant myself. you have to work like a slave to pay for beaurocrats that take your money to spend on prostetutes. This is a horrible city and a horrible country. The poverty is very hidden and most people live off welfare, this is teh real Canada.

  16. There is nothing to do in here and everything is supperb expensive
    canada only has ONE HYGHWAY for real
    infrastructure in here is super POOR.
    canda has a huge racist problem any history book would tell you that
    most canadian suffer from sort of mental disorded
    Most canadian suffer depression is huge in here.
    VERY BACKWARD COUNTRY THat is why Japanese don’t move here.
    Canada is a third world country with WHITE TRASH IN IT.


    CLEAR CUT is located between the province of ALBERTA AND BC.. wow is huge.
    the biggest clear cut in the world.

  18. You hated Ottawa? You havent been in Montreal, have you? I never should leave my country! Canada is not what we all thought! i hate the people! they are as cold as the weather! their hearts are frozen!
    When you go to a country like England or Australia you are able to comunacarte with people right? is the same fucking language!! The official language of Quebec is french! so WHY, WHYYYYY people can’t communicate with people of France? EASY! The french tht we all speak in Quebec is HORRIBLE,NASTY , stupid and NOT french at all! everybody has this accent :S i hate to go out and hear ppl speaking french! & yes my english is not perfect but i hate Canada too! i had to said what i think (:
    I hate how government pretends they care!!! they dont!!

  19. I’m from Brazil and now I’m living in Canada. When I was in Brazil, many people told me Canada was a nice country to live. So I decided to go to Canada, because in my mind, Canada was a really nice country. But when I arrived here I realized that this coutry wasn’t a big deal. Here is a mix of bullshit. This country doesn’t have identify. The whether here is very shit as well! Fortunately, I’m going back to my country soon.

  20. I appreciate that the author was being ironic in his comments, but personally I loathe the country. Moved there 3 years ago. Hated every minute and returned home as soon as I possibly could.

  21. (fuck canada
    living in a giant freezer each 8 months of the year)
    -Well actually, Canada gets very warm in most of the well populated areas (such as Toronto) every year states like Massachusetts and New York get snow before us. Actually, the winter of 2009-2010 Toronto didn’t get ONE snowfall. Not one.
    (fuck all canadians because they ve all reached a very high level of stupidityfuck the cold freezing weather in canada(imagine youself)
    -Actually, Canada has a considerably higher rate of literacy than Americans, and our educational system is more informative and vast. Not only do we know of all our provinces, but we know all the states too. The average Canadian is much smarter than the average American. For example, we can write and finish a fully cohesive sentence. Imagine that!
    (fuck canada because people pay 50% taxes)- No we don’t. Look it up. Read a book. Educate yourself of all the benefits we recieve from paying a little more taxes than you.
    (fuck canada because despite the bad weather its a very 10000 boring place where you can not do any thing for exitement(beleive me no1 most boring country in the world) – Our drinking age is 19. Our beer is way better and gets you drunk quicker. Weed is practically legal. Actually, there’s a vapour lounge on my street. And the clubs in Toronto! Have you been? You can party every weeknight. Wednsday nights are popular.
    (fuck canada because where i live in montreal there is no fucking sea) -I suggest you go live in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois etc. Lots of water there!
    (fuck canada because although there are so many churches over there no body and i mean no body goes to one or prays) -To shame that most people are educated enough to know religion as a sham and thee most destructive force in human history.
    (fuck all canadians because they are addicted to a very useless boring silly and meaningless game called hockey
    lets pretend that hockey is a nice game fuck canada becauase it never wins) – The olympics. Who won again? Both boys and girls?
    (fuck all canadians because they are pussies and even when insulting them no one dares to fight back for his dignity) -Sometimes a fight with a stupid person is a useless, time consuming fight.
    (fuck canada for its fucking severe laws and rules that forbides you from living freely)-Please give me one example of how you can’t live freely in Canada. Then, give me an example of how that issue is eradicated in the United States. I mean, I could go on, but you compare Canadian life to life in Lebanon as inferior. I think you should go move to the States. They have a much higher population of people who equal your intellect. You must feel so lost! I suggest you try getting into one of those 4 Universities in your city. You might learn something.

  22. I love this. 100% of the people who wrote derogatory comments towards Canada had a horrible sentence structure and spelling, presented their arguments in a completely incomprehensible jumble of spite and swearing, with no actual criticism of any sort.

    I am proud to say I am Canadian, educated and probably know more about most European countries AND the United States of America than most of those people know about their own.

    On a side-note, I loved every word in this article, laughed my ass off while reading it! Thanks for the insight superdps 😛

  23. I fucking hate Canada , Hate Hate Hate, Canada can fuck himself. I am out of here and leave the great country for its white trashes.

  24. Canada is developing nation at best – I doubt it’ll ever reach the developed world. The people are too ignorant, too hick-ish and totally clueless about the rest of the world… wow, sounds like Amurkkka, but it’s not – it’s Canada. A country that ignores democracy and pretends to support human rights. A country that oppresses its indigenous peoples and destroys the natural environment.

    It’s an ok country. Not the worst on Earth. But definitely not a great or amazing place.

    I lived in southern Ontario for 28 years and am very glad I left North America.

    Also, to Canadiana – do some research and try not to be such a smart-ass. It did snow in Toronto the winter of 09/10, just after November and then again in February. So, open your eyes a bit and realize that people have every right to criticize and rip on this shame of a place.

  25. This guy is a joke. Firstly, Ontario has the highest level of pollution in the world, and is also one of the most crowded places in the world. (Although this country is large, the small concentrated pockets of metro areas are packed, if you compare us per capita to other countries.) Healthcare is falling apart, there are ghettos everywhere, criminal gangs and welfare immigrants that live better than I do, huge taxes, no mountains, no oceans, nothing to do. Just a boring government city with federal jobs and welfare. Worse place I’ve ever lived. Though yeah, I’ll agree downtown is kept up nicely for the tourists.

  26. I must agree with the people who hate Canada. I have been living in Canada for like 8 years. I don’t find anything good about living in Canada. It was because my mother thinks Canada is better than any where else. I don’t speak very well in English, but there are things I hate about Canada.
    1. A boring country on the planet
    2. 7/10 of the people that I had seen are rude
    3. All they care about is the poor and fking bad people who should go to hell
    4. You will never meet true friends like recently, my friends are ignoring me for no reason.
    5. They are not letting you get rich because of the high taxes.
    6. We do pay taxes for health benefit, but why would we pay for other people’s and why must they force us to donate money to the people who have low income.
    7. Lots of cowards? Yes, I agreed because the students are greedy even if they don’t have money. They just waste all their money they have. They don’t know how hard it is for their parents to make money.
    8. Hot girls seem to like stupid guys? Yes, I agreed with that too. Guys who have girlfriends used to show cockiness to everyone. They think they are cool when wearing brand new T-shirt and sweater. They are not, they are just stupid and lack of knowledge in real life.
    9. When being bored and alone just like living in a prison.
    10. Gas prices in recent years are overly high. Some national citizens can’t even afford it.

  27. LOL Love the satire! I’m glad that you had a good time in Ottawa (that can be difficult 😉 and I hope you come back to Canada so that you can write another post like this one! Try Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver or Calgary, they’re all great cities! I hope that you make it out to Newfoundland, it’s beautiful out there and I’m born and bred in Ontario!

    I’m sorry that people didn’t see the satire and the humour, I thought it was great! 😀

    All the best from the frozen communist hellhole north of you!


  28. You people are fuckin retarded if you didn’t realize that this is satire. Jesus christ I’m 14 years old and even I recognized it.

  29. Satire aside, Canada is by far one of the worst places to live in. This is based on my experience as an immigrant in Canada before leaving permanently. The whites in Canada are probably the most pathetic bunch of losers I’ve ever seen and it’s clear that the country won’t exist in the future with its disproportionately aging population with no replacement.

    They trick people into coming to Canada by advertising to prospective immigrants just to take their money – each economic class immigrant, which make up of half the country’s annual intake, has to bring $10,000 with him/her – and then the Canadians get angry at them when they fail to assimilate and gainfully employ the new arrivals. Many Canadians don’t know that other countries are either catching up with them or passing ahead both socially and economically–Canadians appear content at stagnation. Their knowledge comes from TV, have been led to believe their country is best in the world, have very little knowledge beyond that, and stuck in old British mindset.

    The country is 14 out of 15 in innovation ranking and still declining. Canada’s (looming) immigration disaster is a testament to its mismanagement and eventual demise. Just look at how Canadians write on this blog – condescending and clueless. They think they’re the smartest people on Earth. (lol)

    I understand the horrible life immigrants lead and I advise immigrants to not care about the country that treats them like second class citizens. These Canadians are stuck in an old world and you better leave as soon possible, but first suck on their resources as much as you can and take that knowledge to help you native country become better than Canada. You’ll only appreciate life once you leave that hellhole and I know the feeling since I have left. I actually sleep better and get sun daily all year!

  30. Milo, it sounds to me like you’re the one being condescending and clueless. I’m very knowledgeable about the world around me; I’ve travelled a fair amount, I don’t bother with TV, I own my business and am doing very well and I love my country, warts and all. Did you travel within Canada at all or did you just stay in the GTA/Vancouver/Montreal?

    It sounds like you’re a bitter person by nature, I hope that you find happiness somewhere.

    What country are you from? Whatever it is, I’m sure that we could pick it apart as well; no country is perfect.

    It’s too bad that things didn’t work out for you here, but I wish you the best when you go home to your own country.

    P.S. I love the winter! Cold and snow are so refreshing! I don’t like climates that are hot all year round, though, it gets tiresome; a change of seasons is best.

  31. If Ca-nada was a girl you most likely would run away far away as possible.. won’t even entertain the possibility.
    Boring ..boring..boring
    unintellectual…cruel to her friends especially immigrants
    demanding… proof for everything you do or didn’t do
    would suck your money with all sort of excuses to exploit your hard work and wallet.
    It’s only a one way … her way! the ca-nada.. here nada.

  32. I Live In Canada, and I love it. Honestly, it’s hilarious Barack Obama copying Canada’s health system. The few things I don’t like about Canada are our Sport teams because they are trash; Raptors, or the Toronto Maple Leafs(Holy 5hit they suck). Justin Beiber, the tip of iceberg, making Canada look so fking bad.

    Also for all you people who hate Canada and are living there, get a job, and move the out of the country if you hate it so much…

    @Hang Chen, Everyone can be rude, it doesn’t matter the country. I lived in Canada my whole life. Yes Canada, is a boring place and that’s probably because it is the most apathetic country in the world. “#7” What do you mean when you say “Cowards” and “Greedy” Other than these things, I completely agree with you.

  33. @ Michael Jackson, I just dropped by this site again. oops my mistake, that one was supposed to be #7 Lots of cowards? Yes, I agreed because I have seen some guys who are afraid of touching the Earthworms. and the comments in #7 that I said were about the retarded people.

  34. What a great blog, Alex, you are funny dude, yes Canada has no balls. Only the passport has some relative value..

  35. canada’s full of posers. helena, montana is way more friendly and genuinely friendly. seriously, dude. i lived in canada for almost 20 years and hated it. the people are bumpkins, closet racists, american ass-kisser wanna-bes. they have nothing original to speak of….their brand of comedy is like eating wet farts. no movies or novels or plays or anything to brag about. anything they do have is a cheap rip off of american made. all canada is, is an inferior version of america. when the us finally quits trying to make canada feel better about its shit and annexes it, then it will be on its way up

  36. you forgot to add pompous assholes like this who think anyone gives a flying fuck about syntax and grammar on a dumb blog. he’s another shining example of lame loser canadians and typical of the smug self-satisfied pasty-faced spermless and dickless wonders who populate canada from one end to the other. go back to fucking europe you monkey-jizzed twat, because no one gives a fuck that you exist other than to remind you that you’re a scab on the asshole of existence, if even that:

    I love this. 100% of the people who wrote derogatory comments towards Canada had a horrible sentence structure and spelling, presented their arguments in a completely incomprehensible jumble of spite and swearing, with no actual criticism of any sort.

    I am proud to say I am Canadian, educated and probably know more about most European countries AND the United States of America than most of those people know about their own.

    On a side-note, I loved every word in this article, laughed my ass off while reading it! Thanks for the insight superdps 😛
    by Kevitto November 27, 2010 at 6:17 pm

  37. the us has produced infinitely more interesting, visionary, accomplished, driven, creative, talented individuals per capita than canada could ever hope to, way more than can be posted here. even canadians with an iota of talent move to the us and get us citizenship. man, i hate canada. you guys suck and your country is a joke. an offensive rip-off of american greatness and ingenuity.

  38. Canada creates boring societies for everyone, convicts innocent people of crime, only cares about the poor shits and bad shits, takes people’s money away from them and not letting anyone to be rich(high taxes), lacks of development and has shitty weather. I mean, yes man, Canada is a great place to live if you want to waste your life.

  39. As a canadian, i would just like to say that you are an over-dramatic, nutless douche who is definitely an american. For those who don’t know, my definition of an american is a person or peoples, who flaunt other nations just because of the fact that they are smaller in numbers, have smaller political/military influence on the world, etc, In general, they characterize their nation as the top, the rulers. Congratulations, your nation is comparable to the one other nation that was like this, Nazi Germany. Where did Obama come up with this “Universal Healthcare Plan” shit? Is it still a mystery to you dumb- witted twats? Who aided your nation, when a hand full of terrorist devasted your nation by flying 2 air liners into a couple of towers? Want to know what i did? Nothing. I laughed. i laughed at your pitiful nation. Your politicians and military stir up soooo much shit in the world, that i said fuck it because they had it coming for them. Instead of blogging about this, i would like to see you nut up and say all things you said above to a canadian, and see what happens. Wait, your american. You don’t have the balls. We can live up hear cause we have the balls. We don’t mind the cold. So your better off staying in your smog filled shit hole. I bet 90% of these fuckin bloggers haven’t even been to Canada, their just americans pulling shit out of their asses (like their politicians) thinking they know everything about Canada and what it is like. if you hate Canada so much, why the fuck did you go? Its not like we want your smelly asses up here. The world would be a much better place without america.

  40. This was a hysterical read!

    Reading the comments now I’m shocked and confused at the people that didn’t get that this was supposed to be humour.

    I’m an Aussie heading to Canada later this year and can’t wait.

  41. Well hi there unhappy,i would say the first thing that you should of done was your homework before going to canada wich you clearly didnt do, so dont blame that on Canada and furthermore your attitude and your way of thinking and your language is the reason why Americans are not very well liked no matter where you go,unfortunately you ruin it for the rest of the good Americans out there, you think your so much better than everybody else,i think its time you took a good look at yourself in the mirror,and maybe not be so selfish and imature, and your right people with your mindset should stay in your country cause we sure dont need your stinky attitude around here anyway, do everyone a favor stay home.And by the way you think America is so great have a good look around.Grow up

  42. I’ve lived in Toronto Ontario, Canada for 32 years and it’s terrible.

    My parents came here as immigrants and they’re now collecting a pathetic pension on $20,000 combined annual income. If it wasn’t for myself and my brother they wouldn’t be able to afford their property taxes, and they would be forced to downsize and buy a condo. This is the true Canada. We are taxed to death, and at the end we get fuck all from the government. I’ve traveled a lot through Europe and the US and Europe is definetly a way better place to live. Canada is full of white trash welfares and immigrants who claim refugee status. These are the immigrants that leech of the system. The type of immigrants that come in with money and try to make a life for themselves and their family are needed. These immigrants soon learn that they’ve been had and that all the government wants from them is tax dollars. I hate this country if it wasn’t for family I’d be outta here

  43. fuck canada.. healthcare is a joke … cigarette prices will kill you before smoking itself. 3rd world Africa is better

  44. I equally hate Canada and the only time that I get sent here is during the winter for business. Alex G or whoever wrote this is a giant vag and is most likely from New York City… I don’t know because I didn’t waste enough of my life reading his BS. Grow a pair pal… Wah wahh! There is a reason this Hellhole is the largest amount of land with least amount of people. Beer should be free just for survival!

  45. “pompous assholes like this who think anyone gives a flying fuck about syntax and grammar on a dumb blog. he’s another shining example of lame loser canadians and typical of the smug self-satisfied pasty-faced spermless and dickless wonders who populate canada from one end to the other. go back to fucking europe you monkey-jizzed twat, because no one gives a fuck that you exist other than to remind you that you’re a scab on the asshole of existence, if even that:”

    Nothing describes CanaDUH better than the above statement. These people are cold, miserable and complain a lot. People are depressed and sad, and yet so delusional that they think they’re the best in the world.

    I didn’t think it was possible; but Canada but sucks AND blows!

  46. Haha, awesome dude, I loved reading this. I’m a US citizen (not of my own choosing) and was born abroad but I visited Toronto a while back and thought it was an awesome city. When I first came upon this site I was confused, expecting a legit rant about hating Canada but I quickly realized you were being sarcastic. I absolutely cannot, CANNOT, believe the sheer idiocy of half of these morons who don’t understand that you’re being facetious and who post angry, completely oblivious-to-their-own-stupidity comments. I mean, really, you don’t even have to read much before you realize that you’re joking. And using words like “pristine air” and “brazen friendliness”…aren’t those obvious and fairly simple words that should clue one in on the fact that you’re kidding and only underscoring the great points about your visit? Jesus fucking christ, people never ever fail to confirm my belief that they are absolute fucking morons.

    And haha, that bit at the end: “visit your local library. Oh, it’s closed?…” that was awesome!! Yeah, I can’t believe the American government, what a nightmare. Anyway, good post!

  47. Diana;

    Very few Americans come on this board and your smug, snotty, anti-American – “I’m a US citizen (not of my own choosing)” – and holier than thou attitude suggests you’re actually Canadian.

    “I absolutely cannot, CANNOT, believe the sheer idiocy of half of these morons who don’t understand that you’re being facetious and who post angry, completely oblivious-to-their-own-stupidity comments.”

    “Jesus fucking christ, people never ever fail to confirm my belief that they are absolute fucking morons.” – Such anger!

    Only a Canadian would imply immigrants that all so stupid and don’t understand anything – so much so that they cannot differentiate jokes from serious statements.

    The rants of the commentators is that Canada SUCKS! They don’t see anything humorous about that miserable, depressing place. They have lived – or/and still do – in Canada and therefore their opinion matters more than yours since you’ve claimed to have only visited one city of the entire country “a while back”. I have lived in the depressing place and I wholeheartedly agree with that assessment.

  48. Hey Milo, you fucking dipshit moron, I said I was born ABROAD, last time I checked Canada wasn’t far away from the USA, it’s right next to it. I was born on a different continent, look up that word I’m sure you don’t know what it is. Fuck, you’re fucking stupid. Oh, such “anger”! You damn right I’ve got anger, I’ve gotta deal with morons like you all the time. I’ve a suggestion, stop over analyzing my words and get on with your life you asshole.

    OMG, I cannot believe you just accused me of being Canadian! Holy fucking shit, of all the things in my life, nobody has ever, EVER accused me of that. That one’s quite the original, jesus christ. How the hell can I be a Canadian when I’ve only visited ONE Canadian city in my entire life and clearly stated that? I was a fucking TOURIST to the country, just like the author was, and that’s what I said. Last time I checked a tourist doesn’t live in the country that they’re visiting, DUH!!! Do you even have logic in that stupid ass head of yours? You attempt to write an articulate little essay picking apart every single word of mine and yet you manage to completely fucking misunderstand every-single-thing I wrote. Congratulations fucktard, you’ve just proven to be the stupidest person to comment on this page — quite a feat!

    I don’t care if you or anyone else thinks Canada sucks or if it’s a “miserable, depressing place” (which, I kinda now believe it is since it produced such ugly, pathetic, STUPID people such as yourself). Ooh, they live in Canada and their opinion matters more than mine..ooooh wow. Wait, but I thought I was a CANADIAN too?!??! Which one is it, dear stupid Milo? Am I Canadian or not? Should my opinion on the country matter or not? You just majorly contradicted yourself and shot yourself in the foot — pow! Therefore, you just rendered absolutely everything you posted to be complete drivel and therefore invalid!!
    The whole point of this website is that the author is joking and all of these dipshits are COMPLETELY missing the joke. This has absolutely nothing to do with whether you like Canada, the USA or any other place for that matter. This is a humorous post on a visit to another country, that’s it, and should be treated as such. Superdps wrote all this saying how much he loved the place (in an obviously clever, satirical manner) and you Milo can’t “wholeheartedly agree” with any of the idiots’ assessments since that wasn’t the author’s point. Geddit moron? And if you hate the country so fucking much, pack up your bags and fuck off to somewhere else, you pathetic wimp. I’m not anti-American, I just never asked to move there. And for your information, even though you absolutely don’t deserve to know this, I don’t even live in the US anymore, I’ve moved abroad, somewhere completely different and new. You know how I was able to do that instead of sitting on my lame, cowardly ass, complaning about shit on the internet like you? Oh yeah, I’ve got something you’re severely lacking — balls. Balls, buddy, balls. I’ve got ’em and you don’t, end of story.

    AND the fact that I stated that I was born abroad and immigrated to America (again, not of my own choosing) would suggest that I’m somewhat of an immigrant…no? So why the hell would you think I’m calling immigrants stupid? I never once said that and I never once even THOUGHT that! I said half of the people posting angry, negative comments here attacking the author are total fucking retards because they can’t tell that the author is JOKING. He’s JOKING, like “HAHA, THAT’S FUNNY”. JOKING, get it??? So it doesn’t matter if the posters have lived in Canada and are therefore more “experienced”, the point is that he was JOKING and they completely missed it. And for those that happened to attack Canada, well they’re just as stupid because, guess what, he was STILL joking!! Oh this is just too, too, too difficult to figure out isn’t it? Oh my, this is like calculus class at Harvard or something.
    And again, YOU are the fucking racist here, you asshole, NOT me. The fact that you would read racist comments into my post attacking stupidity reveals you to be a completely dickheaded CLOSET racist asshole.
    Go die.
    And your name is supremely stupid.

    Read the author’s “superdps” message on March 5th, 2010 to all of you idiotic ranters. He clearly tells you all to “go fuck yourselves” for completely misunderstanding his witty post. Obviously if the owner of the site and the original poster of this piece gets this frustrated at all of your dumbass comments and actually TELLS you all to go fuck ourselves…well then you fucktards are obviously doing your job of being the supreme idiots that you are –congrats! Milo, here’s lookin at you buddy!

  49. To Milo!…. Thanks…My sentiments exactly.
    You probably found this blog by googling “I hate Canada”, “canada sucks” or something like that.

    I was born in Montreal and i moved to New York in my early teens.
    I’ve lived in multiple cities and towns all across the States.
    in the last 4 or 5 years I have lived in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and traveled across Canada and i must agree with almost everyone here. This country sucks royally.
    if i can forfeit my Canadian citizenship i would in a heart beat.
    most guys here are self centered, cowards and losers with no sense of humor what so ever.

    There are good aspects of Canada vs America examples, govt, health, education, crime, canadian girls etc..

    however i’m speaking in general on quality of life, boredom, social life, overpriced crappy food and the likes.

    P.S FUCK HOCKEY! there are other sports you know!

  50. Bionix;

    I completely understand the frustration of living in that hellhole, sad excuse for a country called Canada. It’s not youth friendly and it’s full of old people. It’s depressing and odd place. Any young person, particularly males, would leave in a heartbeat if given the chance. Try to figure out a way to leave and find a country where there is LIFE before you develop depression like the locals!

    Best wishes bro!

  51. @ Milo and Bionix, I was born in Montreal too. When I started my education I went back to my native country and then came back here. I live in Toronto now, but fuck the people almost everyone in Canada is unfriendly, which you can talk to them in a short while and then they will just ignore you after it. Don’t ever look for a true friend in here. What I think of Canada is the shitty weather everywhere. We can’t really do things for excitement and enjoyment. Whenever I come back from my native country I just feel so ignorant and can barely accept this country.

  52. Well I’ve never been to Canada but the Canadians I’ve met here in Guangzhou, China (I’m not Chinese….Anglo-Danish) are some of the rudest people I’ve ever met and if Canada if full of people like the Canadians here then I’m marking Canada as a ‘no-go’ area. They are generally so obnoxious and I now I’ve grown careful to avoid them.

    Before coming to China my idea of Canadians was generally positive….that’s long since changed for the worse!

  53. Love the article. Canadians love to laugh at themselves and their “Canadianisms”. I am sorry that some who have posted here have had bad experiences in our country. There is good and bad in every culture. We are not all rude, racist, hicks. As for boring; it is what you make it. There is lots to do here if you choose to do it. Canada’s provinces are very diverse in culture, landscape and lifestyle. If you don’t like one, try another.
    Many people immigrate to Canada each year. Many love this country and thrive. But, because we are free, we don’t force anyone to stay. I also read a comment about how we repress our indigenous native population. We are the only country in the world who fought a civil war, but still recognized and accepted the rights and cultures of both sides. Native people have the same rights as every other person in Canada, and have access to additional government resources. As for me, my ancestors immigrated to Canada in the late 18th century from the U.S., some of my ancestors are aboriginal peoples. Canada is my country, I love it, and am proud to have spent the past 20 years serving my country.

  54. Loved the article. Too bad so many people didn’t get your satire.

    That said, having been raised in Toronto, I gotta say, I find Ottawa kinda boring. It’s very umm “white bread”. Restaurants are so second rate. And expensive! Paying $50 for two people to eat decent Indian or Korean food should be a crime. I like the laid back bar/pub culture of Ottawa compared to the dressed-to-impress fakery of clubs in Toronto though.

  55. Canada and America need to stop this pissing contest. These comments are horrible! Every country has it’s pros and cons. I am Canadian and I love living in Canada! I have visited the U.S. many times and I love it! We need to stop ripping on each other and start recognizing the good. It’s actually a lot easier than sitting in front of your computer, trying to think of a worse insult than “that Stupid American” or “that Dirty Canadian.” Get over it! Funny blog by the way.

  56. I visited Toronto in Canada because everybody says taht is a good country, technologically developed and that is not true. I am from Europe and I went with 3 friends, the first impression taht we got it was why it was so full of immingrats and people is not nice at all and ,you get the sensation that anybody cares about you, what is happening etc. After some days beeing there we all wanted to come back home. We expected other thing, all is very very expensive and there arent nightlife. I agree that Usa is better.

  57. I agree with most of the immigrants’ comments here. Canada is a racist place filled with small town hicks. It has no culture (beer and hockey!) and lacks national identity (we’re not Americans!).

  58. Canada is th most beutiful, tolerant and cleanest place ive ever been to (am from africa). The girls and nightlyf in montreal r topnotch!!!At least the govment cares enough 2 take care of the pples wellbeing! AMERICA CAN GO TO HELL…The truth is most pple in the world actualy lyk canada more but only suk up to the US to receive aid money

  59. You know what Alex? ( What a gay fucking name) Your a hoe bag mother fucking cunt dirty american. So I would shut the fuck up if I were you.

  60. I’ve never read a more retarded (in the literal sense of the word) bunch of comments in my life. Did most of you not read the article? Bunch of dipshits. Just wow.

  61. Hi All,
    Guys am a new immigrant to Canada/GTA. I arrived here since three months back as skilled immigrant with MBA degree and Five years professional experience in Human Resources.

    Up on what ive seen, and mainly up on others skilled immigrants bad experiences in job hunting and the laborer jobs they are doing, im becoming more convinced of leaving this country BUT im thinking of the right time to do so. Shall i leave soon especially am proud that i didnt spend too much of my saving i have brought with me since i am working as a labor in bakery plant, and the very low salary im getting is just enough to cover my life expenditures. So shall i leave soon this fake country which gave fake promises to skilled people that their qualifications are highly demanded and requested, OR shall i wait and suffer for 3-4 years to get the fucking passport and im not sure i have the patience to do so.

    Imagine how many people i know who have been here for 2 years and even more and they working with me as labors, imagine the sorrow and bitterness when you are at work and u realize how you are destroying your career path as hopes and dreams (am addressing here jobs) in Canada can be accomplished at least after four or five years.

    My decision is that this country doesnt worth my suffer and self destruction so its just about when to quit?

  62. Go back, Shadali, nothing’s good here for you, you’ll be better off in your country.

    Anyway, I don’t understand why people think it’s a great idea to immigrate to Canada in the 1st place, have you done your homework, people? And by that I mean a true research about jobs, people, environment and general situation before coming to an unknown place.

    What’s so attractive about this country? It’s just mediocre on all levels. It’s not the US or better parts of Europe. I guess people come here only because it’s easy to get in– you fill an application and that’s basically it. But remember, finally you pay full cost for this simplicity with your crappy situation and a life falling apart. It’s *always* difficult to get fine things in life.

    I saw lots of new immigrants and many of them are extremely naive in their first days in Canada. Like that girl– former head of a bank branch in Europe, MBA, degrees and all that. She came to Montreal w/o even knowing French and was overly confident and euphoric in the beginning, but as the time passed and in course of 6 months she got only one call from a bank she couldn’t even answer properly (in French) she’s on brink of depression now. And I remember she was asking if there were any banks on that job fair couple months after arriving. Yeah, like they need her– local French-speaking Canadians compete here and can’t find a good job, and they will take some immigrant fob instead with zero local experience, local understanding and crappy language.

    Here’s thing to understand– don’t complain that you have qualifications and can’t get a job. Today’s Canada is an over-competitive society and simply having qualifications and experience is not enough. You have to have some social standing/history in this place, a value to yourself beyond your duties and be able to perform great in a team, socialize good and generally click with Canadians, otherwise what do you bring into a group at work except a broken language and social habits that are not in line with the rest? Why are you possibly better that people who lived here all their lives and are already well adjusted in the system. Plus for a company to hire an immigrant is a severe risk, because you don’t know what to expect from him– he may not like it and leave to India or whatever next month, and it’s losses. Yeah and everybody’s got degrees these days, not big news, but that’s just now enough.

  63. Im bored sick of Canada coming from a small village in rural Europe doesnt say alot, but its a hell of alot better than Canada! Before I came I heard it was brilliant, this and that. I got a one year visa which I definitely wont be extending. Its no wonder why they let in all the blacks and pakis! Theres nothing to do without paying 100 bucks and wages are shit because of government taxes. Nightlife is a joke and expensive. People are no fun, they are a stereotype, living boring lifes, work, bed! Goodbye Canada you Shithole with no identity!

  64. Minge, you probably take a black cock up the poop chute everynight, shut your dick infested lips you racist fuck, thats why canada is a better nation, they dont care what color you are, or who you pray for, you people are fuckin nutty.

  65. This really isn’t any of my business but I just HAVE to chime in here and express my amazement at how fucking stupid people can be. By the time I reached the article’s 2nd paragraph, it was __crystal__ clear to me that the author was writing tongue-in-cheek, a notion that is clearly confirmed when you go on to read the rest of the article. Every single day I spend on this plant convinces me more that it’s time for another biblical cleansing flood.

  66. It’s supposed to be satirical but many people find Canada so depressing that they don’t find anything funny about it. The comments are made by people either still in Canada or have lived there at some point, merely sharing their experiences. Coincidentally, each time a Canadian posts repudiating comment it inadvertently validates the immigrants’ comments.

    I think the following should inform people about Canada:

    Top 8 Reasons NOT to Immigrate to Canada

    8. Discriminatory and Dishonest Immigration System.
    Immigration to Canada is based on a point system, obtained with your education, qualifications and job experience. Points are good enough for immigration, but in Canada, they are not good enough to get a job in your field. Amazing, how the credentials that qualify you to come to Canada are the same credentials that don’t qualify you for your profession in Canada. The reason is, Canada only wants immigrants to do the labor jobs – pizza delivery, driving taxis, factory work etc.

    7. Out Of Control Cost Of Living.
    From rent, to utility bills, to shopping, to phone, internet and cable bills, to gas, to car insurance, to eating out, to basically anything you have to pay for or buy, the cost of living in Canada has become astronomical. Recent immigrants are astonished as to how expensive everything is. It is estimated that compared to most countries around the world, the cost of living in Canada is on average five times greater.

    6. Health Care Crisis.
    Practicing physicians in Canada are in a shortage, 1 in 4 Canadians cannot get a family doctor. Canadian doctors are leaving to move permanently to the United States. Statistics Canada and the Canadian Medical Association both have identified that for every 1 American doctor that moves to Canada, 19 (nineteen) Canadian doctors move to the United States! Doctors in Canada are overworked and underpaid, and there is a cap on their salaries.

    5. Very High Taxes.
    Yes, you have the GST, the PST, totaling 15%, on practically everything you purchase and many other taxes taken out of our weekly paycheck. You have to pay a whopping amount to the government, out of your hard earned salary, so that the government can turn around and give it to beer drinking, hockey watching welfare bums. Fair? It does not matter, it’s Canada.

    4. Money Hungry Government.
    Canadian Embassies around the world lie to foreigners, painting this picture that Canada is Utopia, because they want them to come to Canada. Why? Because foreigners bring money! So after being deceived, these foreigners come. They must bring with them at least $10,000. Canada has an immigration quota of 250,000 per year. So please do the math, 250,000 multiplied by $10,000 each equals a whopping 2.5 Billion dollars that Canada gains from immigrants every year.

    3. No Culture.
    Unlike almost every other country in the world, Canada has no culture. Actually American culture is what dominates Canada. When was the last time you had some ‘Canadian’ food? There are no Canadian traditions and there is no national identity. What does it even mean to call yourself a ‘Canadian’. . .nothing really. People living in Canada, still identify themselves with the country they ‘originally’ came from.

    2. Worst Weather.
    Yes, Canada has the worst weather conditions of any country in the world. Freezing cold temperatures, snow, ice, hail, winds, storms etc. From the Prairie provinces to the Maritimes, from the Territories to southern Ontario, the weather is so horrific and disgusting that many Canadians leave Canada simply because of this reason alone.

    1. No Jobs.
    Yes, coast to coast, there are no jobs. Immigrants are highly qualified (MD’s, PhD’s, Lawyers, Engineers etc.) but they are driving taxi cabs, delivering pizza’s or working in factories. Even people with bachelors degrees from Canadian Universities cannot find jobs after graduation. This is the tragedy associated with immigration to Canada. I feel sorry for those immigrants who are stuck in Canada for the rest of their lives. It is indeed a very sad and hopeless future.

  67. I must commend Mohamed for his post on July 3rd 2011.
    How succinct and eloquently written. Well done sir.

  68. I strongly agreed with your reasons Mohammed. I was born in Canada, but I neither like nor dislike Canada. However, these are the things I can’t accept and stand.
    1. Ignorants all over the country
    You won’t find real friends in Canada unless you immigrate with your friends from your own country. FRIENDS YOU HAVE IN CANADA ARE NOT FRIENDS!!!!! Only the time can make you friends. No matter what friends you make, you will eventually be apart from the group. This is what the seriousity of most friendships are with in Canada.
    2. How can the gas prices be higher than they can afford?
    In may 2011, the average gas price in Toronto hit $1.41 per litre. Civilians were just shocked and whined about it. Canada is oil-rich, but what makes the gas price rapidly go up? Its all the greedy gasoline company owners. THEY ARE TORTURING US, IDIOT!!!! Too bad, the government don’t even give a shit at it.
    3. Boredom
    Other than doing few fun things for excitement a year, let’s say we do one fun activity a day and we have ten days to have fun. what else can we do on the rest of the 355 days? If you are okay then you can do the same activity over and over again. Is that the real Canadians’ life style?
    4. Unpleasant weathers
    Weather is mad cold so we can go outside to play, so it bores us even more. The weather in Canada during summer is not summer. Its spring and autumn and winter. Despite there is warm weather in Southern Ontario, but too bad, there is only few days of summer and the rest is autumn and winter.
    *5. Watch this video:

  69. I don’t know for you, but I realized this article was sarcastic! Only dumb Americans can’t figure this out! Not all Americans are fucking obese retarded lazy sons of fat self-centred whores, but most are. I’m a French Canadian by the way, from Quebec, and I’m perfectly bilingual. When you say we don’t talk the “real French language” you sound retarded cause not just because we don’t have the French accent, from France, that what we speak isn’t French. If this would be so, then it would mean that what you speak isn’t real English, since you don’t have the same accent that they have in England, your “mother country” (like France for Quebec) Americans are too occupied destroying cultures, killing women and children and exploiting natural resources in other countries, through war, which they seem to declare for no valuable reason. So many Americans are obese, suffering from diabetes and lots of other diseases, that I can understand why you have no health care (and no reasonable minimum wage); you would all be so expensinve to the government that thet wouldn’t be able to finance wars. You criticise Canadians for not praying, but we’re open minded to other things and we are able to live our lives without always being told what to do, what Americans can’t seem to be able to do. So what, you pray to God? You keep getting into wars, being self-centred, selfish and thinking you’re superior to the rest of the world. God SAVE America.

  70. Christ, so many comments on this article, I stopped reading most of them. If you haven’t realized by now. I’m a Canada fan. I had a great time there. Maybe I’ll move there once this country becomes such a shit-hole that I stop relating to anyone.

    The only problem is that all you fucking Canadians dig deep into this article without realizing the satire and the call Americans stupid.

    Listen, fuck-heads, I’m an American, and I’m smart enough to understand irony, so fuck off back to the great white north where you can adopt all the “cool” american styles and fads that were out of date here 10 years ago.

    Canada is awesome; but you fuckers make it seem even more dumb than America somehow. Good job. Keep it up.

  71. Man, great article. I live in Canada and was very pleased for reading this. I am thrilled that you [enjoyed] your stay in Canada, and I found this a very interesting way to express your thoughts.

  72. I grew up in the US, but always had duel citizenship. I have recently spent quite a bit of time in Canada..mostly, BC, NS and Ontario. I have had to deal with the Institutions, Healthcare ,legal and anything related to the elderly due my Mother who is here in a Nursing Home.

    I have never encountered such incompetence and snobs. The place is very expensive..consumers are ripped off like crazy. The cost of groceries and gas is unbelievable. The only thing that seems to work here is the public transportation system. The Health care is free yes..but try finding a family doctor.

    It is very depressing to see the immigrant population..they are thrown into farm lands with housing developments that have about a foot between each house. Environmentally Canada is very bad. Nova Scotia has almost every tree cut, due to clear cutting.

    Canada does not get my vote…and will never get my taxes. I’ll take all the political mess in the US over this place any day.

  73. – 80% of jobs in canadian market are hidden jobs. You need to network and connect with others in a coffee shop or others, perhaps you are lucky to meet someone there who might help you to uncover these jobs. hehehe, it is a real corruption
    – A Master degree immigrant has to keep on begging and kissing hands to get a cashier or sales job at Zellers or Wallmarts, hehehe, what a future at this shit country . they are cheaters
    – I landed to Canada and stayed there last eight months without getting even a good survival job, so i left this fake country for good to Gulf (Qatar) and let Canada and its passport go to hell, i made a mistake and paid thousands of dollars for an unworthy country but now i have corrected my wrong and fatal decision by leaving there

  74. canada sucks and this blog sucks

    it obviously is written by a stupid canadian who hasn’t traveled much and pretends that the country is not a shit hole filled with the rudest and ugliest people on earth

  75. I told my psychiatrist how I’ve been miserable and got multiple mental disorders since coming to Canada. Guess what she said, “Go back to your home country.” No wonder I have mental disorders. How about she go back to Europe instead of pushing the Natives to the margins?

  76. Well, to all of your sorry excuse of human beings(that’s right, I’m talking to the Canadians), your should maybe talk to an immigrant in your sorry ass excuse of a country and see how things really are. I moved here a little over a year ago from the United States and I can regretfully say that I had high hopes for this place. I came during the summer and what do you, nothing to do in this shithole except drink over priced swill at Tim Horton’s that your cretins call coffee. I turn on the tv and all I see is great American television shows. What do you assholes have? That’s right, all you have is Degrassi and Rookie Blue which are both greatly funded by American broadcasting corporations. I went to school in September (dumbass gaynadians, schools start in august!) and it was literally overrun with disgusting third world immigrants. Jamaicans infest the hallways smoking weed in front the principal and she didn’t give a shit, disgusting Sri Lankans spreading their diseases and odors everywhere because they’re too damn broke to pay for showers or laundry. The plumbing in the school constantly broke and the hallways would fill with toilet discharge, the soccer field was full of blunts and broken beer bottles, my fucking ENGLISH teacher could not even speak ENGLISH! God this place is terrible. The grading scale here is a joke, a 80-100 is an A, wtf?! An 80 is just about an\y other country is a C or lower. And worst of all, maybe 10% of my school can even speak English. On top of all of this, the weather is horrible. it snowed for nine months so I couldn’t leave the house at all, I had to shovel tons of snow every morning just so my parents could drive me to school. They don’t even have school buses here for highschoolers, I had to take the stupid public transportation with a smorgasbord of psychos, bums, and third world people who haven’t showered in years. Worst of all is how expensive it is here, I’m only 15 and this shitty ass place has me worried and looking at prices and sales every time I want to buy something, i feel like a senior couponing my ass off in the checkout counter just to get school supplies. My parents can’t get jobs and that is just total BS. My dad got his PhD in mechanical engineering at North Carolina State University, which is one of the best engineering schools in the world, and he has to basically redo all his work just to get licensed as a “Canadian” engineer. My mom was a bank manager for 12 years and now she’s a cashier so she can gain what these dumbasses call “Canadain Experience” what the hell is that? Gas cost $5 a fucking gallon, homeless people are in abundance, and the immigrants here are just lazy Pakis, Afghans, Sri Lankans, and Jamaicans living off of welfare that hardworking people pay taxes for. So to all of Canada I give a big FUCK YOU. I hope a viral disease one day breaks in this country and kills every one of your fuckers painfully and mercilessly. The rest of the world needs to know, CANADA IS A HORRIBLE PLACE.

  77. Wow!!! It’s a satirical article but only American dimwits have trouble understanding that. No wonder no one can stand American people around the world! You’re just a bunch of happy imbeciles with single digits IQ!

  78. I know this probably sounds horrible since I live in Canada but I would rather live back home in Lebanon a war, poverty, and shitty ass government stricken country then live in Canada I hate this hell hole uhhh

    people here have no life
    all they do is work
    they have the illusion of having money what they don’t realize is that they are all in dept because the country is in dept to the extent we pay for the air we breath and pay extra when we FART

    FML someone just shout me

    I love this article and thank you for pointing out that its annoying when something is so disgustingly perfect uhh

  79. Hi, FML

    As per the comparison, I think that living in Lebanon would be better than living in Canada. The war has since subsided and there’s probably just as much poverty in Lebanon as there is in Canada, it’s just that poverty is hidden in the facade called Canada where people struggle with astronomical cost of living along with cold and reserved people, many of whom suffer mental problems.

    There’s no life in Canada and your years waste away along with your youth. It’s the reason why Canada is full of old miserable people that suffer depression and other mental problems (eventually you’ll become just like them). Canada is a decaying country, it’s becoming unlivable for an ever increasing number of people; the reason behind all the immigrant comments from above.

    You would be better off living in a youth-friendly and vibrant country like Lebanon with no misandry like socially-dead Canada. Once you leave Canada you’ll thank your lucky stars everyday and regret that you haven’t left earlier. You’ll also discover that living in Canada might have potentially changed your personality after you get to know people that are receptive and friendly/warm. Basically, you’ll learn all over again not to be so cold and judgmental.

  80. to “the american (August 9, 2011 at 1:32 pm)” hahaha i live in canada and am a high schooler and i have a school bus, we get in trouble if we SMELL like weed and it snows for 3 months and you’re a drama queen cunt xD

  81. OMG….thxs, i really hate canada and start to hate ignorant Canadians….they are the dams people on the planet. they don’t know where they came from and no clue where they stand or go. they just keep repeating the mistakes over and over ……hey white people ur grandfather was a thief and u r still a thief…..and still always blame others. i really hate this country so much

  82. You can take your self and all your foreign trash family and friends right out of Canada, We would be happier to know your not here.

    Our country due to our government and the greed of foreign trash like you our economy is in hell. Canadian’s born here can’t get jobs and at the same time foreign criminals like your self come here and steal them, Live off our welfare system and do nothing useful your whole lives, Our streets stink of your rancid foreign food, Our stores filled with your dirty bodies, Hell I can not even go outside any more with out seeing at least 20 foreigners I’d love to spill the blood of… GO THE FUCK BACK HOME and take all your kind with you.

    We now have to suffer because thanks to your kind we are having everything taken from us so a race like yours can survive… Only to die out in failure later because with out us you are nothing more then mindless fish.

    You are simply the trash of the world being shipped from one place to another… Time to shoot you into the sun

  83. Holy fuck people are retarded. First of all this is blatent satire and if you couldn’t figure that out you are a moron. Second, (I live in Canada, a small town with 75,000 people) Canada is deffinately not as bad as people are making it out to be. It is also not the best country in the world and no other tops it. Saying that would be ridiculous. Why don’t you get off you’re lazy ass and leave if you hate it that bad. I can only think of two reasons why not. One, you’re 12 years old and mommy doesn’t want to leave, or two, you’re a lazy fuck who can’t help but live in his own bigoted hypocrisy. Really all I see here is dumb stereotypes. How the hell do you think that you have the mental capacities to understand the pros and cons of a nation when half of you don’t even have the mental capacities to write a coherent sentence. And you know what. All of the ignorant people that you claim to know from Canada are pathetic losers like you. I’ll say it again! I don’t think Canada is hot shit. Regardless, look at the dollar, our dollar is higher than the American dollar, I wonder how that could happen if we live in an apparent shithole. I also don’t appreciate all of you spewing out you’re right wing propaganda bullshit either. Since when was it wrong to help the needy. You apparently like giving your money to rich people, you dumb asses. You guys are the ones who have an illegal immigration problem, you guys are the ones who have triple the homocide rate, your economy is in shambles, people are in hospital bill dept, there is a greater differentiation between the rich and the poor, and you carry around guns like you’re proud of it. And don’t feed me your bullshit about Canada being an incoherant pussy in times of war. Have you forgotten Vimy Ridge? Somme? Paschendale? Canada’s Hundred Day’s? If I’m correct you were the one’s who pussied out of WW1 and WW2 untill the near end of both. Your accomplishments include killing yourselves in the Civil War, not minding your own fucking bullshit buisness in the Cold War, and what else? Oh yeah, jackshit! People, grow a brain. Canada’s not perfect, but no country is, and certainly not the United States of America.

  84. Wow, people show their true colours over their keyboards dont they? Im canadian, and all this people talking shit about canadians defiantly should never come back to canada. We dont really want people like you who are so negative and backwards. Compared to the rest of the world, canada is one of the best. Go back to your shit holes fuckers.

  85. And yes the article is meant for laughs, but the people who later made this a “I hate canada” thread need to start doing something relevant and not look like idiots. I have been to the U.S. several times and always got along with the americans. I talked with one couple who thought I was from the u.s. and was surprised I was canadian. We arent that much different.

    Also, many of my friends are newer canadians and they know they are better off in canada, than where they were living before. Its only a small percentage oif losers who cant accomplish shit in our great country and therefore have to spew hatred. Its funny, some of talk about how horrible canadians are, but its more than likely that you are the real peices of garbage. End of story.

    Great blog, Superdps. Come back in May/June when we usually have better weather! LOL.

  86. Loved it truly. Sure seemed to piss off a lot of folks that apparently love to hate Canada. I guess they did get that you actually like it and they seem to have a problem with that. Right up there with eating Bambi. You should check out Vancouver Island. Victoria is pretty colonial but the cool thing is the climate. Most of Canada doesn’t even know how temperate it is.

  87. I got a chuckle out of the article. I have lived in Canada for most of my life except two years when I taught and was an aid worker in West Africa. I really appreciated my home country after seeing incredible poverty while overseas, getting malaria ect. As for the immigration issue some Canadians are confused. Many people want to live here and compared with many countries in the world we have tried to Keep the welcome mât there but it is à two way street. My Irish ancestors helped to clear the land in this country so there is a history, an investment there. Work hard and play hard.

  88. I got a chuckle out of the article. I have lived in Canada for most of my life except two years when I taught and was an aid worker in West Africa. I really appreciated my home country after seeing incredible poverty while overseas, getting malaria ect. As for the immigration issue some Canadians are confused. Many people want to live here and compared with many countries in the world we have tried to Keep the welcome mât there but it is à two way street. My Irish ancestors helped to clear the land in this country so there is a history, an investment there. Work hard and play hard.

  89. loooll…..Americans are fucking stupid and retorted fucks clearly have the intellectual ability oo 7 year olds, fucking idiotic fucks, statistics prove they can’t fucking read cause theyre fucking dumb fucking retorted fucks with dicks in there head. Fucking Americans, dumb fucks.

  90. You are certainly welcome not to go back. And cigarettes cause lung cancer. Enjoy the smog south of the border.

  91. I’m born Canadian fro Caribbean parents. i use to love Canada as a child, but now I can’t frikken stand this place. Everything you do the stupid government will do everything to keep you down. It so hard just to get a regular job as so many immigrants here are working under the table for less than minimum wage with no benefits from an temp agency. College/uni tuition/housing/rent/food/electronics/cars/insurance is grossly over priced. I want to leave so badly but I’m waiting for this US crisis the boil down. Canada with your slave wage bondage lifestyle of living can go to hell. I hate you Canada!

  92. Hilarious blog, loved it.
    To all the recent immigrants, I’m sorry you had such an awful time here. We do the best we can to build a nation for everyone.
    To all the Americans, my apologies for all the rude comments posted here.
    To all the Canadians, my apologies for all the rude comments posted here.
    To the rest of Internet audience, we try our best to build a decent country just as you do. We all have different cultures and policies but our goal is to build a home for ourselves.
    I wish you all peace.

  93. I Came in QC at age 10, my sister 7, parents 38.
    I mention I am ‘’white’’, just so you know I am not a minority that has tons of problems integrating an occidental country just because of his skin. Only I’m not the best at writing in english.

    I had good education from my parents, and went in one of the top 5 Montreal private school, had big grades and was accepted in Engineering in Concordia at age 17. But…‘’any young person, particularly males, would leave CDN in a heartbeat if given the chance’’. That’s what I did.
    I decided to go to my home country.There I had my master’s degree and started my carreer, getting 40K a year plus benefits and real life. But then I missed my family and decided to go back a year ago.

    My father is courageous . His back bone is crushed in pieces and all he received from this ‘’civilised country’’ is tylenol. As so many others he did not find a real job, so he started a flying business and gave jobs to people instead.
    He flew to middle-east a week ago to get a decent job, at age 58, far from his loving wife! I hope he will find peace.

    My mother is a saint, she works in a hospital and did not make one single friend in 20 years.

    My sister is 27, does not have a single friend as well, and has become over the years a quebecer (thank god without the accent) in some aspects : she is humiliating men without even knowing it, has no emotional intelligence whatsoever, and is more violent than a regular man. I’m spending hours of my time so she would stop defecating on her home country.

    These last days I watched violent spots on the net, and I googled « I hate Canada ».
    The first link I saw was this blog. From the very first minute I understood it was satirical, and actually very funny.
    We all have a « first impression » when we visit a foreign country, only we’re not as good as superdps to make funny posts. This guy sould go on stage!
    Anyway, lots of people reacted . Certainly because, just like me, they wanted a relief.
    I want to thank them all because I needed it. And now I’d like to make a little participation myself, by summarizing their interesting thoughts. I hope new comers will think twice before exposing themselves to the dangers of CDN, or at least have a strategy to fight back, and have a life.
    Blank. CDN has no culture whatsoever.
    nothing original to speak of….. no movies or novels or plays or anything to brag about.

    Imagine the sorrow and bitterness when you are at work and u realize how you are destroying your career path.

    wannabe country
    Canadians are the dams people on the planet.
    They don’t know where they came from and no clue where they stand.

    You will hate to go out and hear people speaking so-called ‘’ french’’
    Le Québec est réprouvé des dieux, c’est le territoire le plus mercantile, drogué, pute, infertile, suicidaire et xénophobe qui soit dans le monde occidental.

    What does it even mean to call yourself a ‘Canadian’. . .nothing really. People living in Canada, still identify themselves with the country they ‘‘originally’’ came from.

    Beer should be free just for survival!
    Many canadians suffer depression and mental problems. Official proof lies here :

    You won’t find real friend in Canada. Please immigrate with your friends from your own country.

    If Ca-nada was a girl you most likely would run away far away as possible. Boring ..boring..boring, unintellectual, cruel to her friends, demanding.

    Boredom : being bored and alone is just like living in a prison.
    Bad quality of life
    no social life at all
    overpriced crappy food
    hobos and drug addicts everywhere.

    There is a reason this Hellhole is the largest amount of land with least amount of people.

    canada’s full of posers. People are bumpkins, racists, wanna-bes.
    smug self-satisfied pasty-faced spermless and dickless wonders who populate canada from one end to the other
    stupid and unfriendly people, terrible place, hell on earth.
    These people are cold and miserable, they complain a lot. People are depressed and sad, and yet so delusional that they think they’re the best in the world. I didn’t think it was possible.
    Nobody goes to church or prays.
    No one dares to fight back for his dignity.
    All the hot girls seem to like stupid guys and money.
    Nobody has any idea about the shitty life that they’re living( i advise them to live a couple of years in any other country and see the real beauty of life).
    snobs ,condescending and clueless. They think they’re the smartest people on Earth. Looool!!
    self centered, cowards and losers
    Simply put, nobody cares about you. I’ ve grown careful to avoid them.
    Depression is huge in here. It’s not the country, but the people, they are so lifeless and fake.

    Eventually you’ll become just like locals. You will develop depression just like them! No need to say more.

    These Canadians are stuck in an old world and you better leave as soon possible, but first suck on their resources as much as you can. You’ll only appreciate life once you leave that hellhole.
    This country is not worth your suffer and self destruction , so it’s just about when to quit.
    Find a country where there is LIFE.
    Once you leave Canada you’ll thank your lucky stars everyday and regret that you haven’t left earlier.

    One or two canadian guys in this blog posted some interesting and illuminating points about their typical irrational and xenophobic fears, if you don’t know them by heart already.
    Practice at home your cameleon strenghs. Practice a lot. Say to employers that « you perform great in a team, socialize good and click with canadians/quebecers », that « you are in line with the rest », that « you are already well adjusted in the system », that « you don’t want to leave next month » and blablabla.

    But this is difficult and you might not want to crush the little bird in your hand. So please keep the hope that « Canada’s provinces are very diverse in culture, landscape and lifestyle : if you don’t like one, try another ». I might follow this recommandation for myself. Also, I recommend that you create your company in your field of competence asap. After all, this is America.

  94. Its hilarious how people go to great lengths to show that their own fucked up opinion is some how facts. No way are things that bad in canada. I have travelled to many places and its always a relieve to come back to canada. Everything said above about canada this and that, is coming from ppl who either dont get outside enough and/or are also ppl who more than likely hate everything else and live a miserable life. Seriously, if you hate canada go visit the world for an extended amount of time, and see how average ppl live their. EVERY country has its problem and Canadas problems are nowhere close to as bad as some of the problems most countries face.

  95. U say it’s a relief to TRAVEL and come BACK to canada?

    Well, then it’s either because (1) u don’t live here most of your time , or because (2) u were born here, or because (3) u compare CDN to countries that face real big problems like poverty, or because (4) u go out a lot to places with sea and sun.
    If 4, then u got out to get a relief from cdn, not the contrary.
    If 3, well, your argument is just not sufficient and far too general. Compare CDN with occidental countries u supposably went too for an extensive period of time.
    If 2, then it’s normal to defend your country since it’s your reference, since your family might live here , and since you’re a canadian , what more can I say?
    If 1, then it’s normal too. Everyone likes to be a tourist in CDN. I like it myself to play hockey outside, go skiing, going on the country side … nature is beautiful.

    But what about the important stuff ? The people ! U say that people who complain about that are living a miserable life? That’s right!
    It’s stupidity, artificialness, apartheid and segragation everywhere, How could people feel ok? Drugs? Travelling to Florida? Oh yeah that’s what most people do here…

  96. Fair point Bob. However, I do spend alot of time in Canada as a Canadian, and everyone is making claims that ppl in general here are just really sad depressed losers with no identity as a country. I beg to differ. Real Canadians are open minded, Tolerant ppl, who take in pride in what they do.We have good education systems and believe it or not our health care is still top notch unlike the propagandists want you to believe. Canada has a good reputation around the world for its support in strengthining developing countries and is a great role model for other first world countries. I stand by that, and if doubters want to believe otherwise, than
    thats too bad. I am serious in that other ppl commenting do some research first and not jump to conclusions about a country in general. Their are great places to live in Canada and of course places that defiantly need improvement.

    Of course I am talking in broad strokes, because honestly that speaks to a greater audience than some idiots who googled I hate Canada. I’ll say it again ppl who Really hate Canada, more than likely hate many other things as well, and this is one of the ways they vent their anger.

    countries. I do my research, and I have been to other countries that are considered t
    and if some haters want to believe that we are that bad should do some real research. If they still have a problem they should GTFO if they want to whine, because if their

  97. So I I googled ‘I hate cdn’? Ouch, I’m a hater, it’s big, i have a very rare pathology and should take meds.
    Dude, as I said on my first message, I was feeling bad this day, because I realised my sister has become over the years a quebecer.
    This particular day, I needed something like booze, or violence. But I’m no teenager. I gladly chose to write down my story instead. This was the first time I had ever written on any public plateform in my life.
    I will not do it again since it’s a boredom to answer back, and back.1, 2,3 messages, I’ll write this page and then I’m done.

    U know how quebecers are and u don’t want your sis to become one of them. Have u seen how they are untruthful and how many complexes they have? Friendship simply does not exist in their mind, not the way the rest of the world sees it. And have u seen the scientific data on this official canadian link ?

    I won’t even bother talking about your comments concerning cdn job environment, health system, education. Seriously? I mean seriously? Spending 2 hours doing my research and getting references just to knock u down on these subjects?
    On these precise subjects? Man, do your own work. Or just lay back on your sofa, you’ll keep your « reputation ».

    Listen, my issue is not to negligate the good points in Canada, or to reject every detailed aspect of Canada as a whole. The subject is cdn people. In your own experience you said you heard everyone telling the same stuff. Well, when you hear everyone talking shit about cdn people, does it mean everyone has a bad perception? It just means everyone is right. It means they all found the same truth. Thousands of people. Take a long walk, ask people their stories, look in their eyes, see if they’re fake. Get proofs.

    When you talk « Tolerance » about cdn ppl, everybody sees « ppl letting others the right to live within their community ».
    The old Brits system that made so many social and mental disasters throughout history in the whole wide world. Great, really.
    In canada, calling into question is just not suitable : in ppl’s mind it means « whining », or « being narrow-minded », or « not having pride », all is left for them is, as you said, to « GTFO ». This is so commun. Aren’t u better than this « love it or leave it » xenophobic and universal mechanism? 100% of people that came to cdn wanted to integrate themselves, we’re all human beings.
    But would u cdn people accept them? Work on yourself as a country.
    Or answer back. Again. I won’t. Truth could be put on walls and magazines, cdn people would just not read it, they like it better to smoke instead. But it’s ok, it’s life and I like humanity. Only if canada would try more to be…le plus meilleur pays au monde! Cheers.

  98. Bob, you are not making any sense, and your not fooling anyone when you are trying to make “your points”. You obviously are not living in Canada. Especially when you say ” you canadians”. Your comments are hilarious to say the least. Your basically a person looking in, not looking out. The only part that I agree with….is that you should not post again. Have a great day.

  99. I say” u cdns”, because having the papers for so long (being 30 now, got them at 13) does not make me a cdn,of course, thank god.

    Have u read my lines? My words and perception are clear.
    So I defend my points? what’s the problem with that man?
    Concentrate on facts instead of defending social relations
    that are in ruins in this country. Ask parents, grand pas, friends, go out, open eyes, and have a nice day yourself.

  100. Bob… so what country would you rather live in? U.S. , france, australia. You think its better there? Every first world country has its similar problems. That link you provided about mental illness with Canada… doesnt mean shit. Every country has similar problems to that. Imagine the mental illness problems with people affected by the euro crisis, and financial problems in the u.s. right now. Thats why their building a pipeline from alberta to texas to generate 20,000 jobs to people in the u.s. and get people back on their feet. Im not saying its an utopia in canada or something crazy like that. But i find your points to be blown up. If you lived in quebec then no wonder you have that perception. Quebec is a seperatist province that wants to be unique. I know your going to say” well they want to seperate because canada sucks”. Too different cultures, unfortunately they cant see eye to eye on things. Anyways, im done discussing this. Im going about my own opinion, and you can go about yours. Peace for the world my friend! That is all.

  101. the government does a lot for its people unlike other countries and I am grateful to them but there are some 3% of people which will cause problems here ungrateful selfish ass

  102. White Canadians are like the Freemasons. They have their own secret culture, language, rules of conduct and ways of identifying one another. If you are a visible minority or an immigrant, you will never be invited into their club. They will be politely reserved to you but will not accept you nor your ” Non Canadian” education, or qualifications. They will not become close friends with you and will barely tolerate you. They live in gentrified white enclaves and do not want you to move next door to them or your children playing with theirs. They will ensure their own kind is promoted and that you are left in dead end jobs. They have a betting game where they name immigrants they know who either gave up and went back home or have been passed up for promotion or lost out on a job. The person who can name the most is considered the winner. For all the lip service about multiculturalism your are not wanted.

  103. you guys are pretty fucking opinionated, so tone it the fuck down for a second. yes, a large amount of Canadian’s are oblivious to what the government does and we pollute and shit as much as anyone else (i don’t even fuckin recycle). who ever thinks canada has fee health care is a stupid fuck you pay for your health care and everyone else’s everytime u get a fucking chocolate bar from the store, or buy some shit tickets for your ass. but this is a kick ass place and if u don’t think the people in canada are just looking for a good time then u never came to this unique part of earth we call Canada. and yes the freemasons and illuminati, golden dawn whatever the fuck u wanna call the greedy pricks they influence Canadian society very much (ie. prejudice, eugenics, greed and insatiable pride) but guess what they influence any society that has currency, oh wait doesn’t that mean… everywere? if u don’t i agree look into who the Rothschild’s are and what they did to make a few bucks in the last 150 years. I personally think anywere on the planet is a good place as long as you are with people who carry the good traits of the human race not the assholes. i was always tolled
    there are 3 types or people in the world, dicks, assholes and pussy’s. but thats not true there are also the people who don’t live their lives based on their insecurities and i call them the “men”.

  104. Wow. People on here are not educated. SuperDude, first of all, you went to Ottawa. Who the fuck goes there? I’ve lived in Canada all my life, and I have never been to Ottawa maybe except once when I was a kid.

    Well, I agree it is boring, and I would move in a heartbeat. Maybe some place like Holland. But definitely not the States!!! I haven’t been there in nearly 2 decade, and have no plans of visiting anytime soon, though I should cause everything is just so dirt cheap with how valuable our money is here. Also, who wants to live in the States anyways, you have 300 million people there. Talk about cramped!!! We have 30 million, so that clean air is actually the minus the 300 million American wastes of skin expelling Carbon Dioxide.

    Of course, your an American, so you’d have no idea what I’m talking about.

  105. Oh, and also, to the rest of the bloggers….we pay 15% tax, not 50. If you pronounced words properly you’d be able to tell the difference.

  106. English-Canadian people are fuckin’ shit. They’re totally in a world of junk food video games and entertainment and getting stoned. I’m European and want to suck out as much as I can from these stupid White Liberals who go around adopting African babies to show off like little pets in front of all their little White English Canadian friends. A degenerate and pathetic lot indeed. FUCK EM!!!!!

  107. One of the best comments I’ve read so far about Canada;

    December 7, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    “White Canadians are like the Freemasons. They have their own secret culture, language, rules of conduct and ways of identifying one another. If you are a visible minority or an immigrant, you will never be invited into their club. They will be politely reserved to you but will not accept you nor your ” Non Canadian” education, or qualifications. They will not become close friends with you and will barely tolerate you. They live in gentrified white enclaves and do not want you to move next door to them or your children playing with theirs. They will ensure their own kind is promoted and that you are left in dead end jobs. They have a betting game where they name immigrants they know who either gave up and went back home or have been passed up for promotion or lost out on a job. The person who can name the most is considered the winner. For all the lip service about multiculturalism your are not wanted.”

  108. Canada is boring as fuck
    The people are stupid.
    The average person is an ignorant lumber mill worker or a safeway cashier.
    There is no fucking industry, the country just digs and squeezes oil out of the ground, and the rest live on welfare.
    There is nothing made in canada, every company other than the grocery retailers have gone bust after a few years because these clowns have no backbone
    The education SUCKS! The average 5 year old in England is smarter than a 12 year old Canadian!
    There are 3 fucking cities – the rest are villages
    And in between – there is a shit load of the same big rock, flat land and snow.
    America – put the fuckers out of their misery and invade them all

  109. So this is what some people in the world thinks about us?

    Unlike some posters in here, I am grateful for Canada. My parents are immigrants who came to Canada for a better life. This country has given my family a lot of good things. Of course, it wasn’t easy but the positive attributes of this country far outweighs the bad. Thus, I am proud to call myself Canadian.

  110. Are you outta your mind?

    When I went to Montreal.. every single person smoked and me being from Ca wanted a gas mask. Mother, daughter smoking.. every single person on the street smoking. The people were hostile rude.. you hear me… hostile rude.. They are French.. what do you expect.. Not a single person was nice.. everybody had a sense of entitlement and the women were all stuck up. And you had black dudes trying to sound gangster in french.. and acting uppiddy…

    I’m not sure where you went.. doesn’t sound like the Canada I went to.

  111. How releived I am to read these comments!! I blindly went to Canada from Spain, after meeting a Canadian man (whom I had met many times before moving.) I knew the day I arrived at Toronto airport, that I had made a mistake, and that feeling stayed with me and grew over the next 2 months, so much so that i had to leave the man I loved. I felt that I was losing my soul and identity. I felt that there were no real people, only façads. I hated my entire time in Canada and will NEVER go back. Zero culture, Zero food, Zero soul. Fortunately, the man I feel in love with came to live with me in my country, Spain, and he says he has never been happier in his life!. Canada never again

  112. Well,,ive been living in canada for 50 years. I have done all i can do to like his place ,but its just not working for me.i have been working hard,andpaying taxes from the age of 15,,when i got my first job building swimming pools..i am not one to whine about things,,so im just currently looking around for a new place to live,,and work..our politicians are the most lax bunch of assholes you could find,,,not to mention the quebec bullshit. I just feel trapped here,in this shithole,,,feeling very ripped off,,by a government who gives me absolutely no return on my hard earned money,,,but of course there are penalties for everything,,,,just like those stupid fukin hockey games..Its time to join together,and get some new blood in the government,,,,but then i wonder,,,,,,,,,is it too late,,,,or lets just find another country,,and trade them for this freezing wet shithole ,,since they all want to move here anyway

  113. im tired of the stupid fucking rants of imigrants who think their entitled to jobs in Canada simply because they have a degree in business or engineering or nail art or whatever the fuck you call an education. your entitlement only reflects your ignorance and im sorry, you will be unpleasantly surprised when you arrive in Canada and slowly notice that nobody gives a shit! Ouuuuuuuu you have a degree and your from a different country? HOW EXOTIC. HERES A JOB.
    boo fuckin hoo!

  114. Montreal? aha, ok first of all i like canada, moved to many countries, such as the US, germany, China, Australia and in my 18 years of life, i find canada to be the safest and welcoming. Now, when you say Canadians are brainwashed by their government, were not, we know what were up against, and if people like some other country so be it, go there. and to all the people saying “wheres the beaches?” then don’t go to fucking montreal to complain. move. simple as that.
    Oh and you can’t define Montreal as Canada, theres many more cities out there that actually are filled with culture, life and all that. I live in Alberta, its a nice place, no discrimination(which i hate from the experience i had in the US) and education? go to a better school that offers a higher standard of academic excellence.
    To all you US loving people out there, i love the US, i have family there and friends there, but im staying here. Such a scary place to live in. I was in New York then in Michigan and holy, its scary shit there. aha but either way, i just wanted to share my side of the story.

  115. Hilarious article, satirical or not.

    I’ve read through most of the comments on this page, and I think that Mohamed quite eloquently painted a very accurate picture of Canada.

    I moved here from the UK three years ago, having lived in Mexico as well prior to the move. I have to say it is quite a grim place to live in. It’s only fair to start with the pros and cons.

    The pros are that the economy is quite healthy and the GDP is growing, therefore opportunity present in almost every industry. The universities and colleges across the board are at high standard, and it is a safe country to live in, with crime being relatively low. Living in Ontario, the summers are generally quite pleasant, warm and dry weather.

    Now on to the cons. I’ll start with money, since that is unfortunately quite an crucial factor in all of our lives, whether we like it or not. I consider myself well traveled, particularly for my age, but I can assure you that I have never set foot in a more expensive place than Canada. The prices are absolutely astronomical, and I’m talking everything. Rent is a lot higher than it should be, I rented a one bedroomed apartment, in a really rough area and the best deal I could get was $1150 per month. Networks?? Rogers and Bell are actually regulated monopolies. Two network providers that run the show, they charge you whatever they want to. I was paying $85 dollars a month, for a very basic phone contract on a blackberry, they also charge you for caller ID haha, you need to pay extra to know who is calling you, even if they are on your phone book contact list. Car insurance?? Forget it, coming from a foreign country, doesn’t matter if you came from the UK and have driven for 25 years, without a single claim, you will still start at $250 dollars a month, for a 4 door saloon.. It is unbelievable.Groceries are a joke, restaurants, there isn’t much choice to be honest, and you’re paying through the nose wherever you go.

    Nightlife.. A big part of my life since I’m a student and I love going out and dancing and having a good time. Forget it. If you live in downtown Toronto maybe you’re a bit luckier, but most university/college towns really lack variety and choices of clubs. There is one nightclub in my town, and there’s over 350,000 people there. Not to diss Canadians but their taste in music (or at least the music they play in bars/clubs) is nothing short of abysmal, top 40 and country, that’s it. Nothing from the 90s or 80s at all. No classics ever get played! I’m a very outgoing person, I speak 3 languages and I pride myself on being able to converse with literally anybody, but I struggle to make friends here, I have a few but, far less than I deserve.

    Families.. If you have kids, teenagers or younger, if you want them to participate in sport, soccer, hockey, you have to pay incomprehensible fees for your kid to actually be part of a team. My friend had to pay 5 thousand dollars a year for his 8 year old son to be enrolled in the regional hockey league, and it’s the cheapest team he could’ve went to. So you do the math, what’s a parent going to do? A playstation3 costs about 300 bucks.. a season of hockey costs 5 grand.. It’s a sad state of affairs.

    Dental care is another issue, a friend of mine got braces put in as he wanted to correct his bite, and it cost him 6 thousand dollars. In my country it’s free, well, it’s paid for by taxes, but not here baby!

    Canada bangs on about universal healthcare, we have the same in the UK but they refuse to treat people if their cancer has progressed beyond a certain stage, there are many problems with universal healthcare, don’t get me wrong I think it’s nice that the government takes care of people, poor or rich.

    The weather will piss a hell of a lot of people off, I’m not that upset about winter, but winters are a bit long I have to say. Sometimes the snow starts to fall in November, and it doesn’t clear up until mid April, now that’s a bit depressing.

    Overall, it’s rather unexciting, and monotonous. Some people may very well prefer that, but I quite like an exciting horizon, I love to take on new things and seize opportunities, and Canada isn’t really the place for that.

    I’ve tried to be as impartial as I can, if you’ve read all of this, I appreciate it. I have no vendetta against Canadians, I’m just telling it how it is.

  116. I list to all this anti- Canada rants and think to myself…REALLY? REALLY? Comparing Canada to the USA….REALLY? Well, I live in Southern Ontario and Travel to the U.S often. And I’m not a US hater. But REALLY? You people cut up our “Social programs” Our “Health Care” ” Weather” Really??
    He’s the truth, The USA is more entertain then Canada hands down. But, Canada is getting there. Here are some facts: The U.S has great architecture, but outside that, its a scary place to live. The Crime is something there, poverty like you wouldn’t believe. What if your a low income citizen and get hurt? how do u pay for that? People breaking in to houses and raping kids and killing people for 100 bucks….You people could say all you want about Canada, I still think we live way better, US is to violent, your cities are terrible with Crime and poverty. Yes, Canada is boring in some cities, but i’ll take that over having 20 locks on my door. I love visiting USA, some great people, but to Scary to live…..Checkout top cities to live in the world and top Countries. Now look at Canada over the last 10 years and look at USA. (Human Development Index) Usa is 4th and Canada is 6th, but look over the last 10years. Canada Ranks 1st for many many many years…..

  117. Well, at least Canada is a safer place than the US. You don’t risk getting attacked every time you go out. And some Canadians hate Americans too, that’s why we are so cold to you. You people are so full of yourselves, you think you’re the kings of the world

  118. I’m writing this on Kindle so I will keep it short.

    I think Mohamad has hit the nail on its head with his comment. As an immigrant of 10 years myself, I could really relate to some of the things being said. Livng here has been a personal emotional torture for me. Like many above have mentioned, making real friends are really difficult as people can be quite cold and standoffish. Many will behave friendly at first but when you want to follow up with the friendship, they are not interested.

    Cant wait to to travel to japan by the end of the year. Needs a breath of fresh air!



  120. I love this guy! If I had a critisicm it would be that all that all the swearing seems unneccessary, however that seems like really nitpicking since it was such a funny article.
    I really love the part about ” You know how much fun it is to have spare change in your pocket?” Cause I’ve got to agree with him, it was weird at first. You feel like your broke then you got through the coins and find out you’ve twenty dollars in change.
    I’ve got a trip to the US planned for the end of the month, I hope I have more fun that you did up here ;D

  121. Why come to Canada if,he felt you didn’t really want to go there in the first place? It really was utter nonsense he spoke about.This issue with Canadian money is silly to even mention it.(What the F–k is a lonnie or a tooney?.) Why don’t you get with the program,mister? Read about our Canadian money before you come here on the internet or even in books.Canada does have cleaner air to breathe and he writes,(As soon as I arrived in Ottawa, my nasal passages were overcome by a sensation that practically floored me. The air was actually refreshing! Canada, if I want to be refreshed, I’ll buy a $3 bottle of Spring Water. I don’t need your fucking charity. It’s almost as if the entire pompous city is patronizing me; pointing and laughing as I struggle to breathe in this purified oxygen.) What stuip nonsense and the uneducated things he said.Constant critisicm and the endless swearing shows how unbelievably uneducated he truly is.The topic on cigarettes and how costly they are in Canada is actually true.But,who told him to start smoking?! It’s unhealthy and it does cause lung cancer (among so many other health related problems.)as it said on that box of cigarettes he held in the picture above.Give it up and save your money,instead! (At least,Try,too.) Honestly,yes,it does get cold here for eight months in the winter but,it snows in the United States,too and does get cold like,it does in Canada. Canada is not a tropical country and he should have realized that. From everything he said in his article it seems he had such hatred towards Canada. Well,it’s like this,if,you don’t like this country (Canada) don’t consider coming back here.

  122. I Hate Canada too!! But for more realistic reasons. The lying, deceitful Prime Minister is the first good reason. This guy would diddle his grandchildren (check out the space between his eyes). Plus: We sit here as mamby pamby yes sir no sir subordinates where the guy who is attacked and strikes back is the one who is charged. WOW!! What a great country this is, eh??!! And this is only the beginning. I only wish the REAL NATURAL CANADIANS would get together on the Internet and band together to form a legal, true and DEMOCRATIC party that will take over these mofos (and don’t get me started about the “Senators”)!!

  123. I found this blog by mistake, but it’s hilarious. I like how most of the haters here are immigrants who are all crying about how they want to go home, how much better everything was at home. Yea guess what, home always looks better when you leave it behind and have to adjust to everything being different. It doesn’t matter where you came from or where you went. You can’t just “take home with you”. If you’re not the type of person who can adjust to a completely different group of people, culture, and lifestyle, then you should just stay they fuck home, doing what you’ve always done, with the people you’ve always done it with. Stop blaming the place you’re in for your lack of effort, and inability to move out of your comfort zone. Stop hating cause you realized that there is no utopia. Or just stay in your self defeating mindset, waste all your energy crying about everything, hang out with others that are equally as incapable, and you can all hate together, for the rest of your miserable lives, so you don’t have to feel like maybe you’re the one that’s fucked up, and not the country. What a fulfilling existence.

  124. I just found this by accident as well.

    No one understands just how frustrating and depressing this country is until you actually move here. I have suffered more than anyone can know dealing with this country and its people. What’s totally ironic is that this country has such a great reputation abroad and even in the US (try mentioning Toronto to any Buffalo/WNY native and they will most likely say “Nice place!”) yet it’s totally unwarranted. I have never in my life dealt with such bland, fake, standoffish people as here. Americans are WAY friendlier and approachable, even in the major cities. Oh and there’s actually SHIT TO DO in those areas too. There just is no reason to move here unless you want to be miserable like me. Therapy, meds, the works.. God Bless Canada!

  125. Nice try. Typical fucking Torontonian attitude – mention that any place is better than their piece of shit boring city and they will attack your nationality, despite that no American I know would ever do that to you as a result of being a dumb Canuck fuck. Want to fuck with me little bitch? Bring it. Then again you’ll probably just pussy out because that’s how all of you worthless little Canuck fucks are – little pussies with a massive inferiority complex.

  126. I’m an American living in Quebec and want to go home now. All the people who think the immigrants make no effort to acclimate may be correct. Here’s my take on the culture here. SO many people are on some type of government handout it’s not even funny. And they all think they “deserve” it. Finding ways to cheat the government to get free money is a national past time. Everyone is so entitled the university students think their education should be FREE and have been terrorizing the streets of Montreal for weeks with little action from the police or government. It’s practically anarchy. SO much corruption in every aspect of politics from federal, provincial, municipal. Taxes and prices are always going up while services go down. The attitude of the people is very apathetic however; nobody seems to even complain. They just bend over and take anything the government throws at them like a monkey throwing crap. Don’t even get me started on the Francophone/Anglophone thing. People here would rather spit on you than make eye contact, say hello, open a door for someone, etc. So forgive me if I can’t acclimate to this “culture”.

    I know the U.S. is far from perfect and maybe my experience would have been different in another province, but this is not for me.

  127. Good for you expresing your opinion!! I am also an American who fortunately lives in Spain but was obligated to spend time in Waterloo, Canada. I found Canada the most boring place I have ever been.
    People are more fake and materialistic even than Americans!!!

  128. Why do all of the Canadians seem to think that “FUCK” is such an expressive word? In my very short time spent in Ontario, I found it not only the most boring place, without any kind of idenity, but also incredibly depressing. Canada has NO culture except for what the “immigrants” brought (thank God for them!) and maple syrup.
    I was shocked by the amount of white, middle class, “spare change” beggers on the streets of Ontario. I NEVER saw a non white, immigrant asking for money on the street.
    From what I experienced, Canadians are all consumed with money and status and everything fake. What is Canadian culture????? What is Canadian cuisine????
    Safe???? Give me some excitement and crime any day over the bland and boring and rude Canadian way of living.
    I love to live and laugh and have fun; impossible in fake Canada, which is why I am not there. I refuse to take drugs in order to deal with life.

  129. Camila, you’re very selfish and immature! Suggesting Spain over Canada for living! I just googled Spain and it came up with this: “Spain’s lost generation: youth unemployment surges above 50 per cent”. Lives of so many young people go nowhere in Spain the moment we speak, it’s the next Greece. General unemployment rate is 25%. Is this what you’re suggesting over safety and prosperity of Canada where young people can actually build up their lives and careers and head somewhere? Poor hungry people everywhere and soon to be riots? Spain has less poor people than Canada? Let me ask you what’s the average salary in Spain (if you’re lucky to have a job and not commit suicide because of no future there) and who pays your bills? Or are you dependent and somebody else breaks his back every day to feed you there? When are you buying a new home? Give me a break! Such a childish immature person without any responsibility! You see, Canada is “boring” for her!

  130. You do not understand at all. I am married to a Canadian man who has made it clear that after livining here for the last 2 years, he would never go back to live in Canada! I am not at all insecure, on the contrary, I have lived all over the world and the short time I spent in Canada (Ontario) was the most depressing time of my life. I will never go back there, ever! by the way, I pay E39 euros per month for FULL, COMPLETE health care, no hidden costs. I can go to any doctor, have any kind of test at the very best clinics, all included!!
    Hope all you Canadians stay in your “wonderful” Canada!!!! (I have met manyt Canadians here in Spain who would also never go back to Canada…)

  131. To; Camila

    You won’t understand the way people in Canada think. Their general knowledge comes from TV and Google searches, for which they’ll claim they know better than you, who’s actually living in Spain. That essentially sums up the way these people are falling behind in their understanding of the world that they seem to think they are the smartest of.

    Canada is socially dead country where people are cold, standoffish, depressed and remarkably fake. Nothing happens in that bland piece of land and everyone keeps it to themselves; resulting lack of social cohesion, lack of social progress – mention beer drinking and drug taking – and falling behind in every human development index indicator. No culture, no national identity, no social life. The country is decaying and barely survives by heavily taxing its aging population and the working poor, including immigrants that they treat awful and consider second class due to their racial ethnic composition. The average white Canadian views non whites with utter contempt and condescension. In addition, they are stuck in the colonial era.

    The Canadian government which is incredibly corrupt advertises the country to anyone willing to come without taking into consideration the lack of social and economic accommodation necessary to assimilate prospective immigrants. There’s probably no country on Earth like Canada where the general population dwells in such depressive state, such blandness, faking, expensive, incredibly miserable and boring (not to mention their delusional attitude). They don’t like seeing others happy and having good times; misery loves company!

    In the end, I think it’s very sad because I firmly believe that Canada has an amazing potential, a potential hindered by false pride and social ineptitude coupled with emotionally immature society and subtle racism.

  132. Fucanada as I call it is a fucking nightmare. This country is so highly dependant on the US for everything….just walk into any retail store and u know what i mean. Yet Canadians fucking hate Americans….WTF?? The only thing the fucking government is good at is taxing the fuck out of its people despite the low wage and high cost of living. Good job Harper! Fucanada always brags about the rich natural resources its got yet i don’t see how this is benefitting its people…..makes me wonder what this shithole would become when its resources run out………
    Every long weekend you’ll be amazed by the number of beaver-heads heading south of the border to buy anything they possibly could to bring home and fill up their tanks on their way back.
    Theres absolutely nothing unique about this country not even maple syrup!

    I’m a commerce graduate from one of the so called “prestigious” universities in the west coast yet its almost impossible to get a decent job. Employers here are only interested in the years of work experience you have and what slave wage you are willing to accept. Ain’t surprising why so many young females even graduates are becoming escorts to pay their bills.

  133. The problem, SDPS, is that you don’t (or at least in your article, you did not) write well, leaving your sarcasm, jokes and puns largely unnoticed or completely misunderstood.

    For Mohamed: Here’s an idea, if Canada is so bad why don’t you go live in a country where you get your head sliced off for saying what’s on your mind?

  134. I don’t even know where to start with listing the things I don’t like about this country. There is this great illusion that Canadian Citizens are free and have rights, which is the farthest thing from the truth. Look what just happened in the city of Montreal, Bill 78 was passed which basically makes it illegal for more than 50 people to gather in one place without a permit. What a fucking oppressive country we live in. They call this democracy? Democracy is beating defenceless women and children to a pulp for protesting high tuition fees? And where is the media in all this you ask? Oh, well, the media is state funded and there has been a huge media black out. Only independent media has been covering this. Shame on this country. What a shit hole. Taxes, weather, racist idiot population, continued genocide and oppression of native populations, etc. I can go on and on but I won’t waste my time with this country anymore. I can’t wait to go back to my country.

  135. One more thing I’d like to add. The people on here who are spewing this crap about Canada being great and what not, are a bunch of government brainwashed idiots who have let the psycho-tropic, mind-numbing drugs get to their brain. A bunch of lobotimized, depressed, unhappy fools. God I can’t want to leave this place. Also, notice how these same people don’t have any reasoning or proof behind they’re love for this sorry excuse of a country? It’s because there is none. This country sucks. Period. They often say ”well it’s better than 3rd world countries in Africa”, yeah, if that. I try to leave this place every year for as much time as I can to live in my country so that I can get away from this depressing place. The only reason my parents came here when I was young was because there was war where I’m from (Balkans), now that the war is back, and I’ve seen what REAL life is, I can’t wait to go back. To all the Canadians defending this shit hole, go live elsewhere for a bit, you’ll understand why we’re all ranting about this nazi state.

    Sigh, I’m done here.

    Finalizing paperwork, will be out of here in 7 months! Wooohooo!!! 😀 😀

  136. Housing prices. Income Tax rates. Sales tax. Gas tax. Hidden Tax. Everything is expensive. Why do I need to put up with it. People say “free health care”. Bullshit, nothing is free in Canada, we pay out the ass for our ineffective health care system. We have an extremely punishing tax system. I can’t believe the tax rates. European countries with similar rates have better health systems and free university education! I am finishing my Commerce degree with a major in Accounting and minor in Finance and heading directly to the States, where I can afford a house, car, children and a higher quality of living. I have done plenty of research on this, and more importantly, I have family that lived their entire lives in Canada, and moved down to the States with the same job and got further ahead in nine years than thirty years in Canada. Canada= pay more to enjoy everything less. Don’t even get me started on the fucking weather. I hate Canadian politics. NDP are gaining traction, a fucking socialist government. Two more years, than I am out of here, never to return.

  137. Yes Canada sucks for so many reasons. Let me give a grocery list of reasons as follows:
    – compared to USA, the cost of most items is MUCH more expensive. Take for example beer: a Labatt’s 6 pack in Canada averages $15.00; in USA it costs only $5.00. Outrageous this price gouging. The same egregious overcharging happens across the board: housing is also hugely expensive in Canada-and no-the pay is NOT commensurate to offset the higher price! Look at BC: minimum wage is $9.50/hr, and average rent for 1 bedroom apartment is over $1,000/month. With a full time job at minimum wage, you will not have enough money left over to feed yourself after paying rent. Does the Canadian government do anything about this gross injustice? No, of course not. They are complacent, smug, assholes.

    -Canadian attitude: the national character of Canada is best described as complacent, inward, smug, risk averse to a fault, and work obsessed. Innovation or trying new approaches to work is discouraged. Immigrants to Canada often encounter a ‘brick wall’ of indifference: nobody really cares it seems.

    -Complacent ‘stay at home’ lack of culture: since going out even for a beer or two is so expensive, most Canadians stay at home. Even eating out is expensive! Hence, most Canadians stay at home most of the time. This is one reason why its so hard to meet other people in their community. Just awful this price gouging. I’ve mentioned the high cost of beer, but the same goes for most everything else.

    -Arrogant denial of criticism: Canadians are very thin skinned about any criticism of their country. “If you don’t like it leave” is the refrain heard over and over again. I took them up on their suggestion, and am much happier now. Nonetheless, I feel obliged to come to sites like this and expose the glaring failures of Canada as a country.

    -Predatory, deceptive and flawed immigration “points system”: there is NO EXCUSE for Canada’s immigration ministry to use a points system which gives points for job skills and education–then let immigrants into the country based on their accumulated points–only to find that their degrees and job training are NOT recognized by employers in Canada! This is an outrage! So many immigrants to Canada have been fucked over by this system. How many times have I talked to lawyers, engineers, doctors, pharmacists, etc who came to Canada hoping for a better life in their field–only to find out none of their credentials would be recognized. I honestly think this is a deliberate fuck over by the Canadian government, e.g. to lure these immigrants into Canada to force them into menial jobs (NOT in their career in home country), and then make them go re-do their entire education and certification in Canadian schools. What an ugly, dishonest racket this is, most likely instigated by Canadian schools, certifying bodies, and their lackeys in the government. These people should be put in jail, what assholes!

    –Finally I absolutely hate the Canadian way of dealing with criticism of their fucked up country: they say nothing. They do nothing. Their ugly little way of dealing with straightforward criticisms of honest problems with their y country is to deny, or ignore the problem when its mentioned. This ties into another national characteristic of Canadians in general: they shy away from openly discussing wrongdoing, problems, or conflicts between people. This is a serious problem that most Canadians have. Instead of openly hashing out a problem between people, or with a system, Canadians AVOID face to face discussion of the problem! They do everything they can to avoid confrontation, discussion, and sorting out the problem! So the problem festers….rots….and gets worse and worse. I encountered this phenomenon MANY times in Canada during my time there. Americans are much more direct and up front about problems–as are Europeans–and by being this way the problem is resolved. Not do in Canada!

  138. I was born in Minnesota, which is almost the same as Canada in that it longs to be viewed as a friendly, cradle to grave utopia. In reality, it is a kinder, gentler, police state. A state where absolutely nothing is allowed. So it is with Canada.

    I went to visit a friend in Canada only to be turned away at the border because, having just sold a home on the east coast, I had a lot of luggage in my vehicle because ultimately I was heading back to Minnesota. The customs people determined I was trying to sneak into their utopia to “set-up” because, having been honest with them, I was technically homeless until another home was purchased. They were quite sure I wanted to loot Canada and spend my life in their miserable socialist toilet–albeit a clean toilet.

    In short, after ten hours of driving with forty minutes to go to see a loved one and visit and spend money in their over-priced shangri-la, I was told to turn around and come back some day with the proof I didn’t want to live in Canada. Meaning, I would have to drive back to my home state of Minnesota. In short, I was not only punished for being honest, but telling a lie would actually have been the right thing to do. Everything I explained to them checked out and made sense. Everything they concluded required a twisted sense of logic. They were seeing what they’re imaginations wanted to see–they were having a little adventure at my expense. In short, Canada is full of bitter little socialists wanting to bring others down to their slimy level. No thanks to that, and no thanks to Canada. Second rate all the way.

    Who the heck wants to get into Canada to live there?

  139. I was actually born in Canada, a full fledged Canadian citizen, born and bred in BC, North Van and I can tell you that canada really does fucking suck, it’s backwards as hell, we get taxed up the ass, the gouvernment and RCMP are corrupted as fuck, the weather fucking sucks 24/7, 11 months a year, and this shithole is full of hockey loving fat rednecks, bull dyke lesbians, and fucking dorks, the true faces of canada.

    I don’t understand the blind nationalism and pride, what the fuck do dumbfuck canadian have to be proud and smug of? Canada consists of only 3 shitty provinces worth mentioning, the rest of the land consists of NOTHING but ghetto, filthy, native filled cold shitholes which consists of crackheads and paint huffers.

    I admit, I haven’t been around the world or even left the continent but I’ve been to the US, to LA and despite it being full of hispanics, I can tell you that the states is way better than canaduh in every aspect.

  140. Here are a few reasons I think Canada is a complete shit hole:

    – Weather ; Seriously, it’s cold for 9 months of the year except maybe SW
    BC and southern Ontario…
    – Taxes; PST, GST, Fuel tax, income tax, Capital gains(Example, multi-generation family home you gift it to your kids, next tax year the government estimates what it would be worth(say 100,000) and demands capital gains from you the following year(22-40% depending on tax bracket)).
    – Canadian TV/Internet Media. TV fails to report many stories and when some are it’s reported selectively online such that if it goes against the view the state wants its citizens to take, commenting is not allowed and stories shelved.
    – Healthcare ; Waiting months for MRI’s and cancer treatments; THAT would otherwise be treated the same week in the USA/w minimal insurance.
    – Canada “Limits” hence does not have free speech.
    – Pollution, At least here in Atlantic Canada… North America’s Tail pipe. Ref. Ref, Ref. Many industries found to be too toxic/polluting in the US were moved to Canada.
    – Ignorant or complacent citizens. Don’t get me wrong, Canadians are friendly and generally well educated, but there is no will to change, only go with the flow. Politicians blatantly lie and go against promises and there is no recourse.
    – In canada you must build to National Building Code of Canada 2005 specifications which the government makes themselves and charges you $190 for paperback $350 for digital version of the information… So your tax money pays so they can enforce and make rules, then the government charges you for access to the rules. eMule has .pdf versions of Volume 1 & 2 for download. If your money paid to make it, is it wrong to possess a copy yourself?
    – Canadian businesses are often given monopolies, for example propane companies in Nova Scotia(maybe elsewhere?) are allowed to not sell you propane unless it is in a tank they own/lease you. $120+- a year for the tank to hold propane that you buy (at greatly inflated prices from taxes). That really adds up, figuring a propane tank costs at the MOST $500 new, 20 year life of a tank thats $1900 per household they can extort.

    Lobster fishing licenses are only for commercial fishers, and a citizen can not fish and eat any lobsters for themselves. The reason the government gives, is to control stock, but in Maine, citizens can get personal licenses and fish for their own supper, with no apparent effects on stock. IMO Citizens should have the right OVER commerical fishers. Don’t even get me started on wtf Canada did to “help” the COD stocks.
    – Canada even regulates what you can call your business: “The Partnership Business Name Registration Act (the act that governs partnership/sole proprietorships and business names) requires both distinction and description. A name submitted for registration under that act will be rejected if it does not somehow contain both description and a clear distinction.” Fucking fascists. This means you can’t call your business “Spots” or “Whatever” unless you add a description “Spots Shoes” “Whatever Investments”. To name a company “Mcdonalds” or “Google” you would have to trademark the name, increasing naming costs by about 7x(yearly).
    – Canada requires a radio license to use Marine VHF radio. “subject to a $5,000 fine and up to 12 months in jail for use without a Maritime Restricted Radio Operator’s Certificate”.
    Yet our neighbors to the south know better and no licensing is required for 300 million of their citizens, without I might add any significant problems. Also when Americans visit or boat in Canadian waters they are not required to have a license themselves, which only punishes the More burden/cost/bull shit for being Canadian.

    I could go on and on and on all day, but I won’t. I am also currently a citizen of this fascist state, and will be moving to California in 6 months (I already have a job and place lined up for myself and my family). I strongly encourage those Canadians that do live here, to stop kidding yourselves. And if you are a prospective immigrant, forget about it.

  141. I don’t live in Canada so I can’t speak of the socio-economic issues that its citizens face, but from the sounds of it, it’s pretty bad. Anyway, I am from Berlin, Germany and have travelled all over the world. I decided to visit the city of Toronto in August of 2009. After the first day I spent there, I wanted to go back home. The people are just so bland and fake. There are no “real”, genuine people. Everyone smiles, but they are not real genuine smiles. You can tell that they are all forced smiles, making people look like they have some sort of mental disorder. Anyway, I planned on spending 3 weeks touring the south of Ontario, and I left after 3 days and headed down to the US where I encountered much more interesting and genuine people. People often knock americans for being unfriendly and uneducated, but I think they confused them for Canadians. Americans are actually pretty interesting people. Anyway, avoid Canada at all costs.

  142. Alex, You are so right about your Canadian experience. I am American although I have lived in Europe for most of my life. I had the unfortunate experience of spending a total of 6 months in the Toronto area and was depressed for the full 6 months. I also found everyone very false and with no “soul”. It is such a relief to know that I am not alone in my very unfavorable opinion of Canada. Strip malls, overpriced everything, and fake smiles sum it up! (The cheeky pub waitresses were always trying to flirt with my 70 yr old husband, and always put their hand on his leg….)

  143. ottawa = SHITHOLE
    Victoria BC, Vancover, Niagra Falls & Toronto ROCK
    The REST OF Canada can FUCK OFF LOL.

  144. Tourist in Toronto,

    I will agree that there are more interesting people in the US than Canada, and that Canadians can come across as rather bland if not lame. But I find “fake smiles” to be more of an American thing, where everyone – even the store clerk – acts like your best buddy. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, in fact I miss it, but I just wanted to throw that out there. Americans are very friendly in an outgoing, casual sort of way, but ultimately it means nothing at the end of the day. Canadians are more hesitant and reserved, if not standoffish and maybe even just a bit rude, and certainly don’t really act like your best buddy right off the bat.

    As a side note, I find it interesting that this discussion is still going on. Either lots of people are dissatisfied here or just a few people are trying to make it seem that way.

    I’ve definitely had my share of difficulties here, as my previous posts indicate. Ultimately I’ve come to the conclusion – as difficult as it may be – that there are a variety of ways to approach such a situation, but here is the best (and emotionally healthiest) way: each place you move to will have its benefits and its drawbacks. You can’t control either, but what you CAN control is which one you focus on. There are many benefits of being in Canada, regardless of what people say here. Yes, people are cold, but that is just one aspect of it; focus on those positive qualities and you will find happiness.

  145. These comments are absolutely fucking awful. People oblivious to obvious irony. The whiny idiots coming from “canada sucks” google searches making paragraph long rants making few real points, half of them contradicting each other. Mindless nationalism everywhere and it’s as if no one knows what a cultural difference is. And to top it off the author completely misunderstands the nature of the comments and somehow is under the impression that Canadians are insulting America which I would say covers maybe 2% of the comments, 90% being pissy immigrants whose English ability limits their ability to detect sarcasm.

    It’s like the stars aligned to make a blog post attract as much idiocy as it possibly could.

  146. Canada is a second-rate UK, and a third-rate U.S. It is inhabited by a bunch of do-nothing, big-talking punks, that owe everything that they have in life to American generousity. Not that they appreciate it. Inferiority complex? Well earned.

  147. We’ll own you soon, and then you Canadians can go from being our bitches, to just being ours.

  148. Talk about how you have a culture from one side of your mouth, and how you want one of our NFL teams with the other. CFL is the fourth highest level of football in the world so who can blame you. NFL, UFL, BCS College Football, CFL.

  149. great article. – man ottawa is a pretty cool place. haven’t been there in years – now i’m thinking about a trip. btw you had to know that excellent satire like this would be misread by the loons – and would atttract the idiots from bith sides. it sounds like you had a great time – come back to visit anythime. maybe you could write about the evils of having different races getting along in toronto.

  150. so you,re bitching that Canada is cleaner, more friendly and wont try to kill you?

  151. Nigel,

    America is in no shape to inherit canada. In fact, your country is on a slow decline, and china is going to make you there bitch. In fact it already has…

  152. Lol! Reminds me of the south park episode where they celebrate christmas in canada hehehe

    There are good comments and bad comments about canada but mostly bad. To summarize canada, id say that it has all the life’s necessities but not life itself (as said to me by an immigrant friend of mine).

    I am ok with the healthcare, even if i know its communist based because in canada, you won’t get sick often – especially me who doesnt drink or smoke or have//had sex and is physically active. But when you do get sick or when you have an urgent problem such as acne lets say and you need to see a dermotologist……OMG! I hate it when you have to wait for at least 4 months, even if the problem is urgent. About taxes and jobs and the economy….I can’t say much because im just an uni student with no job. But its true that living is expensive here, for no reason at all.

    About the weather, I like snow unlike most people. But now that its snowing less here, I don’t like the weather much unless its summer at room temp (25 C). About making real friends in this country, I’ll only know if one can make real friends here after I graduate from uni. All my friends are immigrants like me and I hope im real friends with them!

    Laslty, Canada is boring – I know some people say that Canada is not boring because it is beautiful, that its only boring if you want it to be, that whoever says Canada is boring haven’t seen the rest of Canada…..shit like that. Canada is boring because its the same shit everyday and there is no culture other than beer and hockey, both of which i dont like. About the touristic attractions, superdps had a really good point – the architecture. I dont care about how developed buildings look like here and I dont really like how organized everything in canada is. Why does it have to be so organized?
    Why can’t canada be more like europe – hacing architecture that promotes socializing?

    Im just gonna say that if I could leave Canada, id do it in a heartbeat but I cant leave Canada while I still go to school. To people who want immigrants out of Canada, its easier said than done.

    PS: Im from europe by the way, not american at all

  153. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is set to criticize Canada for the controversial law passed by the province of Quebec to clamp down on student tuition protests.

    Navi Pillay, the United Nations’ highest human rights official, is expected to lash out at the country, seen as one of the freest in the world, in a Monday address to the 47-nation UN Human Rights Council, reports the Geneva-based monitoring group UN Watch, which obtained an advance copy of her speech.

    “Moves to restrict freedom of assembly continue to alarm me, as is the case in the province of Quebec in Canada in the context of students’ protests,” the commissioner is to say.

    Enjoy your police state! Suckerssss! Hahahaha.

    I just ran across this article and thought I would contribute to this lovely thread. Yeah, we are basically slaves in Canada. We have a ”Charter of Rights and Freedoms”, but it’s more of a “Charter of permits” because really, we just have permits that can be taken away at any time (as actually stated in the charter of ”rights” and ”freedoms” believe it or not, I know…fucking absurd).

    Well, after engaging my fellow Canadian citizens in intense debate about the things that are blatantly wrong with this country, I mostly get complacent responses with people who quickly change the subject and simply don’t care. The remark I constantly hear is ”why don’t you just move then and stop complaining?”. Well, I think I am going to take them up on their offer and move. I am currently in the motions of planning a move to Sydney, Australia.

  154. Australia is a western globalists controlled police state as well, not point to run there. They can fine you there for criticizing carbon tax imposed by global fraudsters, google it.

  155. Skimming through the comments (which were more entertaining than the article) I saw a dumb ass who couldn’t spell for balls complain about the lack of universities in montreal ”4 for 3 million people”, a bunch of fresh immigrants complain about boredom for the most part, some American calling us commies because of our health care system (which works so fuck off), and a bunch of other stupid shit that even fellow Canadians were nit picking at. I live in Toronto and have all my life, if I want I can party 7 days of the week 24 hours a day at public places, you just have to know where to go. I can get laid everynight if I want, because the girls here know how to party, If you’re not into that sort of thing than I can go fishing for any type of fresh water fish any day of the year, go hunting in our fabulous outdoors, or go camping in several different locations, if thats not your thing, I can gamble anytime of the day, play poker at various ‘famous’ underground poker joints etc., if thats not your thing, I can enjoy any sport thanks to the 4 full seasons I get, if sports isnt yoru thing either, I can go buy a PS3 for cheaper than most countries and slap it up on a huge LCD or Plasma because theyre also affordable for pretty much anyone here, and play till I puke. If thats not yoru thing either I can go to a local bar and meet friendly people and just hang out. WHat else is there for fun? I dunno… terms of system of Government, Im happy, there are no politically controlled media outlets which are in the publics face everyday….things run smooth and whatever does happen doesnt really affect my life on a day to day basis….so let them do whatever the fuck theyre doing because seems to make me happy as long as it doesnt bother me which it doesnt. the air is actually clean even in toronto….well cleaner than most countries big cities. and yes, hockey is our sport, and we’re damn fucking good at it too. For the most part, after spending 4 years travelling europe Ive come to appreciate our great country, and am proud to live here where things are quiet and peaceful unless you choose otherwise, in which case it can also be found wiuth a bit of searching.

  156. “whatever does happen doesnt really affect my life on a day to day basis….so let them do whatever the fuck theyre doing because seems to make me happy as long as it doesnt bother me which it doesnt.”

    Here ladies and gentlemen is a prime example of your average canadian’s feelings about what’s wrong in this country, a general “meh”. Complacency at its finest. Makes me sick everytime I hear a canadian talk like that.

    So there’s stuff to do in Toronto, what’s your point? To address your other points, no the air is not clean in Toronto, there are constantly smog advisaries. Yes the major media outlets are government controlled in Canada, if you would just read the above comments other people made and examples/proof they gave then you wouldn’t be talking out of your ass. And no things don’t run smoothly on the political scene, it’s fucking chaos and complete, blatant absurdity.

    Get your facts straight before you come on here defending this fascist country.

  157. Every Canadian I ever met was rude and weird. My husband was born in the UK but lived for more than 40 years in Canada, thank God he is out of there now! Multi cultural? sure, every one ELSE´S culture!!! Garlic? ” only the Italians and Portuguese use garlic” That sums up Canada; no spice, no culture, no salt, no soul. How about health care ? where I live, (Europe), I pay €39 euros per month for absolutely total coverage at the very best private clinics, all inclusive, including brain surgery if necessary, and there is not a waiting list… Canada is the most bland and personality – less country (is it a country??) on this planet, period.

  158. Hey Mike, will the Chinese be using better grammar than you? We own 80% of your economy (the most foreign ownership of any developed country), so if we go down, you’re going down too, buddy. You need to read about the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. You’ll be ours soon, buddy. You already are in all but name.

  159. Its hard to take a troll like Nigel seriously when he uses this as his argument;

    “Talk about how you have a culture from one side of your mouth, and how you want one of our NFL teams with the other. CFL is the fourth highest level of football in the world so who can blame you. NFL, UFL, BCS College Football, CFL.”

    Really? Your using Football as a way to tell other haters why the u.s. is better than canada? And Grammer? An American criticising Grammer? Thats is really ironic.

    I think you and the rest of the haters should go get lunch and discuss your insecurites more. Just like a therapy group.

  160. I am with you on how fucking pathetic Canada is, Born and raised in Shit hold Canada. Here for decades and looking to an exit strategy away from this piss hole communist country. Canada is nothing more than a two faced lieing and deceptive system it provides lip service around the world letting people think it is something it is not. The Biggest lie is the government behind the scenes when it comes to it’s people. A fucking police state where the law can kill and dummy up charges on witnesses to cover up the crimes they commit against the clueless Sheep (the public). It is a pathetic British bullshit dictatorship (none of which are real democracies) Down with the bullshit controlling British Empire. Where some 300 years ago some king and queen though it might be a good idea to make the peasants feel like the higher ups are listen to them thus put representative amongst the population MP’s. Where behind the scenes all the MP’s do is act as an early warning system to the higher-up hierarchy. Then the choice to shut the resistant or discontent up so it doesn’t spread across the land and eliminate the power at the top. Guess what the middle east did not adopt the protective early warning system of MP’s thus they will rid the region of the fucked up British System that has fucked so many people around the world for over 700 years. As of Jan 2011 it has the worse health care system in the developed world and still it’s people are kept in the dark. I know so many people that lost everything waiting for health care. Even I lost 22 years of pensions savings and 8 years of income waiting to get a major back/spine surgery that taken 8 years to get. Work related could not get Workers comp or a disability pension why you ask? because what most delusion Canadians don’t realize is that the doctor shortage has left many people without the ability to have a doctor and without a doctor you can not qualify or even submit an application for disability or workers comp. So my fellow Canadians get a fucking life and get educated. The only democracy in Canada is the local elections. All others you vote for a rep who when elected goes to the collective higher up and if the others elected across the country that go to the collective don’t like the Rep you sent guess what they boot them and cancel out your rep and those who voted that person up. Can you say Communism Canada. Hell even the legal system is a big fucking joke. A judge on the bench looking down sees a lawyer representing his client and the Judge thinks Hey that Lawyer is going to be the Judge in a case of my client I am defending in a couple weeks I am going to go easy on him so he will on me in a couple weeks. Buddy system. Or if you get brought up on Murder charges and are actually innocent yo are in the lower or middle class you are pretty much fucked and will be considered Guilty and do some time. The British system is a class based system that fucks anyone trying to move up the classes. Also no law for the law system. Cops kill and beat on the public with no recourse. Hell the government when exposed even in the public eye announces a review and drags it out for years until the public forgets about it and then they sweep it under the rug and Barry it. Canada what a great sheep skin fucking two faced dictatorship.if the USA was not attached by land Canada would oppress it’s people even harder similar to the old USSR.

    Police breaking international law and ripping off ID’s to hide there identity

    Vancouver Police Murder a visitor to Canada at Airport

    London, Ontario

    Hell even me witnessing police beating on some guy in handcuffs not resisting gets me tossed up against the wall and charges dummied up on me. Have to love security camera’s but sadly those cops are still working the beat and immune nothing happens to them. Oh but if someone in the public submits false charges against a person they could serve 5 to 7 years.

    In the end Canada you and your system can go fuck yourselves.

    You want to survive in Canada you are better off joining the underground economy as most Chinese do when they immigrate to the country.

  161. Canada tramples all over Human Rights just does a great job at hiding it through false charges and studies meant to drag out until people forget about it and the issues are swept under the rug. Canada is famous for sweeping issues under the rug after dragging studies out for years. It is just the way to do things like the USSR did but in a different way so the USA doesn’t see the Human Right abuses on the same land mass as they are other wise Canada would get pounced on by the USA. Oh please rid this bullshit British crap that has fucked the world for so long. The Native issue, The Middle East dictators, Africa etc etc etc … Down with all royalty the world doesn’t need pompous pricks anymore.

  162. All in All Canadians need to wake the fuck up and stop being brain washed from what your parents ideals preached that they were sucked into under the Trudeau system of the 1970’s. Sadly Canadians are the stupidest people in the world for when it comes to knowing what the hell is going on in their own country. Hello Knock Knock Wake up!!!

  163. They should shove that taser so far up the officers asses and turn it on. lol

    No the issue will get swept under the rug at a later date as usual.


  165. I live in Winnipeg, this city is most boiring city on planet, theres like nothing to do, so quebec is more fun, if you think even quebec is boiring image how this place sucks

  166. First off you americans think that you are the only ones that exist in your pathetic country. The country that is falling a part and can’t even help it’s poor. You guys owe so much money to all the other countries in the world that one day they are all going to take you over. You complain about Canadians but our economy is doing better then yours. You didn’t know we fought in wars. Are you kidding me? Maybe you should read a book or two instead of being brain washed by all the media in your country. You have no respected anywhere in the world and when I travel I am proud to say I am Canadian and I would never want to be an American.

  167. canada is amazing i dont understand why all you people are getting mad over this, hes just joking about it and its funny to be honest . . you americans are saying we dont get humour well look in the mirror. i have nothing bad to say about the usa but im sure that the other 194 countries have something bad to say about you . and sam, i dont wish i was american (SERIOUSLY!!)

  168. I really do not get all of this hate from the other Immigrants, I moved to Canada 7 years ago, from the growing issues in the USA. Prior to moving to Canada I was a immigrant from Japan. But after living in America I lost all faith and trust with the American way of life. Since being in Canada I have purchased my own home a wonderful 2story 1800sq foot house, how much did I pay for this house you ask $80,000 that is it, how these immigrants can not afford a house is beyond me. Also prejudice job hiring practices do not make me laugh, I came here qualified for my job and got my job, its not a surprise to me that these immigrants like the Latinos right now are having such a hard time. My child is now forced to learn Spanish because these Latinos refuse to learn English, You came here! do not change the system in to which you came. Embrace it. I work at a job site of over 5000 employees and out of them 65% are immigrants. What do i do for work you ask, well i am a Internet Technician, I am paid a hourly rate of $36/hr, and I see you people saying that Immigrants get poor jobs. Well learn English so your employers can use you and your skills effectively. Stop crying about it, and man up and do something about it. Ok so Canada is not like Germany where a Korean electrician can walk up to your boss and say hey I will do his job that your paying him $15/hr I do it for $3/hr we have job security here. To bad if you cant understand this. Also in Canada unlike the USA we do not have a bunch of jack boot nazi’s calling them selves the IRS. Yea it is because of the IRS I left America. I paid $56000 in taxes only to be told that I did not pay and now owed $76000, The hell. and when I took the IRS to court. 3 weeks later myself and family were held at gun point and forced to sign over our house and car to the IRS, you want hell go look for it. If you found it in Canada it is because you went looking for it. Life is great here. My kids don’t have to fear going to school because of the risk of being shot or stabbed. I can leave my front door unlocked at night and not worry about having someone do a home invasion or worse kill us. You really need to do better research before talking about things you do not know anything about. As for those Immigrants that are having a bad experience well you made it that way for yourself. Instead of ruining this country that I have grown to love, just move back home please. It is because of people like you that my taxes go up every year. And my children are forced to learn a language that should not be mandatory in a English speaking country.

    Oh did I forget to mention that the fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, boating, mountain climbing, vast diverse cultural restaurant food is out standing here.

  169. If every Canadian secretly wished they were an american, then why when the american goverment offered every Canadian over the age of 5 $1,000,000USD if Canada would become part of the USA. Why is it that we refused this offer? PLEASE ANSWER THAT ONE FOR ME!

  170. I too have lived in this useless country everything is regulated dont think of even starting a business here the gov’t will sabotage you either with taxes, hidden fees etc. Rent in most cities are soo overpriced some places don’t even have rent control(looking at you atlantic canada). People are so fake it baffless me. I’m an american living in canada cuz college is cheaper then I plan to leave this country is nothing but a joke. Most canadians do not complain about injustice they have very large assholes because they continue to take the ass fucking the gov’t gives them. They are so phony, you get judged based on your skin. I am a visible minority and I went to look for an apartment the superintendent told me it was rented out I inquired about unit 305 only to find out 3 days later she had put up the ad for the apartment on a classified website(kijiji). They will smile in your face and stab you in the back. I could go on and on and on. 2litres of milk will cost u $4. You are taxed on top of tax. Most immigrant come here to have kids so their kids can obtain citizenship then they leech of the gov’t in the form of welfare, which hardworking tax payers have to burden. It is a broken system. A broken society. Discrimination is rampant. I could go on and on. You go to interviews for jobs that have already been filed. Your resume is used as a coffee plate once you leave the interview. Did I mention THIS PLACE SUCKS. Most immigrants are welcomed because they bring in $$$$$, they are treated like cash cows also foreign students are treated so badly, proffessors discriminate. Most profs can’t speak english yet they teach at Masters level. It’s ridiculous. God Luck finding a job here, your better of in Australia. Everything here is a monopoly Air canada is bankrupt, the government controls alcohol so prices are gouged soo high, gas and ciggarrettes are taxed extremely high. Most canadians drive to us cities to fly out of US airport to save on air plane tickets and fees

  171. @The Happy Immigrant

    Nice try. You are the typical asshole Canadian trying one of your world famous phoney/fake acts. Only in Canada, folks. Only in Canada. I know you’re a Canadian and you better not cross the road where I live (luckily no Canadians here) because I will run you over with my car!!

    I lost my youth in that hellhole and I know the situation there. People in Canada are so phoney, so fake, so soul-less, so depressed and so life-less it’s mind boggling. It’s the most boring, depressing country in the world. There’s on life up there.

  172. I read through most of the comments above and I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous arguments against Canada. Most of the facts presented are just wrong..objectively wrong. 10 seconds on google proves this. For example, Canada has a quite a high quality of life ranking and low crime rates..I don’t know how people can think otherwise. Someone even said Canada is too crowded..which is laughable considering it’s one of the most dispersely populated countries in the world. Others claim Canada sucks because the people are “retarded” (intelligent argument there). Those with common sense will realize there are good and bads things about all countries..good and bad people within every country. I can’t understand the extreme hostility that has been demonstrated on this’s somewhat saddening to know such people with blind hate exist. Luckily I think most of the people in world would disagree with the extremists who have found their way onto this forum.

  173. As I grow older, I am coming to the realization that all ‘white’ countries are not worth living in. They are all boring and not to mention very feminine and homosexual.

    I suspect Chinese countries (China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.) are also equally boring.

  174. He’s complimenting Canada by Describing how shit on Americans are. Good Read. Sense of humor is priceless.

  175. Haha, all you Americans are dissing Canada, while in Canada we don’t give a fucking shit what you think because we know that half of your population is made up of rednecks. You people don’t understand how beautiful nature is because you fill your whole fucking country up with factories and cities.

  176. I completely agree with the people against Canada. This country has the most weird douches. I can’t stand them!

  177. Well I am canadian and I have a culture. My family came in 1630 and Im mixed white race. The first settlers were the real canadians if you studied your canadian history. Real canadians dont care about the immigrants it was and is being forced on us. Canada used to be a great nation, but left-wing nuts ruined it and brought in leftist ideas one being multiculturalism which is ruining our country. If you want to meet the nice people in canada go east, thats where Im from- they all share ONE culture and thats called canadian, one religion and thats called christian, 2 main holidays (CHRISTMAS AND EASTER)… dont have to lock your door, people have friends and look out for each other. We now have tons of gangs in canada- ottawa has over 300 alone. This is due to all the nonwhites, alot who are criminals from their home countries. The real canadians are leaving- god knows what will happen to canada in 20 years if this massive 3rd world invasion doesnt stop. Womens rights are in 1850 now in some of the major cities and there is major sexual harassment going on. I hate canada now too Id love to leave. I have native and black CANADIAN friends who all hate it too. NATIVE BLACK AND WHITE CANADIANS dont like the noncanadians-being canadian is a way of thinking its not really a color. There is a huge difference between people born here for a few generations and newcomers from foreign lands (although some immigrants are great and very respectful and nice)…

  178. Folks, if you read what Janice Marquis wrote in the above post, you will understand how white canadians (who are becoming increasingly a minority mind you) feel about immigrants coming to their country. I lived in Canada for some time, the worst place I would say an immigrant can move is to the maritime provinces (New Brunswick, which is probably where Janice Marquis is from judging by her french last name, Nova Scoatia, especially Newfoundland, etc). Canadians are still stuck in this colonial mind set. I would advise any immigrant to forget about coming to this country. You will encounter discrimination and racism in all aspects of society. I have since moved to San Diego, California and life here is much better.

  179. Oh, and to add to my recent post about racism in Canada…just recently the Canadian government was to release a $100 bill. However, shortly thereafter it was cancelled. Why? Well, get this, the woman who was on the $100 looked too “asian” for their liking. So, now they have put on a woman who looks more “white”. I’m telling you folks, there is so much racism on every level in Canada. The whole multi-culturalism sham is a complete lie that is used to get immigrants here, then step on them. If you don’t believe me about the $100, here is a link:

    “Bank of Canada bans image of Asian woman from $100 bill”

  180. Loved the article, so funny! Loved some of the comments a little less, it concerns me that people living in Canada hate it so much, you don’t like it here? GET THE HELL OUT! We open our doors as much as possible for people to come and make a better lives for themselves and all they do is complain and whine about how much better their lives were elsewhere instead of really making a go at a good life here. Seriously it’s not that hard! As a side note to guys who are having trouble picking up hot Canadian chicks? – Maybe you dissing their country of origin isn’t helping your case…

  181. The racism prevalent in Canada – the social and economic isolation/exclusion of non whites – has been instrumental in my departure from that country. Living in Canada felt like I was in the colonial era, the “country” is in developmental stage. I wouldn’t call Canada a developed country, it’s a developing country. The whites in Canada haven’t developed beyond the colonial era and are staring extinction in the face stemming from economic stagnation and declining birthrates. The astronomical cost of living with sub standard quality of life have made the general population miserable and angry. Depression, alcoholism, drug use and hopelessness are rampant in the decaying country. Higher educational attainment remains out of the reach of the average Canadian and those with talent simply leave for greener pastures subsequently leaving the brain-drained country with substantial deficit of quality people. (Just look at what Canadians write on this board and compare the fact that in America CNN alone has half a dozen Canadian journalists.)

    It’s not uncommon to find a city with millions of people with only one or two universities, which cater to foreign students paying higher tuition fees. This decline in educated population has created social problems stymied by economic hardships which fester in the form of racism and group cultivation in major cities. The gutless population lacks the social cohesion necessary to affect political action to change the status quo. Politicians are corrupt, taxes are incredibly high, the economy is service based – lacking innovation and manufacturing, social services are strained and unemployment remains stubbornly high.

    Canada faces fundamental monumental challenges to its existence which it is seemingly unequipped and incapable of remedying. The Canadian way of ignoring problems or sweeping them under the rag or putting a nice spin on it ’til it goes away are no longer viable options for problems requiring serious national security attention.

  182. God! Where do I start? I’ll start with the Canadians in here trying to debunk the literary of how people write and speak in their own way….fuck off! You Canadians (Not all but 99.9%) think because you hear people telling you that your system is better and schools are better and you believe it doesn’t mean shit to anyone in the States. Why are you in here reading mediocre stuff anyway? All the Canadian authors to boring for ya? So you have to step down off your high horse and actually read something from the truth category and now that you know people from all walks of life actually exposed Canada for the most boring place on earth and a very large amount of Canadians thrive on hatred and discrimination and living like sardines in a can. I could go forever about your boring underdeveloped boring night life country but reading all these Canadians saying there are a lot of great nice people in Canada is a BIG FAT LIE!!!! I lived in Canada for 10 years and so glad so glad and so glad I got out!!!

  183. Oops! Correction: think because you hear people telling you that your system is better and schools are better and it doesn’t mean shit to anyone in the States.

  184. Plus….Where in Canada can you eat real good food? Nowhere! They took KFC and took out the tangy recipe for the chicken and now it taste like greasy chicken. A&W in Canada sells boxed meat and dry at that. Mcdonalds, get this people..they have 3 registers and one line because someone might cry if one line moves faster than the other and someone gets their burger faster than someone else. Fucking stupid people! Burger King, OMG! First off their restaurant smells like a chemical factory of cleaning products and then the play area is filthy and smells like dirty old butt crack. I have no love for Canada or it’s hateful people and lazy, complaining, bad attitude, don’t give a fuck attitude. Calgary is the worst city in Canada. Have you been to their Stampede? WHAT A OVER PRICE JOKE! Rides are like 5 bucks a ride and to play at the arcade part is 5 bucks a game to throw 3 darts can you believe this shit!! My son won once and for 5 bucks he got a 99 cent price. I yelled at the vendor and called him a rip off fuck and took my kids out of the Stampede concrete park and went home. We have never been back there again. Canadians are so stupid. It’s like watching a frog being boiled alive and they are to stupid to notice. We in America use our taxes to pay for our happiness and Canadians use nothing and thats why they have nothing fun to do there. Go to Calaway Amusement Park and man! do they have a kiddie park but nothing for the adults. Not one ride there is a tummy tickling event for adults. It’s like walking back 30 years in Canada and they have this hanging on to hatred from the revolutionary war can you believe this shit?!! Someone from another country says jump and Canada says how high. Americans can fuck your country up so bad and take anything we want from you. Canadians have no defense system what so ever, none! This is how Canadian people fight: First they yell at the top of their lungs to make sure everyone knows your American and in that turn walks forward all the pussies that can’t fight on their own. Then a crowd forms full of Canadians then he ( Get This) will try and get you to hit him first. Why? I have no idea. Scared I guess. So I didn’t say one fucking word and waited for him to get into reach and then while he was show boating with name calling I clocked him right the jaw and knocked his ass out on the first punch, not all the way out but he sat on the ground for about 3 minutes and his girlfriend was crying and screaming to call the police. I tried to walk away and thats when the rest of the Canadians tried to stop me and start shit and I pulled out my gun and they ran like scared rabbits. 14 people tried to kick my ass and not one did anything. I tried it their way and fight without the gun and when he lost they couldn’t handle it so I had to do what every true blooded American would do and thats pull out my gun. 14 against one? Yes, Canadians are real tuff till you show them up then they coward like the pussies they really are. Fuck canada and all you stupid fucking Canadians that think their country is all that. Canadian pussies is all I can say!! Canadian Pussies!!

  185. VOICE OF REASON YOU SUCK!! Highways in Canada sucks!! Period!! Traffic is so dense that it takes almost an hour just to get across the city. No major highways in Calgary, it goes around the city and not through it. You are so fucking blind and retarded you can’t even come to the facts that your country is so underdeveloped!!

  186. Hey ALLEN: You stupid fucking brainwashed idiot! You among all your canadian butt buddies in here just proved what everyone is saying. You hateful, bigoted boring piece of shit!

  187. Another thing about Canadians. Especially the ones that criticize people that type what they think is poorly. You say that your education is better than the States and yet you want to compare yourselves to what you consider uneducated people? How fucking intelligent are you really? You make comments that are supposed to hurt Americans but we sit and wonder what gratification can come out of comparing your brain power against what you consider poorly educated Americans? Thats like saying, to your Canadian 3rd graders that they are stupid as shit because you are smarter than them. Which I have no doubt you do. Anytime a Canadian says that Americans are poorly educated just means you are a bigot and a fucking mindless uneducated jerk-off than anyone I know of in the States. I have never in my life growing up in America ever heard of hatred toward Canadians. I came to Canada and the flood gates opened on hatred and bigots from Canadians. There is more love in the States than Canada 1000 times over and more friendly and more fun to be around and living in the States is not dangerous unless your looking for trouble and then I hope you can fight cause we in the States fight one on one and if beat then we dust off our hat and go home. not like you fuckheads in Canada. Cant take a joke, cant take a beating and cant fucking do anything without our permission around the world. We fucking own you Canadians, like I said before, you Canadians are frogs boiling in your own fith!!

  188. In canada they make people think they’re the only country that have schools, transportations, services and “free health care”. In fact even poor countries that are ruled by dictatorship have real full free health care, free university level education, low cost and easy life. On the other hand in canada people work like robots to make money for monsters like companies that suck their money like a vacuum. There is nothing free in canada, even free stuff you need to pay money to get them.

  189. I am a Canadian myself and I was born in Canada. I absolutely wouldn’t say Canada is the best country in the world. To be honest and specific, I wished I wasn’t born in Canada. I hate living a “Canadian life”. why? What Canadians do is work for their own debt and loans like hell. I don’t really care about very high level of education Canadians have. If Canadians think they are smarter than American, they could have been more successful than American. How come there are more riches in the states than Canada(by proportion)? You don’t like to be poor if you are smart, don’t you? What a motherfucking joke, its not about smartness, its about cockiness. I’ll say Canadians are cocky, lack of knowledge in real life and unfriendly.

  190. Wow, it is crazy that this much feedback was generated by a tongue-in-cheek blog post.

    I came here (Toronto area) three years ago from Philly so I thought I’d offer my opinion:

    – Canada isn’t as expensive as everyone here says it is. This depends on your situation but my wife and I make $66k, have two kids and are able to live a comfortable lifestyle (nice suburban house, two cars, etc.). We get help with the cost of our two kids, have never had to pay when going to the hospital, and don’t have to worry about a lot of the things we’d have to worry about in the US.
    – Yes, people may be a bit standoffish and difficult to make friends with, but there is also far less attitude than most US cities. I find people generally polite and mannerly. But my question is, what’s wrong with that? It’s still better than the UK (lived there for a while and people are UNBELIEVABLY unfriendly), in fact I would say Canada is basically halfway between the UK and the US in terms of friendliness. Also, you have to remember that the US is a very socially extroverted country, and most countries in the world just aren’t like that.
    – I laughed when I read that immigrants here are “socially and economically excluded.” Really? You know how many Indians live within a five mile radius of me, have better homes than I do, and drive BMWs? Yes many are working shit jobs because their qualifications aren’t recognized, but there seem to be an equal number who do VERY well for themselves. As for social exclusion, that’s a complicated issue. I can’t say Hispanics are really more easily accepted into social circles in the States than East Indians or other visible minorities are here.
    – On the topic of immigration, which country has implemented more racist laws? Are you honestly going to tell me Canada is somehow more “racist” when the US still has a quota system, and additionally several states have implemented policies that allow police to detain people based on.. skin color.

  191. Canada is a really good country and I don’t see what’s bad about it and it’s not cold for 8 months where did u get that??? Also we have better health care than the USA I am proud to be a Canadian. Also the USA is a great country too:) So for all u people that r writing bad things about Canada and other countries stop doing it’s a waste of ur time and write things that matter

  192. A joint US-Canadian investigation found C$200,000 (£125,600) of cheese and other products were illicitly brought over the border into southern Ontario.

    The smugglers sold large quantities of cheese, which is cheaper in the US, to restaurants, it is alleged.

    The other two men charged were civilians, one a former police officer.

    The Niagara Regional Police (NRP) announced the charges in a news release on Thursday.

    Constable Scott Heron, 39, a member of the NRP, faces counts of conspiracy, smuggling and other violations of customs law.

    Continue reading the main story

    Start Quote
    We get all our stuff legit”
    End Quote
    Pizzeria owner
    Niagara Falls

    Casey Langelaan, 48, a former member of the police force, and Bernie Pollino, 44, a resident of Fort Erie, face the same charges.

    In their statement, Niagara police said an investigation had been ongoing since January 2012. Mr Heron was suspended from the police force in June.

    “The network involved the purchasing of cases of cheese and other food items and transporting these cases into Canada, without declaring the items or paying duty,” police said.

    Once the cases arrived the country, they were distributed to restaurants in southern Ontario.

    The accused allegedly made a profit of over C$165,000.

    The charges come three days after CBC News first reported the force was conducting an internal investigation into cheese smuggling.

    A pizzeria owner west of Niagara Falls told CBC that he had been questioned by police over the issue, but assured them he had not bought any contraband dairy.

    “We get all our stuff legit,” said the restaurateur. “We thought it was a joke at first. Who is going to go around trying to sell smuggled cheese?”

    Only C$20 or 20kg (44lb) of dairy products can be brought into Canada duty free, according to Canadian Border Services Agency spokeswoman Jean D’Amelio Swyer.

    Civil penalties for smuggling can amount to 245.5% the value of the product.

    Canadian cheese prices are higher because of restrictions by the country’s dairy board, as well as tight controls on US imports of cheaper cheese.

    —- Another example of the sad economic situation in Canada. The government is so greedy that they tax their people to death on dairy products, forcing people to import it from the US. Same thing for tobacco. Sad sad sad.

  193. What is the difference between Canadians and Yogurt???

    Yogurt has real culture!!

    For our French friends..the flavour of Yogurt is Sailor or Whore..the only people which had enough “effort” to depart France and slime to the new world.

  194. canadians talk shit about america but will suck a homeless mans dick to move there lol hypocriates

  195. Canada lies to itself and believes it. Canada talks to its self often. Canada begins to fuck you in the ass at the age of one. Canada is not worthy of being called corrupt, and suits the word UGLY better. Canada is a country of dope smokers that are afraid of guns. Canada relies on television for inspiration. Canadian adults are miserable pedestrians, that govern the youth with he said she said lies. Canada is a country that promises fortune, and has no money.

  196. Canadians love to say bad crap about Americans. It’s the only way they feel good about themselves. First they pick a topic and compare themselves with something they have no idea what it is like. Take all the U.S. TV stations off their grid and they are stuck watching canadian reruns that’s been on for over 20 years. Oh yea, I forgot the new show, Little Mosque on the prairie or something. Watched like 5 minutes of it and so freaking dry and idiotic script that goes nowhere. Very bad writers and script. Canada has no culture and they use American culture in music and try to say it’s canadian just like the hockey thing. Indians have been playing hockey since they can remember, on frozen ponds and where ever. Canadians always takes other peoples ideas and try to say it’s their own. They add an extra screw holding a piece of plastic onto a screwdriver and say “Look what I invented!” Same thing with the can-arm thing in space. The idea has been around for centuries and they build a big one and claim it as an invention. Basketball! Are you really believing this crap! I’m surprised they didn’t add baseball and soccer and tennis and mountain climbing and hiking. What a joke that country is!

  197. Okay, I’ll say it here without all kinds of swears and typos that I am an American, living in Canada at the moment as I have been for over a year and a half, and to visit would be fine, but I cannot stand living here. This country is dull to say the least, the nation itself has no real sense of national identity and many of the people here try to be patriotic mostly by attempting to convince themselves that they’re better than the United States – instead of achieving their own sense of greatness like any other country. Honestly, it’s like Canada is the jealous little brother of the United States, even going so far as to get a sense of national pride from this mythical victory they insist they achieved over us in the War of 1812 – a war that wasn’t even fought between the U.S. and Canada, but the U.S. and England, which ruled Canada at the time…

  198. Canada is a fucking sick joke and an embarassment to western civillisation ( america is STILL worse)

    you know what really depressess me about canada? the liberalism, multicultrualism, the hoplessly low fertillity rate, the lack of idneittiy, the mindless increasingly race-ed mix dumb-fuck aging population that infest’s this land.(then the same could be said about americans) the usa and cananda will be just like latin america in half a century, ugly raced-mix non-western third world shitholes full of race-mixed colourd people and ugly indians and negros and other trash run by wanna be white lighter skinned race-mixed brown people and a retarded culture corrupted by cultural marxism and exposure to inferior non-white cultures. white cananda is dying, white canadians are brainless fucktards who are all to happy to let these fucking third world colourd hords flood into their country and turn it into another worthelsss dirty thrid world colourd infested shithole with a dirty culture and worthelsss garbadge gene pool. we should have killed the fucking savage indians when we had the chance, but no, we had to put these fucking sub-humans on reservation instead and give them special status and allow them to have a voice in the government and media and culture and allow race mixing to be legal. way to cananda you fucking tard, your just like mexico(or you will be soon enough) . I can’t wait to move to Europe where the population is white and pure and clean and the culture and gene pool is un-corrupted by contact with/influcne of with dirty third world colourd savage backwater cultures. the vast majority of white canadians are fucking braindead retards who are happy to let their country deteriorate and become a shithole third world communist nation full of indians( natives AND actual indians from india, both are repulsive) blacks, ruled by raced-mix’dwannabe-white brown fucktards( just like in latin america, light skinned hipsanics are NOT fucking white, your either a full blooded European or your a diirty race-mixed mut you fucking latin american retards, I understand there are actual white people in latin america who don’t have a drop of negro, indian, asian, jewish, arab, or any corrupting blood in their gene pool, but their a tiny minority, and what white in their right mind would want to live as a minority among ethnic garbadge, pitty the poor white’s of argentina & uruguay.) as well as negors, jews, muslims, east asians and other sub-human trash. all while struggling to keep an average of 2 kids per family, of course canandians women are brainwashed by femisnim and don’t see having children and contributing to the survivial of their civillisation as more important than being a degenerate parasite on society. canada is of course a champion for political correctness/cultrual marxism the world over, whenever a western nations needs an exmaple on how to self-destruct and become a corrupt race-mixed multicultrual pile of shit with a leftist indoctrinated braindead fucktard population just look to canada for a role mode. of course for every critcism of this rotten anti-white cultrual marxist hellhole the same can be apllide to the us ten-fold. mexico’s already a third world pile of shit, because the spanish thoguht it would be a good idea to race-mix with the savage backwater indian fucktards(azteks, myans ect) that they had just conquered and put down(instead of wiping them off the face off the earth like they should off) and then consider the filthy race-mixed offpsrings to be white and spanish creating a degenerate population of racial trash with a corrupted form of the spanish language and culture polluted by the dirtiness of the indians, same process was repeated throguhtout latin america, the portuguess made the exact same mistake and brazil is a filthy corrupt “mud” country just like its neighbours as the price of that fatal mistake.. the usa and cananda will be just like the rest of the america’s in 30 years tops. I can’t wait to get the fuck out of north america and return to my ancestral Europe where I belong. I won’t be looking back when I say goodbye to this piece-of-shit continent. good bye north america, and good fucking riddance, enjoy your slow demise, I’m leaving this sinking ship and not looking back

  199. Remember someone calling someone else coming from a THIRD world country???? Guess what we will be shortly!!!!

  200. I came to canada 3 years back just for my graduation..!! i dont have one perspective about canada… it is very beautiful country with amazing natural lakes and stuff..!! But basically this is the only thing i liked in 3 years..!! people smile, say words like thank you and welcome (a lot) but this is max you can except from people here..!! i liked tim horton.. all i do for weekends is watch a movie in a theater or sit in a coffee place..!(dont drink, smoke… not a hockey person either..) transportation system is very good..!! food is good..!! it looks pretty when it snows but after some while everything around is just white..!! i would say canada is a good option for a short trip once in a while for one’s who need break from heavy schedule (most of the canada very quite most of the time)..!! rest every country has flaws..!! live what suits your personality..! if you dont care about people around you and you mind your own business and you are quite person who doesn’t want much changes in your life style + is also happy with saving money just enough to have one short holiday in a year(cant save much with lots taxes and stuff)… this place will be heaven for you..!!

    i will surely visit canada once in a while for a quite summer but i am too outgoing and vibrant to stay here forever..!!

  201. Alex, this was post awesome. Unfortunately, as you as you can tell, there’s a bunch of over-zealous patriotic crybabies that just don’t get it. Canada welcomes you, and your American cynicism anytime. Just remember, you have to go up on the map to get here, eh? Hehehe…

  202. Americans have 400,000,000 people and Canadians try to compare themselves to that? Not all Americans are fat and I know just by the population we have, that Americans have more physically fit people than Canada has. Funny how Canadians say Americans are stupid but coward away from coming to our country and starting a war they can’t fight. Canadians are the stupid one’s. Canadians believe anything another Canadian say’s. It could be about popsicles and beaver shit and they would jump for joy. Yep, Canada is the most boring place on earth!

  203. “pompous assholes like this who think anyone gives a flying fuck about syntax and grammar on a dumb blog. he’s another shining example of lame loser canadians and typical of the smug self-satisfied pasty-faced spermless and dickless wonders who populate Canada from one end to the other. go back to fucking Europe you monkey-jizzed twat, because no one gives a fuck that you exist other than to remind you that you’re a scab on the asshole of existence, if even that:”

    Nothing describes CanaDUH better than the above statement. These people are cold, miserable and complain a lot. People are depressed and sad, and yet so delusional that they think they’re the best in the world.

    I didn’t think it was possible; but Canada butt sucks AND blows!
    This was a golden moment! I love this guy!! Well said!

  204. Canada sucks for years they have been accepting immigrants because every year canada is loosing citizens to the states. No one but no one wants to live here health care sucks even third world countries provide better health care then canada does. My friend has been trying to get her son to see a psychiatrist because he has ADHD and she was told that the waiting period is 1 year unless her son is suicidal. There is no preventive care half the doctors cannot help the patients because some stupid office people intervene. Oh also they are proud of their public transportation even though it is awful because they have not seen any other country.The goverment is ripping everybody off

  205. I hate to say it but Canada cost me my marriage. I was very depressed the day we moved here (it was my husband idea and I left everything for him) but now my husband wants to separate and he said he won’t follow me to Europe. He is well aware that he pays taxes that are too high but he prefer to stay here as he is from Morocco and North Africa is not that great (the food is good and there is a culture but don’t dare raising your voice about injustices). Canada is for the rich or those who have a business. From my own experience, I didn’t care about having friends, I did invite people over for dinner, they never invited me and cooked for me like I did. I just wanted a job and raise a family, but to this day I have none,no job,no family and no friends. In the US, they do have problems with their daily shootings etc..but at least they are friendly (but not friends). Since I speak English with an accent and don’t like hockey and prefer Mcdonald’s coffee to Timmy’s, I guess I will never have really sincere good friends.

    This country is great if you are born here, you can say what you want but financially it ruined us and I didn’t want to bring a child here,I knew I would have to have lots of money for him/her to have activities (sports, music or else),that’s what we call quality of life in Europe.

    When looking for employment, I have to admit (I hate to say this) I faced discrimination and I thought those things were dealt with a long time ago. How sad! The person told me they hire once I spelled my name, she then said she is not sure. Europe is no better in the discrimation field. Now I have to deal with a separation and start all over again….
    My life has been messed up with this move but each person may and can have another opinion.It’s what we live in the country and the circumstances that make us love or hate the place. I don’t hate this place,I guess I am not lucky, I have no family here and my husband doesn’t either.
    I know this blog posting was a satire but I wanted to share my experience.

  206. From Ottawa. Wish I had met this guy.
    To anyone who actually hates Canada, but does not live here, conserve your energy. No one gives a shit what you think about a place you know next to nothing about. But if you are like Super Dude, come visit anytime!!! We will eat Beavertails, smoke a spliff on Parliament Hill and you WILL LIKE IT.

  207. “Said” and anyone else who wants to bitch about Canada: Watch your fucking mouth because that kind of talk in public will get you beaten up badly, especially in Quebec. You are mostly complaining about Montreal, know that MTL is its own very unique city, it doesnt compare to anywhere else in the country, so most of your compliants are bullshit. Canada welcomes immigrants, but anyone that moves here expecting roads paved with Gold and free everything you will be sorely dissappointed. Canada is a competitive Capitalist society where you make your own road by walking it. If you fail to succeed, there is really nobody else to blame but yourself. Taxes are not that high, but you get social services and cheap unversity as part of the deal.

    I am not interested in saying why Canada is better than anywhere else, but Lebanon? Are you fucking kidding me? Lebanon is a failed state held hostage by Hezbollah, an Iranian Paramilitary front for the Iranian fucking army. Go back to Lebanon you stupid shit, then get shot, kidnapped executed for showing your hair in public or just live in real poverty for a while.
    If Canada has one problem it is that we continue to let these inbred middle eastern goatfuckers come here when they completely fail at life. Just about anyone else does well, on average. So Siad, tell us how Canada has prevented you from living a happy life again?
    As far as the US goes, the people who trash americans are usually hipsters, or teenagers and they generally say the same things about the US that American Hipsters do.

  208. Thank you, Mohamed, for making it so clear and concise about the reality of life in Canada. It was an honest description of life in Canada for so many people.

    8. Discriminatory and Dishonest Immigration System.

    Immigration to Canada is based on a point system, obtained with your education, qualifications and job experience. Points are good enough for immigration, but in Canada, they are not good enough to get a job in your field. Amazing, how the credentials that qualify you to come to Canada are the same credentials that don’t qualify you for your profession in Canada. The reason is, Canada only wants immigrants to do the labor jobs – pizza delivery, driving taxis, factory work etc.

    7. Out Of Control Cost Of Living.

    From rent, to utility bills, to shopping, to phone, internet and cable bills, to gas, to car insurance, to eating out, to basically anything you have to pay for or buy, the cost of living in Canada has become astronomical. Recent immigrants are astonished as to how expensive everything is. It is estimated that compared to most countries around the world, the cost of living in Canada is on average five times greater.

    6. Health Care Crisis.

    Practicing physicians in Canada are in a shortage, 1 in 4 Canadians cannot get a family doctor. Canadian doctors are leaving to move permanently to the United States. Statistics Canada and the Canadian Medical Association both have identified that for every 1 American doctor that moves to Canada, 19 (nineteen) Canadian doctors move to the United States! Doctors in Canada are overworked and underpaid, and there is a cap on their salaries.

    5. Very High Taxes.

    Yes, you have the GST, the PST, totaling 15%, on practically everything you purchase and many other taxes taken out of our weekly paycheck. You have to pay a whopping amount to the government, out of your hard earned salary, so that the government can turn around and give it to beer drinking, hockey watching welfare bums. Fair? It does not matter, it’s Canada.

    4. Money Hungry Government.

    Canadian Embassies around the world lie to foreigners, painting this picture that Canada is Utopia, because they want them to come to Canada. Why? Because foreigners bring money! So after being deceived, these foreigners come. They must bring with them at least $10,000. Canada has an immigration quota of 250,000 per year. So please do the math, 250,000 multiplied by $10,000 each equals a whopping 2.5 Billion dollars that Canada gains from immigrants every year.

    3. No Culture.

    Unlike almost every other country in the world, Canada has no culture. Actually American culture is what dominates Canada. When was the last time you had some ‘Canadian’ food? There are no Canadian traditions and there is no national identity. What does it even mean to call yourself a ‘Canadian’. . .nothing really. People living in Canada, still identify themselves with the country they ‘originally’ came from.

    2. Worst Weather.

    Yes, Canada has the worst weather conditions of any country in the world. Freezing cold temperatures, snow, ice, hail, winds, storms etc. From the Prairie provinces to the Maritimes, from the Territories to southern Ontario, the weather is so horrific and disgusting that many Canadians leave Canada simply because of this reason alone.

    1. No Jobs.

    Yes, coast to coast, there are no jobs. Immigrants are highly qualified (MD’s, PhD’s, Lawyers, Engineers etc.) but they are driving taxi cabs, delivering pizza’s or working in factories. Even people with bachelors degrees from Canadian Universities cannot find jobs after graduation. This is the tragedy associated with immigration to Canada. I feel sorry for those immigrants who are stuck in Canada for the rest of their lives. It is indeed a very sad and hopeless future.

  209. An immigrant’s experience in Canada:

    The Canadian government solicits potential immigrants and dupes them into bringing their skills and money to Canada. It advertises the country to people from other countries, mainly for their money; each prospective economic immigrant has to bring with them minimum $10,000. It’s a scam but then again so is everything else in Canada. When the Canadian govt is engaged in such a scam you can only imagine the extent to which the average Canadian individual is also involved in a scam of their own to survive, everything from phoney govt jobs to independent immigration consultants. Every Canadian is involved in some kind of a scam. Fraud is a way of life in Canada and you have to do your part just to pay the bills to extortionist utility, rent, insurance companies, etc. If you come with the mentality – as immigrants erroneously do – that this is a developed country and expect an efficient and competent system you will be greatly mistaken: Malfeasance is the call of the day in Canada.

    Since the country’s economy largely depends on service, and Canada no longer a manufacturing country, the best show in town in terms of gainful employment is a govt job. That requires “networking” – code word for FAVORITISM in Canada – forget about best qualified person getting the job. In many respects Canada is a developing country. There’s a disconnect between the political class and the average person (which explains the immigration disaster, among other common fundamentally flawed and corrupt practices).

    Canadians are cold and standoffish. Nothing happens and everybody keeps it to themselves. It’s the most socially inept country in the world. Since it’s socially dead country one becomes accustomed to abnormal behavior. Canada lacks national identity and national culture. Subsequently everyone identifies with the country of their parents or great parents’ origin. Forget about assimilation and adapting to Canada, you cannot assimilate and adapt to an unreceptive environment. Consequently racial attitudes are behind 30-40 years, say the United States. Which is really unfortunate because the country’s population is aging at an incredible rate, and the average immigrant stays for a few years and eventually leaves. (40% of all immigrants to Canada at any given year leave so within a few years – Statscan.) To augment this the govt typically brings in even more people. There’s a continuous flow of “new” arrivals filling the position of those who have come and gone.

    Major cities, namely Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, are decaying socially and economically. Heavy drinking, drug use and other social problems are rampant along with crumbling infrastructure. But people in Canada don’t discuss issues of national importance, they lack coherent objective national discourse. People complain and say what they think they’re supposed to say, or, more accurately, say what they think will make them sound smart. Whether inferiority complex or other social deformity, people in Canada dislike constructive criticism and altruism. They remain risk averse to a fault, so problems fester. Everyone simply prefers to pretend everything is nice and dandy.

  210. Most of this is true and it is even worse than this “visitor” thinks. Healthcare is worse than 3rd world. You get what u paid for! It’s not cleaner than most other countries. Lots of apartments condos have roaches and bed bugs! Not much landscaping, old buildings not maintained or upgraded yet very expensive. Crowded with too many people living in 1 house it room or in musty basements. Very High Tax on everything. Expensive subway system with lots of homeless. Very expensive to afford shopping or entertainment. Grocery food is cheap so u can eat n stay alive in a shot hole and live a substandard life and that’s Canada!

  211. why do you think so many Canadians live outside of Canada?

    They are the weirdest and rudest and souless people I have ever met, and unfortunately, I am married to an in your face, rude, Canadian immigrant, who thinks it is the best country in the world. Which of course he lives in Spain.

  212. OK I will admit that some of these criticisms are warranted but others are WAY off base, and others are just plain ridiculous. I am convinced many of these people live in Toronto and other areas in the GTA, which I will admit is kind of a messed up place socially and in basically every other way. I’m also convinced that many of these people wrote four or five comments pretending to be other people, and for every negative comment I can point to an equal number of positive comments from people that have move here and like it. It’s not perfect, far from it, but it’s not as bad as you people make it out to be. By the way, I fail to see how many of these criticisms can’t be equally applied to many American cities.

  213. I was practically all around the world. and I found Canada is the worse place I know specially Toronto. You have to be a stupid slave to live here. No good people or at least I didn’t met. I love Europe the last place to live. I have to be here for my children another few years until they become major.
    Here every body cheat every body. The government control the knowledge and what you buy. You are a ass hole slave to live here.

  214. I’ve lived in this country for about 15 years now, specifically in London, Ontario. Before this I lived in Ecuador and had a good job as an accountant, but was offered more money as an accountant in Canada through the embassy in my home town in Ecuador. I jumped at the opportunity thinking that Canada was going to be a great country to live in- but little did I know. My impression of Canada, or more specifically Ontario (all the same shit anyway, different package), is that this is a land of thieves. I am not talking about low level, criminal theft and crime (which there is a lot of also), but about how the system, laws, and government is organized. Allow me to explain what I have observed. Let us start with taxes. Everybody knows how insanely high taxes are in Canada, trust me, you haven’t seen nothing until you’ve experienced the gouging on a personal level. The price for commodities keeps on rising by the year. The government slaps on taxes and fees on everything you can imagine. Another thing I experienced is the way that insurance companies are set up here. Let me start off by saying that insurance companies are VERY powerful in the province of Ontario and most other provinces in the country. What I mean by that is that the insurance lobby and bureau in Canada has basically bought the government, lawmakers, and judges and has them in their back pockets. What they have essentially been able to do is influence the law to make insurance MANDATORY for ALL drivers in Ontario. The price for an insurance policy is ridiculously high. The penalty for not having insurance is VERY severe. People basically pay for insurance, and have nothing to show for it. A lot of drivers are afraid to make claims with their insurance companies in fears that it would raise their premiums. Others don’t bother as their deductible is too high. It is highway robbery folks, very blatant too. Same goes for home insurance and other types of ludacris insurances you purchase. To add to the thievery, every single practitioner in Ontario, whether it be an eye doctor, dentis, mechanic, contractor, will charge you more if you have insurance coverage (so they can gouge the insurance companies) and they will charge you less if you don’t have insurance coverage. Thieves stealing from thieves, everyone else are victims.

    Well, I will wrap this up by saying that I am finally leaving this country. I am catching a plane tomorrow to go back home to Ecuador to celebrate Christmas with my family. All the paper work is finalized, I am finally out of here.

    I could go on and on by the way about the things that stink about living in Canada, but I’ll stop here. The people above have made some very valid points. If you think about moving here, think again. Sure, every country has its positives and negatives, but to me personally, Canada’s negatives outweighed the positives.

  215. I’ve lived in Canada my whole life, but I can only speak for Vancouver.

    People in Vancouver are the most fake people I’ve ever come to know; they love to act like they’re busy, but all they’re really doing is sitting at home watching tv. It seems as though our culture is nothing more than beer, hockey and ‘not’ being American. It bothers me how us Canadians love to belittle Americans, and act as though we’re better than them. You’ll notice messages above, of Canadians pointing out grammatical errors of others to belittle them. This is a blog, not a thesis paper to be published, so I beg my fellow Canadians to stop saying that to people, specifically Americans. We can call Americans ‘ignorant’ all we want, but the truth is some of greatest minds of today, such as Michio Kaku, hail from the United States.

    On the flip side, Canada is a gorgeous country. If you love nature, like I do, you will find yourself amazed by some of our beautiful scenic spots. That is not to say other countries don’t have beautiful places, but it’s only fair to point out what’s good, as well as what’s bad.

    I really hope I haven’t offended my fellow Canadians, but this is simply how I feel, and of course I speak in generalities. I do understand there are some very good people in Vancouver, but the majority of them, I feel, are cold, rude, and unfriendly. I don’t think you’re stupid if you don’t agree with me, as we’re all entitled to our opinions. There will always be ignorant comments, but it’s not right to fight fire with fire. If someone says “Canada sucks balls!” or anything else like that, just ignore it, and if someone does write a completely negative post about Canada, don’t insult them for it; as Canadians we claim to be friendly, tolerant people, and we should live up to that great image.

  216. BTW – regarding the article, I know it was satirical, but thought I’d just give my humble opinion regarding my view on Canada, or Vancouver at least.

  217. Because almost all citizens of the United States are monolingual, learn nothing at their “schools” and know close to nothing, they should not be let in into any country anywhere in the world without a mandatory visa, a criminal background check, a copy of their laptop’s harddisk, a fingerprint and iris scan and an entrance fee.

    And yes, the U.S. charge tourists a mandatory entrance fee right at the border.

  218. ^ I don’t see how that would help anyone, and as I mentioned, many Americans are very smart; many of them are bilingual, and many of them are wealthy. So what’s the benefit of them them having money? Well, when they visit other countries, they spend it there, which benefits everyone. I don’t see how subjecting all American citizens to your visa obligations would help anyone. It seems you’re simply a very anti-American person, most likely from Europe, because if you were Canadian you wouldn’t so firmly, and confidently state “the U.S. charge tourists a mandatory entrance fee right at the border.” because they do not charge us Canadians anything. I suggest you try not being so hateful. I understand it can be difficult at times when reading the news, and seeing the exploitation’s the United States causes on 3rd world countries, but you must also understand that it’s the elite that are part of that. Average Americans aren’t the ones causing those problems. Take care

  219. I think in both case that the people talking shit about the other country are just some fat retarded pussies that spend to much time in front of computer. Who gives a fucking shit which country is better. Stop hating and get a life, please!

  220. I am Rose from the previous post where I talk about my experience. I will say that London Ontario is the shittiest place on Earth. Young people burning cars etc… Like the man from Ecuador, I understand why he left London.

  221. Sorry about your trip, eh! If you are ever this way again, I along with the rest of the city would like to buy you a pint!

    Thanks for the laughs!

  222. Canada is boring. It is. Nothing wrong with that. Its better than war or famine which so many countries are infected with. But there is not any sense of excitement or joy or passion here. People limp along, cold and dull waiting to cash in on their health care benefits (that are actually not free as we are taxed to the nines) and meanwhile bragging to americans that they are better than them when americans don’t give an iota of shit.

    People can say what they want, but Americans are 100 percent friendlier, more dynamic, more innovative and easier to talk to than smug, self satisfied, boring, stuck up people up here.

    Its what you want. If you want to have a quiet life, enjoying mountains or something and congratulating yourself nonstop, by all means live in canada. But if you would like a life where you can meet people, talk about ideas, have passionate discussions, get more for your money, have the luxury of experiencing local home grown good innovative music and shows, you’re probably better off living somewhere else.

    Canada is still very much a backwater, culturally speaking. All of our best and brightest go elsewhere to make it.

  223. AND

    ps. we know it was a satirical article from an american who actually likes canada. I’m just so sick of all the bullshit “canada is so clean and perfect and forward thinking” shit without any reality of the truth.

  224. Nick,

    You are one realistic Canadian individual I must say. A Canadian that actually knows stuff and not regurgitate CBC-fed propaganda is incredibly rare. People in that country are brainwashed in the same way communist nations are brainwashed. It’s unreal.

    Life in Canada is suited for old people still stuck in the colonial era. If you’re young, social, adventurous, ambitious and not content with stagnation and socially awkward society then Canada is NOT the place for you.

    Why do people live in such a miserable place?

    Canada’s selling point is that “Its better than war or famine which so many countries are infected with”. So you shouldn’t and couldn’t live there unless you face death.

  225. Slandervich knows zilch. Drive your car across the border into ME and pay a fee. Yes, Canadians also have to pay an entrance fee to the zoo in the South.
    The yanks see Canada as their colony, just like poor PR.

  226. I am a US citizen living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I can tell you that from what I have observed about Canadians, is that come winter time, they flood by the hundreds of thousands into Florida. I did a bit of research and found out that in 2010, 3.1 million Canadians had visited my state. I don’t mind them here, quite to the contrary, they help our economy out by spending thousands of dollars while here on vacation. They mostly go to escape the winter. I talk to a lot of Canadians who tell me that they wish they could move to my state of anywhere warmer. Millions of Canadians leave their country every year to go somewhere warmer (Primarily the US, Mexico, Cuba, and other carribean destinations). Which sort of makes you think, wow, the climate in Canada must REALLY be depressing. Canadians to me seem to be really unhappy with their climate back home, which has made me dub them “climate refugees”. I think a lot of Canadians would leave their country for good to live somewhere warmer- given the chance. Anyway, my two cents.

  227. Canadian society right now is like random mix up or all fruits from around the world ,and somebody is trying to make good wine from it.No proportion ,no reception ,just crazy experiment.Right now it is going through
    fermentation process and it stinks.Nobody know what taste will be of the final product.,when clarification process is finalized.Good luck ,Canada….but observing it I have a lot of doubts.I tell you when I am flying back to Canada from Europe,I try to enter plane the last,because when I see the canadian multiculture ,the way they present themself ( behaviour,trashy dress,overweight and so on…) I am getting really sick and ,ashamed .

  228. The overweight canadian females are so ugly(majority) that they can’t find a man and have only one alternative :to sleep with each other.The problem is growing fast.On other side regular looking man is chased by some fitness monster male who wants to be his lover.Very scary country for just regular people to live in….. If you want to live among normal people-it is a time to fuck out of here-the sooner,the better………..!!!!!

  229. I live in canada, its actually really shitty if you live in a liberal urban area. There was a drive by infront of my old house, the Vietnamese neighbours across the street got busted for a growop, and about 12 houses down the street some black crack house got busted and some guy was caught with a kilo of coke and an illegally obtained hand gun. Canada’s only nice if you live in a nice area, like the rest of the world. Only difference is that other people realize that their country mostly sucks, canadians are in denial.

  230. Actually I like Canada and Canadians too but am very pissed off how I was treated by the Canadian Border jerkoffs. I was driving a Big Rig going into Canada just above New York entry called Waterton. First time I’ve been to Canada as an over the road truck driver. I figured I had a good record no problems with the law. It should be no problem….WRONG. While I was in the waiting area Border Patrol (BP) come in and handcuffed me. WHY? I had a vitamin herb supplement called “Co-Q-10. You can get it anywhere in America. It is an enzyme used for metabolism and energy. THEY said it was a Illegal Steroid and an almost full bottle was an offense AND told me that Aleve was illegal. Yes, the Aleve you can buy at Kmart next to Tylenol. Plus they said my Campbells Beef soup may contain Mad Cow disease and they threw that away. I was frisked and they tore my truck apart. I argued but they treated me like a criminal. After about 7 hours of this mistreatment, I had to use the restroom. They would not let me use it. I REALLY had to go badly. At this point I flipped out. I no longer cared about the consequences. I was prepared to go “postal”. I told them I was going to piss right there on the floor and demanded a lawyer NOW. They told me I’m not under arrest. Then I screamed either fucking arrest me or let me the fuck go. I was ready to go ballistic. “Get me a fucking attorney for detaining me or let me go now”. After 8 hours I was finally allowed to enter Canada. One more thing. While at the crossing, before all this happened, the old lady BP Guard in the shack, she looked like Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies, asked me, “if I have ever been in Canada”. I told her “no”. She then stuck her tongue out at me. I swear to God. So yes maybe Canadians are a bunch of assholes. They can come and go here as they please. They can buy U.S. land and property. And after the ill treatment and humiliation for extremely petty and FALSE charges I say to you Canadians FUCK YOU.

  231. canada has nothing to offer immigrants seriously you will only spend your money and waste your life away. Canadians will never accept you to them you are and will always be a second class citizens. Pls heed my advice, think twice about canada.

  232. I’m Canadian and I’d like to give my 5 cents. (I’d give my two cents but we don’t have pennies any more.) I know that some of the arguments are justified but I think a lot of you are over reacting. Let’s start with taxes, I’ll admit our taxes are higher, when I went to the states I was shocked at how cheep stuff was, but I think free Heath care is a fair trade.

    It being know fun here is a mater of opinion, personally I know a lot of fun stuff you can do where I live. (London Ontario)

    Now you all say Canada has no culture, frankly I have to disagree I can think of lots of Canadian movies, (Juno, Pashendale) music, (High Vally, Justen Biber) and food. (Poutine) Also all you who say that the only culture Canada has is from it’s immigrants, that’s kinda the point. You know tha term “the great American melting pot” for Canada it’s a mosaic we want you to keep your culture.

    That’s all I have to say, I tried to keep it as unbiased as possible, is you disagree, well I’m sorry for causing you distress and you don’t have to come back if you dislike it here that much.

  233. Me again. Canada used to be a great nation where all got along, the natives, blacks and whites and the few asians who were here. Now its a 3rd world nightmare and very racist. The racism is mainly from the newcomers who bring their third world culture and rudeness with them and some are very very demanding I can give u so many examples- they want everything yesterday and for FREE if they can get it and they are very aggressive. We have hundreds of ethnic gangs that did not exist pre massive third worl d invasion………..funny the east coast has no gangs and there are few immigrants so what does that tell you! Whites are the most accommodating of all races with give these people everything under the sun including a townhome for 125 bucks a damn month- free healthcare, paid taxis, even paid baby strollers and they treat us like crap! So how can someone say whites are racists there is no other country in the world where people get all these free stuff plus they get to apply for govt jobs just like a local born citizen can, u cant do this in many countries in the world not USA, not carabbean- not germany- they have protection laws for their jobs…….as for the comment on the food sucks YOUR RIGHT on that!! KFC we just ordered this week it is owned by a china man- they burned the chicken and undercooked the fries and tried to get the tip before I had the order in my hand! (see chinese customers dont tip at all and east indians are very cheap too but thats for another day!!)…………they also dont give u napkins, ketchup or sale or the lemon napkin that is famous for KFC as they are TOO CHEAP to supply it. I know so many canadians they refuse to order KFC now its rotten they dont know how to cook it and are too cheap and service sucks!…………I could go on and on I have iranian friends they used to love canada when it was more white now they hate it too- toronto is a nightmare and very unsafe- the somalis dont work a day in their damn life have 3 wives and collect 3 welfare cheques each and they get housing for almost free and alot are into drugs and gangs…….they are tribal shitheads…………everyone hates them!!!!

  234. and now in ottawa there were 49 swarmings since January all ethnic gangs targeting people alone of any race………beat the shit out of them, steal their money and cell phone etc…………..women cant go out at night anymore Im in ottawa but the other big cities its the same or even worse.

  235. more reasons why canada now sucks: multiculturalism foced down our throats against our will, the highest immigration in the world when there is no need for hardly any immigrants since we have 2.5 million unemployed, hiring a foreign person over a local skilled canadian for cheaper labor and stabbing your neighbor in the back as you are putting them out of work or their son or daughter, sup porting a liberal party who are the anti-christ and a bunch of lying thieves who keep giving themselves massive raises and la ying off everyone else, a bus driving making 100000 a year in ottawa, the shelters filled with white and n ative males and no one cares that immigration has put them there, english and born here are being repressed and not being hired due to racist liberal policies, womens rights going back to 1850 thanks to moslem and indian cultures (and chinese)…………………must I go on………………!!

  236. Rather than use the talented pool of immigrants to strengthen themselves in the global market place, they will consider you as potential hiring material only after you have lost the sparkle, enthusiasm and “new blood” you bring in from outside.

    Canadians dont care about anything that is not Canadian. I used to think this was an American trait but the Americans are way more open minded than the Canadians.

    The more experienced and more educated you are the worse off you will be here. If you are in your early 20’s or so maybe there is a chance you have enough time to make it.

    Most immigrants come here and squander away their life savings yet many Canadians resent them as they think that they are on Welfare or getting everything free. During the many months here, I haven’t received anything free from Canada except my flu shot, yet I am contributing to the economy through my expenses. And the prices here are so high, it hits you in the solar-plexus. I have travelled extensively so I do know what I am talking about.

  237. this is for the Alien

    for the white trash this Alien whore is any Asian prostitute who came in Canada to suck the white trash cock

    like all this Asian prostitutes who gets false student visas to enter Canada to be massage and sex workers all over the country
    and they say i am international student

    about Canada since the Gov start to bring in trash indians muslims and chinese Canada became worst and worst

    indians doess all the cheaper jobs as KFC Tim Hortons working at TD bank and CIBC Bank taking the Canadian jobs

    muslims come in the country to use polygram system for the Gov support the multi wives they have

    the poor Italians Portuguese and Spanish works harder on construction industry they work under 20 and 30 mines on cold weather
    and when the job is done Gov of Canada deport them all with no shame on return and give them a new life to stay in Canada

    Asian hookers from all over Asia coming in Canada to be sex workers and Gov of Canada feel sorry for them to be sex workers and exploited
    each Asian prostitute makes $160 for each client they have 3 and 4 client a day they earn over $500 a day on prostitution life and Gov of Canada feel sorry for them

    Asian women are the worst and nasty whores in Canada what they do is sex work to survive you don’t will see Asian women working at Tim Hortons KFC housekeeping cleaner you only see Asian women walking around the city with lost of money and with business

    well no more to say

  238. Wow I am a white canadian who is the real canadian by culture here 400 years I cant believe the above comment. I do feel sorry for the earlier immigrants who came and worked their butts off but the longer u go back the harder they worked and the poorer they were (irregardless of race)……imagine how hard my ancestors had it half of them froze to death or died from disease back in 1630…. no medicines etc. Im shocked about what you say about asian girls but they chose to come to canada our govt doesnt force them to come here. Alot of asian women are quite rich and from what I understand the ones here are the leftovers from asia who cant get good jobs there or study there so they come here. Your right about the moslems all they do is make babies and live off the system with 3 wives each and they tend to be the meanest immigrants very aggressive and rude and they opening hate us. I had one old moslem lady come up at the bus stop and hit my arm and her daughter was there and I told her daughter what she did and he daughter started screaming at me like I was cra p and defending her stupid mother (who knew no english) and her daughter tried to call me a RACIST imagine that!! I said you should teach your mother how to behave in public then she went on to say ITS OUR COUNTRY TOO and I said she was not invited to my country by my people….the somalis are rotten too they are very nasty they have never worked in their lives, they live of ripping off people, crime, welfare, they have a few wives each and each wife gets a townhome here (so do most newcomers who come from poor countries and they only pay 125 a month). If your white and born here you never get a house and if you dont have kids u get nothing! Even if you had to come from another province as there is no work in the other province. There is a housing crisis in ottawa too plus the rents are sky high in ontario from massive immigration and the rising cost of hydro and taxes going up due to immigration too.

  239. As for the earlier comment on vancouver I lived there for 6 years. I have lived in 3 provinces in canada in big city and small town. Vancouver like toronto was a very nice place pre massive third world invasion. I have a friend around 60 now who has lived there for 35 years. In the 70s and 80s it was great and the people there were very nice, it was mostly white then and they dont have alot of religious freaks either. Vancouver is cal led hollywood north. Alot of hippes settled in vancouver from california back in the 60s and they now have kids grown up, so you get alot of environomenalists there. Also vancouver has a hugh bisexual and gay percentage in fact men in vancouver say they have to go elsewhere to get a woman etc….Vancouver started going downhill when the rich chinese came in and drove up the cost of housing, drove up crime, drugs did not hardly exist in vancouver until they came (as drugs come from southeast asia!) the east indians and chinese make the huge drug city now in fact the whole of east vancouver is drug infected. My friend said this did not exist before they came. Also alot of the outsiders (nonwhites) keep to their race and culture and dont mix and some treat women as second class citizens in their stores. I have witnessed this many times in vancouver and richmond and my and a few friends even tested this one day in richmond! White men were served ahead of us and given tables and the white women were pushed aside in a fast paced chin ese takeout that had white and chinese food. I guess they think the men will tip them bigger or its just white man is god syndrome but its very rude to do this to a woman. East indians do the same thing in fact if your white and dating a nonwhite man they wont invite you together to their home men only hang with men etc its too weird and not canadian culture!!! I was suffering in vancouver from all this cra p. Also there are alot of gangs there too and its not safe to even go for a walk u could get hit easily………..lots of hit and runs in surrey, vancouver etc people dont care when the lights are red to let so meone cross they think they are in hong kong i guess where people drive on the sidewalks!!!

  240. To the moslem man above canada is CHRISTIAN only by history and culture. We are 78% of the population……….and in the USA christians are 80%!!

  241. To the man above re his parents who lived in toronto etc…….its because of massive immigration that more and more people are on welfare because instead of creating jobs in canada like we used to pre-massive FI invasion (FI = foreign imports)- all canadians had good jobs and few were on welfare. There were also alot more jobs pre-massive invasion as there was no technology back in the 70s and 80s even ask you parents Im sure they will agree. We spend billions on immigration and free things to give immigrants which is driving up the taxes, food costs, hydro, cost of living, homelessness when in fact we dont need immigration – unless we only get rich people. I have been doing research on this for a few years now but see our left wingnut government lies about the true unemployment rate in the media. The true rate is something like 20% and our youth unemployment is 30%. Bringing 300000 people on working visas a year to 5000 companies is driving up our taxes and increasing gangs and poverty for ALL PEOPLE not just whites. And these people go back home and dont keep their money in canada!! So this means they dont buy in canada and the circle continues! There is not skills shortage in canada its a lie- there is one in alberta but since all the canada is moving there it wont last long!!

  242. Yes your right we only care about canada and our own people! Every race is like this look at east indians they move in in droves and never relate or learn or even talk to another race and they live 30 in a house and create ghettos in places like brampton where the property values have fallen to half now as no one wants to live there with them………..they wont do business with anyone but their ‘OWN”,t hey are very very cheap, very racist etc…………

  243. Canada its not a country no more Canada its now a refugee camp
    full of criminals terrorist and sex workers
    Goverment protects and loves sex worker even legalize them to be sex workers
    this will encorage more young girls to be sex workers every girl wants to be rich and famous becoming an prostitute will change her lives
    many Canadian girls are prostitutes in Europe and USA
    LAS VEGAS has plenty of Canadian prostitutes the sex industry of USA
    Private and VIVI the PORN STARS are from Canada they are Canadians PORN STAR who does most PORN AMERICAN MOVIES

    Canada Toronto over 60% of the women living in Toronto are foreigners
    they enter in Canada with false student visas to be sex workers and many others enter as tourist and overstayed and working as sex worker for agencies
    to become sex worker don’t need experience or skills they just need a phone number and a hotel room

    the Hotels in GTA Toronto they have a special room day for Prostitutes bring the clients to the Hotel
    each Hotel has this it calls the room Day paid by the Agencies who hires the sex workers

    Toronto SUN and Now the magazines is full of sex workers ads 50% of them are illegal in Canada and Police or Immigration do nothing to stop them they are legalized by the Gov

    blacks are the worst nations they don’t work and they live under Gov welfare checks
    most all blacks who lives North York are on welfare and on drugs
    they drive BMW and Merced Benz without working

  244. Regarding the lady above that we dont like to discuss problems and pretend everything is pretty etc- that is not the canadian people you are talking about its the left wing liberal nut government who is PRETENDING and allowing all this crap to happen, but if the local people speak up who are white we are labelled RACIST and alot of these leftwing nuts have great jobs in offices where they make 148000 a year for 3 appointments a day. They deny poverty even exists but they will handover a cheque to a nonwhite who just came from africa in a heartbeat. They want to SAVE THE WORLD and they are against christians and have slowly tried to stop us from celebrating our religion in canada because they are athiests, they kiss the immigrants ass to get the immigrant vote but i see them just as bad as some of the racist immigrants who are two faced and use the white man to get ahead then when they are doing well jump back into their ethnic ghetto culture and dont live in the canadian culture anymore!!THey are very selfish these liberals and have spun canada into a horrible position of massive debt………… all this immigration was going to make us strong and rich then why is ontario out of money and in debt in the millions of dollars now??????????????Its now a half not province, newfoundland is richer than ontario is now.

  245. Jane i am one ex immigrant of Canada i did lived there for over 30 years i got tired of this crap and racist country agaist my people
    my people are the hard workers in Canada they never ask for Gov help they never went on welfare always they paid there own bills rent and food
    my people has been descriminated used and abused by the Tories Goverment who deported them back from 2000 to 2012

    as you said you know many Asians who are rich sure if you check over 50% of the Asian women who lives in Canada are rich or has over $500 000 on there bank savings account
    if i was woman too i was millionaire selling my vagina and ass for $300 each client as this Asian prostitutes does in Canada
    for come in Canada needs at least $12 000 for single person if is a couple at least $24 000
    all this Asian students and others who arrives in Canada with student visas none of them has $12 000

    sex workers brings billions for the gov they work on sex lives and they also bring more tourist to visit the country
    the UK USA French and Canada are the 4 countries of the world where more tourist visits
    each country owns international student and what they do is prostitution to pay the school
    Jane i don’t know who the fuck you are i don’t see your face but i was escort driver in Canada i drove doctors nurses teachers and over 4000 Asian prostitutes all over the GTA of Toronto and Montreal
    all my life was with sex workers i was driver and security of them
    i met over 100 000 women on my entire live from all over the world

    99% of this international students who are in Canada they do sex work some of them are lamp dancers others do massage and other do escorting

    they are hiring by big Agencies from the Gov big Political with high power inside of the House of Commons allows and rules all this business
    like Canada USA French and UK

    it calls international student visas
    no one needs to leave their home home to study abroad to take phd or master degree

    going abroad you spent more money then in your home country
    studying abroad will give you a better opportunity of getting a degree and at the same time you do sex work without your parents and friends knowing what you had done

    100% of the international student who study abroad they were sex workers


  246. WOW that is unreal………I was wondering where these little china dolls get all their money from! Get this I am a white canadian woman and my sister got cancer last year, shes an IT worker. Our so called wonderful free healthcare system that our taxes pay for big time- she was diagnosed 8 months later before she had the cancer and had to get her thyroid out. Now she tells me the government and her medical insurance shes paid into for years wont cover her cancer drugs that she has to have as its less hard on her body than radioative iodine- she has to come up with 2000 dollars in a few weeks. She also has 3 kids in college one going to be a medical doctor. He has to go out west as he could not find any work where they live. All he found in calgary was workng in a bike shop at 14 an hour but see his rent is 1200 a month so hes only left wi th 100 after rent and food! He has to work there until august then he come back home. And the doctor situation is very very bad in some parts of canada I recall waiting 14 hours in an emerg room and another lady was having a miscarriage can u imagine that!!!The unfairness in canada now is the big cities get all the tax money and good service and the rest of canada other than big cities healthcare its like 3rd world conditions…….but alot of the smaller places lost half their poplation due to no work………………..

  247. and their father has to travel all over 3 provinces to get enough work in the eletrical trade field- see how the government lies and says there is a huge shortage in the apprenticeship trades if that were the case he should have enough work in his own city!!!!!!!!!

  248. as for the gangs your are deadon. Before massive 3rd world invasion of FIS (foreign imports) canada only had one gang called hells angels. Now ontario has 291 gangs, quebec has 39, BC has 109, the 4 eastern provinces dont have any gangs because there are no minorities there or very few, toronto has the highest gangs in canada due to all the cultures and unemployment- in fact one section called PEEL their gangs doubled in the past 5 y ears, toronto is terrifying even to visit especially if you are alone. And there is a HUGE moslem population I dont trust them, I heard bad things happening in toronto because of the moslem extremists, they would even kill a white woman if we dont cover our damn hair imagine that!! We dont believe in their god so they can go fuck off !!

  249. My family is mixed irish and french from 1630- so we lost both cultures and only speak english. We dont identify with any other country as we are canadian… one in my family was ever on welfare either in fact my dad was a lawyer. But u have to remember welfare has not been around for centuries its only been since the late 1960s……….because before then only the husband had to work and there was little unemployment………..or automation. In fact my nana was acadian from NS they lived off beaver and blueberries until she moved to NB and they all had to start work to pay rent and eat (7 kids)- 16 hours a day working- nana started working at age 7 imagine that! No welfare then, no dental, no medical. She was born in 1911! She also did not qualify for canada pension when she retired………..

  250. as you can see Canada and China have a big secret business between
    has tons of Asian women and men illegal in Canada and Gov of Canada not going to deport them
    Canada immigration back in 2007 allowed 3 Asian sex workers to stays in Canada they have unborn baby and soon to be deported

    as you see Canada college and universities are full of Asians 50% of the students in are from Asian
    Asian countries for over 100 years was called 3rd world countries and they still do
    for let you know about this china dolls they are the sex workers who comes in Canada to study and be sex worker
    study in college and university its not a full week you just go in college for 2 days a week and couple hours the rest of spare time they are doing massage or escorting
    this is how they get their degrees easy
    non Asian women works as low pay jobs most all of them has high pay jobs or high lever degrees or run business in Canada
    you can check you don’t see one Asian as women working as housekeeper cleaners or other type of jobs its very hardly you see one honest Asian women working at bars or any store

    even does who works at shops and stores they do escorting after work
    when i drove the Asian escorts we talked about life
    they told me they born to be rich not poor and they are to good
    for be poor in a country like this of Canada and USA

    to study in college in Canada you need at least $1000 each month to pay rent food tutuion and have fun
    $1000 x 12 months = $12 000 year non of this Asian has this money
    in 300 000 Asian students just few has rich families

    this is how they earn the money becoming prostitutes

  251. i am upset of this crap country is the tories goverment dont have balls to say sorry for the people who they deported or say thanks for the hard work they had done to Canada and helped the economy
    the people who worked mines 20 and 30 on construction brought home each week a check of $500 to feed a hole family

    when this overseas prostitutes each client they have they earn $200 for each hour

    one man who works on construction spending 8 hours on freezing and cold raining days to make $20 dollars by hour working harder and risk their lives
    and this overseas prostitutes spread the legs for 1 hour and gets $200
    and gets read to the next client
    some one has to stop this and make this more hard for sex workers
    create one law for stop sex workers

    then i would love to see which oversea student will come in Canada or USA to study without selling sex
    i would love to see this one day

  252. There is no Jobs in Alberta, I hate it here
    Fuck Canada !!!!!
    Weather Sucks
    Girls are Bitches
    Food expensive
    Fake People
    No Alcohol in Public
    No Freedom
    Fuck this Freezer !!!!
    Fuck Canada !!!!!

  253. Toronto full of Asians they owns most the new apartments and houses in Toronto
    how this its possible Indian working at Tim Hortons or McDonalds earning $10 by hour has money to afford one apartment cost $275 000
    earning $10 by hour its not money enough to afford a meal
    this Asian students are studying in University and owns Apartments in downtown working as sex worker makes money to pay university and buy apartment in Toronto
    this is what the Harper Goverment wants more Chinese hookers and Indian coming in Canada with false diplomas and taking Canadian jobs
    Canadian with better language skills with university and college degrees are losing their jobs
    foreigner from India and China coming in Canada with false diplomas and low language skills taking Canadian born jobs
    CIBC, TD Bank, Tim Hortons, Wallmart, Lablaws, Scotia Bank , and many others are fulled of Asians
    and the Canadian born are at home without jobs

    welcome to the Harper Gov the new Asian country Canada
    Canada = Can Asians do All

  254. for all men who wants to go in Canada
    Canada has jobs but not for men only for women

    women has all the rights and freedom in Canada they come in Canada under false student visas and as tourist and overstayed
    they post ads on craigslist and magazines as sex workers dont need experience or be skilled to be sex worker just spread the legs and let them in
    they work as sex workers earning between $100 to $400 cash each hour
    this is what the new world order Canada wants
    check it out around you more women more single women and single mothers
    men day by day are been less
    if you are woman you will have all the protection and rights from the Gov
    if you are men you will be ignored used and abused by the system Gov

    forget this crap country full of sex workers and terrorist living under Gov protection

  255. I am white and I agree guys! Men are not being hired anywhere anymore. I went to canada post yesterday and it was a PLEASURE to have 2 young guys around 21 serve me who were born here and did not have attitude and I could understand them and not have to barter to get my package mailed. The same thing happens in the damn royal bank u get a chinese girl new from china she is rotten to the women but if u get ANY MALE no matter what race they are so nice and do a great job. The same for cashiers at the Independent Grocer I told the lady WHY DONT YOU HIRE OLDER CANADIAN LADIES- but instead they dont hire us as our govt pays themt to hire someone from another country who has a rotten attitude and you cannot understand them! Just the other day I was on the bus and I was sitting a moslem girl got on- I had 2 bags of groceries- she wanted to sit down and I said Im not moving ………so she kept putting her purse on top of my damn groceries. I was so damn mad but the bus had tons of nonwhties so I was afraid what it could turn into……….I had coffee cream in one so I told her YOU WILL get coffee cream on your white purse:” then she seemed to pull it off, i was ready to swat her! She was only 22 or so and I am im my mid 40s,,,,,,,,,,,so she sure as hell doesnt need a seat and should respect the white woman who gave her an opportunity to get out of her hell hole country, get an education (since she cant study in her country) plus god knows what else she is getting for free- probably the govt gave her parents a free townhome………..

    How mad do u think I am I have worked since age 14 and my family works very very hard-we are here 400 years and these immigrants get preference for jobs over us even in the government jobs now. People in my birth province go hungary because ontario gives millions for new immigrants which means my province suffers and gets less money so there is little economic growth. We lost 2 million people from the east coast since 30 years when all this SHIT started! We are the oldest part of canada………

  256. this crap country makes me laugh when i watch news

    Canada Gov says
    we have to stop the terrorism
    Canada Gov protects terrorist and give them a new home in Canada terrorist are living and studying in Canada for over 30 years
    terrorist and criminals lives under refugee and asylum and gov give them welfare and homes for free
    when Canadian born living on the street and has to work to pay their food and school

    Canada Gov says we have to stop teen prostitution
    Canada Gov back in 2010 legalized sex workers to be prostitutes from home this will bring more teens to the sex world

    Canada Gov says lets stop the immigrants enter Canada illegal and working illegal
    each week enter in Canada sex workers from all over the world to be lap dancers and escorts on the big cities of Canada Montreal Toronto Vancouver
    indians gets jobs in Canada using false diploma they get the job but they don’t have the skills for the diplomas they got they took 2 weeks training courses and gets IT diploma
    Asian prostitutes arrives in Canada as tourist to be sex workers in Toronto posting ads on magazines

    back in 2008 over 500 tamil arrived in Vancouver inside boars and Canada Gov give them refugee and don’t deported them
    if they were from Europe the Candian Gov on the same day pack them all in airplanes and send them back to Europe again

    Canada Gov we don’t want Europeans we want cheap laborer from Asian countres
    they are hard workers taking our Canadian born jobs for cheaper prices and the Asian women does escorting jobs to buy out apartments and houses in Ontario

    Canada Gov says we want more muslims to come in Canada for use polygram for us support their multi wives and 10 children
    we want to get ride of christians and start a new religion the New World Order religion the Satanic world

    soon we Canadian Gov will use the RFID chips on humans and we will control you everything you do we know no way to run from us

    new world order Canada

  257. Jane as you are native Canadian join all your natives from all over Canada and fight on human rights for your freedom and right to this land
    you are the natives you are the ones who can stop this crap goverment shit laws bring in foreigners terrorist criminals and sex workers

    natives should protest and take this to the human rights fight for your land don’t get mad go outside join all the natives as you can and protest your freedom

  258. Canadian the worst pedophile piece of shit full of young pedophiles

    HAVANA—Set against a backdrop of gutted buildings and faded hope, Michael is all smiles.

    He’s fiftysomething, sports a greying moustache last in fashion in the ’70s, and stares out from beneath a ball cap emblazoned with a red maple leaf.

    Sauntering into a downtown Havana bar, his left arm wound tightly around the waist of an attractive young Cuban woman, he’s in his element. She, meanwhile, is working.

    The Vancouver Island native flashes a grin at two European mates who, like him, have come to regard Havana as a second home. The bartender welcomes him like an old friend. Everyone here, as the song goes, knows his name.

    “There’s a lot worse places to be,” Michael says, in a toast to shared good fortune. “This is the promised land.”

    Michael is on the inside of a well-kept secret.

    Canadians are travelling to Cuba in surprising numbers to sexually exploit young people trapped in this socialist country’s underground sex tourism industry, a joint investigation by the Toronto Star and El Nuevo Herald, the Spanish-language sister publication of the Miami Herald, has found.

    Havana’s conspicuous scenes of street-level prostitution are the public face of a hidden, sordid trade in children as young as four. Many prostituted children in Cuba are second- or third-generation, following in the footsteps of sex-worker mothers to earn money for families complicit in their exploitation.
    Cuban authorities deny the problem. And Canada’s lax oversight suggests any self-proclaimed moral obligation to protect children from abuse stops at our own borders.

    Convicted Canadian sex offenders face little scrutiny leaving the country, little prospect of having foreign authorities warned of their arrival and little chance of being flagged by border authorities upon arrival back in Canada.

    Canadian border authorities have no access to the country’s sex offender registry and limited access to Canada’s criminal record database.
    In an exclusive interview with the Star, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews acknowledged shortcomings, saying the travel of convicted sex offenders is “one of the very significant issues that does need to be addressed” through better monitoring.

    “Are there additional steps I would like to see taken?” he said. “Absolutely. Am I encouraging the government to move in that direction? Absolutely.”

    Canadian men, generally between 40 and 60 years of age, are among the most numerous sexual predators in Cuba, according to internal government reports, international experts, diplomatic cables and on-the-ground interviews.

    The RCMP, in a confidential 2011 report on child sex tourism obtained by the Star through access-to-information requests, lists Cuba as a top destination in the Americas for Canadian sex tourists.

    “The issue of Canadian travelling child sex offenders is likely greater than previously thought,” the report concludes.

    And one of the key drivers behind any flourishing child prostitution market is “an established and active sex trade.”

    Cuba easily meets that definition.

    For sex tourists, the island holds unique allure. It’s closer and cheaper than destinations such Thailand and Cambodia. HIV rates are dramatically lower than in most countries. And a trip to Cuba for single male tourists is free from the social stigma associated with Phuket or Phnom Penh.

    Furtive negotiations with pimps, cabbies and staff at high-end Cuban hotels can easily procure meetings with young boys or girls, according to undercover conversations with Cuban insiders and hotel security staff last month.

    “That’s prohibited here in the hotel,” a security head at one of Havana’s large hotels told a reporter posing as sex tourist.

    That’s because young Cuban girls appearing at the city’s high-end hotels in the company of men are instantly flagged by security staff, who often demand payment to allow their entry.

    But he carefully described the process for accessing underage girls.

    “The young girls aren’t on the street. They’re in houses waiting for the call from pimps.”

    The secure — and surreptitious — environment for meeting them is a private lodging called a casa particular, where tourists can rent rooms for about $10 a night.

    “They don’t care what you’re doing there,” said one hotel security guard. “Whatever you want. Orgies, anything.”

    That advice mirrors the findings of the 2011 RCMP report, which says child sex “facilitators,” including “taxi drivers and/or hotel staff, can sometimes be used to arrange discreet meetings with potential child victims.”

    A Cuban casa particular provides a safe zone where child sex offenders “access children and locals who are willing to facilitate crimes against children in return for financial compensation,” says the report, titled Canadian Travelling Child Sex Offenders.

    “Poor or dysfunctional families may be particularly willing to open their doors to foreigners with the hope of reaping some financial benefits or so they can receive food or material items. Offenders can, and often do, capitalize on this vulnerability to gain sexual access to child victims.”

    U.S. diplomats documented the same money-for-child-sex system operating with the knowledge and permission of families in a 2009 cable to Washington.

    “Some Cuban children are reportedly pushed into prostitution by their families, exchanging sex for money, food or gifts,” it reads.

    The cost of forbidden youth is startlingly cheap: as little as $30 for the night.

    Manuel, a lean, 30-something lawyer from Mexico City, is flanked by two scantily clad young prostitutes outside a Varadero hotel as he proudly whispers to an undercover reporter in English: “I got them both for $40. We’re going back to (a casa particular) in Havana. Do you want to stay with us in our house with girls? Come with me. There’s so many!”

    Exploitation thrives where poverty exists, and in that respect, Cuba is no different from Cambodia or Thailand.

    Ivan Garcia, a dissident blogger and journalist in Havana, says the young girls and boys in the trade are typically poor, hopeless and desperate: “For these people, ‘future’ is a bad word.”

    Parents who usher their children into the sex trade are motivated by something much bigger than money, he says. The real goal, he says, is the hope of securing marriage to a wealthy foreigner.

    He knows two 12-year-old girls currently working the streets.

    “They see that this girl married some Italian and now she’s dressing nice, fixing up her mother’s house — it’s the illusion that you can get ahead if you prostitute yourself . . . the illusion of leaving the country, the illusion of a visa.”

    That illusion most often ends in exploitation and tragedy.

    In 2011, three Italian men were sentenced to between 20 and 25 years in prison for murder and corruption of minors after the body of a 12-year-old girl was dumped in Bayamo, a city in eastern Cuba.

    The girl — Lilian Ramirez — was a 12-year-old prostitute the men hired for a party along with two 13-year-olds and a 14-year-old, says Laritza Diversent, a dissident Cuban lawyer who worked on the case.

    The government handles such cases “with a lot of care and closed trials,” says Diversent.

    Diversent considers child prostitution in Cuba “a serious matter because of what I see every day on the street — very young girls and boys with much older foreigners.”

    In her own Havana neighbourhood growing up, she recalls, she had a nine-year-old friend who “was groped lasciviously” by adult men for cash.

    “There’s a moment when they dedicate themselves to prostitution and there’s somebody who uses them, usually someone from their own neighbourhood.”

    Prostitutes under 16 can be charged with “pre-criminal dangerousness” and be sent to youth interment camps But foreigners caught with prostitutes older than 16 rarely face arrest, she says. And it’s alleged that police accept bribes from prostitutes and pimps to look the other way.

    The Canadian government keeps secret how many Canadians have been prosecuted in Cuba for sex crimes.

    Concern for the privacy of the Canadians charged or convicted in the Cuban sex trade is the government’s stated rationale. So few have been prosecuted for the crime that releasing even aggregate figures could identify them, the government says.

    But there’s no question that some Canadians have been prosecuted for exploiting young Cubans.

    “A number of tourists, including Canadians, have been convicted of offences related to the corruption of minors,” the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade notes on its website about Cuba.

    And a study on Cuban sex tourism by the global monitoring group End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT) found “much of the literature points to Canadians as being high on the list of offenders.”

    In 2003, ECPAT reported that a 53-year-old Canadian man had been sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl. Another Canadian man was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the sexual abuse of a 15-year-old.

    James Cason, the top American diplomat in Havana between 2002 and 2005, says Canadians are among the most enthusiastic customers of the Cuban child sex trade.

    “The ones pouring in were Canadians and Europeans, and that’s where I saw the problem (of child prostitution),” Cason said in an interview.

    While Cuban government action against sex tourists appears to be rare, U.S. cables, released by the activist group WikiLeaks, suggest vigorous punitive actions are taken against victims of the country’s underage sex trade.

    “Police occasionally rounded up women and children in Cuba’s sex trade and charged them with vague crimes,” reads one 2009 cable. “Adolescents found in prostitution were sent to either juvenile detention facilities or work camps emphasizing politicized rehabilitation.”

    The “Recommendations for Cuba” detailed in the same memo reads: “Acknowledge that child sex trafficking in Cuba is a problem; provide greater legal protections and assistance for victims; develop procedures to identify possible trafficking victims among vulnerable populations; increase anti-trafficking training for law enforcement; and, take greater steps to prevent the trafficking of children in prostitution.”

    That advice has most certainly fallen on deaf ears inside the Cuban government. A request by the Star for an interview with the Cuban Embassy in Ottawa was ignored.

    Led today by Fidel Castro’s younger brother Raul, Cuba continues to officially deny that sexual predators are among the sun seekers and families pouring into the country.

    The numbers of arrests and prosecutions for child exploitation are tightly protected, and Cuba restricts the presence of international and domestic NGOs.

    Official denial reaches beyond mere marketing. It is an expression of deeply felt revolutionary pride.

    Fidel Castro cracked down on prostitution after the 1959 revolution and boasted his country would no longer be the American brothel.

    “There are no women forced to sell themselves to a man, to a foreigner, to a tourist,” he said in 1992. “Those who do so do it on their own, voluntarily, and without any need for it. We can say that they are highly educated hookers and quite healthy, because we are the country with the lowest numbers of AIDS cases . . . Therefore, there is truly no prostitution healthier than Cuba’s.”

    The sex marketplace in Cuba’s cities and resorts began to emerge after the Soviet Union’s collapse meant billions of dollars in annual subsidies from Moscow dried up.

    Today, the influx of foreign money may well make prostitution among the most profitable jobs in a country where the average monthly salary officially stands at less than $20.

    Cuba’s well-educated sex workers include a young woman who calls herself Chachi. Cherubic and young, her face is devoid of anything that suggests the broken life that brings her to Havana’s main prostitution strip — the seaside Malecon boulevard — at midnight.

    She was born and raised in a neighbouring province and attended university for two years, studying to become a veterinarian. Then she became pregnant.

    Now, with a three-year-old boy to look after, Chachi rents a Havana apartment for a month at a time, spending her days and evenings with male tourists like Michael.

    “I can cook, I can do dishes, I can clean the house,” she says through an interpreter. “I can do whatever you want.”

    Over a beer, she opens up about her humiliation having to walk the streets and the reasons she does it.

    “He is beautiful,” she says of her little boy, who remains living with her mother in her hometown. “I am here for him. I wait for money from tourists so I can send it to him and my mother.”

    The U.S. State Department consistently classifies Cuba as a “Tier 3” country — the worst in its rankings — when it comes to combating sex trafficking.

    “Cuba is a source country for adults and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labour,” the State Department warns in the 2012 edition of its annual review of global human trafficking. “The country’s laws do not appear to penalize prostitution of children between the ages of 16 and 18.”

    The report concludes that the Cuban government has made “no known efforts to reduce the demand for commercial sex.”

    Teresa C. Ulloa Ziaurriz, Mexico-based director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women in Latin America, says the problem of exploitative predators from Canada and Europe is likely to grow as Cuba opens its doors to ever more tourism.

    “All the Caribbean islands are really a paradise for child sex tourism,” she says. “We call sex tourism inverse trafficking — instead of taking the victims out of the country . . . the demand travels to where the supply is.

    “Why are they coming to Latin America and the Caribbean to buy sex from those who are in more vulnerable situation? This is the merchandisation of the bodies of women and girls.”

    Back in Havana, Michael certainly appears to be having a marvellous trip. Ask him about the city’s surprisingly open prostitution industry and he’ll launch into an X-rated Frommer’s guide to the most promising marketplaces for women in the city.

    “If you go to places like the (club) Cecilia, then you’re going to see top-of-the-line girls, but they’re going to be charging top-of-the-line prices,” he notes. “I prefer places like the Hotel Deauville where they’re accessible . . . Whores galore.”

    The retired British Columbian spends up to six months a year in Havana, a place he’s been visiting for two decades.

    “It’s hard not to be inspired by this,” he says as he directs his eyes to the young prostitute accompanying him this night.

    “And that,” he adds, his eyes visually pointing to one of several other young prostitutes in the bar with whom he shares warm banter and familiarity.

    With more time on his hands, his travels have been expanding of late to a more well-known sex tourism destination — Cambodia.

    “The Cambodian people just impress the f— out of me,” he says. “They’re extremely nice. And you can get a really f—— sexy woman. The sex is great. The beach is fantastic. The food, because it’s got the French influence in it.”

    His travelogue complete, Michael smiles once more and extends his hand: “We’re all Canadians.”

    The Ugly Canadians is a series produced jointly by the Toronto Star and El Nuevo Herald, the Spanish-language sister publication of The Miami Herald.

    Blogger and journalist, Havana

  259. we in a moslem store yesterday- it was a hell angels type store with heavy metal music and biker jackets so I was shocked it was not WHITES running the store since its our music and culture- it was moslem husband and wife running it. At the back they had nice indian dresses we were looking at. It stuck to the high heavens and ONE changing room. I asked the lady to try it on, know what she said to me?? Leave me and hanger and if u get it or not BRING IT BACK TO ME! (like as if I was going to steal in my own country right with my sister and her husband who is a government director here- I felt like shoving it up her brown moslem cunt. The dress if u washed it would probably run dye ………Ill never go back to that store! Imagine that nerve I AM THE DAMN CUSTOMER BITCH!

  260. How do u think I feel. I had to leave my home city 7 times due to high unemployment although I was middle class growing up. My whole family lives there. I have had to move to 3 different provinces over the years since I left my city in 1989 to move to toronto. At that time toronto was great and there was alot of opportunity. I stayed 5 years in toronto then moved to vancouver- it took 1 year to find work there then I got in UBC. There were tons of asians there even then and east indians. When I was in my 20s it was all white in canada……….then my job was automated after 3 years. I was out of work again. I am educated at college in george brown college in toronto…..but only found 7 months work in it. This was my second time back to college, the first time it to ok 5 years to pay off the student loan the second time it took 7 years even with my parents help. I didnt get to get married due to all this job and unemployment bullshit plus all the immigrant and minority hiring which mean I cannot apply…… so now im in my 40s and i am still out of work since 2008. I am 16th generation and original canadian I should be hired before an immigrant……………

  261. Regarding the comment about en glish canadians – I happen to be one of these people. Please dont judge us all the same!.We come in all classes. I grew up in a classy family we consider ourselves english because after 400 years u have to be english back then. ………..we could not keep our irish and french cultures back in 1630…………I was lucky to grow up in a classy family. Some families grow up uneducated families and are narrow minded………….

  262. I cant believe people are taking you seriously, I thought this post was really funny, gave me a good laugh! The only downside is that most Canadians have no sense of humor, as you can tell by a lot of the other comments. :p

  263. Canada deported one terrorist after living for 26 years on welfare and raise a family
    how many terrorist and killers are living in Canada
    the terrorist came with false name and lied to immigration and stayed for 26 years exploring the goverment

    chinese women comes in Canada with false student visas to be sex workers
    indians comes in Canada with false diplomas and taking Canadian jobs for lower prices

    people from Europe comes in Canada with honesty hard workers and the Canadian goverment deported them for life
    and ignore them and families on return
    people who had contributed to the economy worked in Canada and been deported

    when the Harper gov accepts indian with false diplomas muslims to live on plygram systems and chinese prostitutes to come in Canada to buy houses and apartments

    welcome to the Harper Country ILLUMINATI

  264. We used to be a very h appy country before massive third world invasion, rude p eople, gangs, bums, black gu ys wearing jeans to their knees, people disrespecting our laws and culture, people not speaking the language of canada which is english, people being racist to our people and the natives who share our culture, people pushing their race over ours and making demands, people coming with their hands out to get every free thing they can get (and trust me they get alot more than whites do). Its like winning the damn lotto when a nonwhite comes to canada. Then u have the idiot moslem, indian and some black men who think they are above the white women! They are so full of shit its not even funny. All we have now is liars and cheaters in our country……………we used to have very honest people………….

  265. Its because of trudeau and the left wing agenda that we are in this huge mess to being with. Before trudeau we were the 2nd richest country on earth with no debt………………….and a great standard of living…………….

  266. I walk down the street and its all immigrants all immigrants arabs mostly they drive around BMWs and live on welfare through our taxes while we wait in the cold for the BUS lol this nation is going to shit fast

  267. The focus is always in some foreign country instead of CANADA. Why is t hat? Most people dont care they only want to have a good life and jobs and enjoy our lives in THIS COUNTRY but the focus is ALWAYS on some foreign person or country 1 million miles away and we are suppose to give our last shirt to feed some black kid in africa like god help th em but we are a very small population we are not responsible for the whole worlds problems……………….

  268. the more nonwhites the worse our country becomes…….why is it in the white provinces there are NO GANGS???

  269. there are no jobs in this country its become sad I called RBC last night an indian responded lol its getting worse shame on the government

  270. An immigrant’s experience in Canada:

    The Canadian government solicits potential immigrants and dupes them into bringing their skills and money to Canada. It advertises the country to people from other countries, mainly for their money; each prospective economic immigrant has to bring with them minimum $10,000. It’s a scam but then again so is everything else in Canada. When the Canadian govt is engaged in such a scam you can only imagine the extent to which the average Canadian individual is also involved in a scam of their own to survive, everything from phoney govt jobs to independent immigration consultants. Every Canadian is involved in some kind of a scam. Fraud is a way of life in Canada and you have to do your part just to pay the bills to extortionist utility, rent, insurance companies, etc. If you come with the mentality – as immigrants erroneously do – that this is a developed country and expect an efficient and competent system you will be greatly mistaken: Malfeasance is the call of the day in Canada.

    Since the country’s economy largely depends on service, and Canada no longer a manufacturing country, the best show in town in terms of gainful employment is a govt job. That requires “networking” – code word for FAVORITISM in Canada – forget about best qualified person getting the job. In many respects Canada is a developing country. There’s a disconnect between the political class and the average person (which explains the immigration disaster, among other common fundamentally flawed and corrupt practices).

    Canadians are cold and standoffish. Nothing happens and everybody keeps it to themselves. It’s the most socially inept country in the world. Since it’s socially dead country one becomes accustomed to abnormal behavior. Canada lacks national identity and national culture. Subsequently everyone identifies with the country of their parents or great parents’ origin. Forget about assimilation and adapting to Canada, you cannot assimilate and adapt to an unreceptive environment. Consequently racial attitudes are behind 30-40 years, say the United States. Which is really unfortunate because the country’s population is aging at an incredible rate, and the average immigrant stays for a few years and eventually leaves. (40% of all immigrants to Canada at any given year leave so within a few years – Statscan.) To augment this the govt typically brings in even more people. There’s a continuous flow of “new” arrivals filling the position of those who have come and gone.

    Major cities, namely Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, are decaying socially and economically. Heavy drinking, drug use and other social problems are rampant along with crumbling infrastructure. But people in Canada don’t discuss issues of national importance, they lack coherent objective national discourse. People complain and say what they think they’re supposed to say, or, more accurately, say what they think will make them sound smart. Whether inferiority complex or other social deformity, people in Canada dislike constructive criticism and altruism. They remain risk averse to a fault, so problems fester. Everyone simply prefers to pretend everything is nice and dandy.

  271. I FUCKING HATE Canadians! your post is the best it pretty much explains canada in a nut shell. The gov’t wants ppl to come and spend money thats it. you will not find work u will be encouraged to get welfare and sit at home, your neighbors don’t want to talk to you this country is soooooo introverted its sad. i could go on and on and on about canada everything is overpriced cost of living goes up wages dont taxes go up wages dont you will never get rich in canada the prime minister has a dictatorship and anyone in politcs or public who speaks agains him loses his or her job

  272. Enforced racist social program called multiculturalism is the reason people dont change their cultures when they come to canada. 25 years ago every person had to assimulate into the mainstream culture of north america but when feminists, gays, immigrants and the left wing took over they said FUCK YOU to the earlier cultures here. Now u see every culture has their own tv CBC station and shows in ONLY their language. They get a job in the mainstream as its the highest paying job in canada but they run back home and stay in their racist ethnic culture. IN fact now some dont even speak english at work and alot dont speak english when they are outside in the canadian society. I feel sorry for the earlier immigrants who wanted in our culture and now they dont know WHERE they belong- if they are in our culture their own people gangup on them and if they stay in their own culture they feel guilty as well. Its a joke! There are so many examples of immigrants who used the white culture to get ahead and when more of their people came they jumped back into THEIR culture, put the ethnic clothes on and run around showing of how important they are that they MADE IT and did it all on their own! (when in fact they didnt do it on their own at all its quotas that put them where they are!)…….you cant be in TWO CULTURES people! And when some of them are in our culture they dont even understand the culture and how things work in canada in interactions- at least try to have some canadian friends to show you the way. But alot dont go near a canadian and just made presumptions about us – alot which are untrue……….

  273. This is the saddest thing I have read in a long time…And the comments I mean. But they do not surprise me. Everyone on here who bashes someone on here or Canada should really look at themselves. Every country has its own values and that is what the country is based on. Well used to be. Look at everyone here. Arguing if Canada sucks or not. We might not all pray in churches or announce our religion the way other countries do. But what is so wrong with that? We will respect you for how you act and treat others, and not judge based on your sexuality or religion. Could one not agree that is what the ten commandments are based on. So if a country as a whole has been basically installed that into our values, then how could one say anything negative about our morality.
    Also most here arguing have only been to a few provinces. I can say as a Canadian I would never want to live in Ottawa or Montreal or Vancouver. But each place has great places, you just have to find them. Every province is significantly different from one another.

    Last but not least. THIS IS A SATIRE. If one did not pick that up after the first paragraph, then I think you need to open a book.

  274. Yes it was really RACIST of the newfies to put up the sri lankans in their homes for months for free and fed them until they got welfare, when the newfies dont have much themselves. Every foreignor who landed in my birth city was given everything under the sun, free clothes, money was raised with concerts, a free home, they started businesses (like the vietnamese people in the 1980s) who I went to school with. What other country’s people does that. As for racist well you should read the survey a man from sir lanka did around the world on racist countries. It turns out INDIA is the most racist of all nations. The question he asked is WOULD YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ANOTHER NATIONALITY LIVING BESIDE YOU- Indians had the highest score of YES. The western nations had the lowest score of NO. Its only western white nations that help the whole world out its certainly not asian countries. And some asian countries have ALOT MORE MONEY.


    Update: A professor who studies race and ethnic conflict responds to this map.

    When two Swedish economists set out to examine whether economic freedom made people any more or less racist, they knew how they would gauge economic freedom, but they needed to find a way to measure a country’s level of racial tolerance. So they turned to something called the World Values Survey, which has been measuring global attitudes and opinions for decades.

    Among the dozens of questions that World Values asks, the Swedish economists found one that, they believe, could be a pretty good indicator of tolerance for other races. The survey asked respondents in more than 80 different countries to identify kinds of people they would not want as neighbors. Some respondents, picking from a list, chose “people of a different race.” The more frequently that people in a given country say they don’t want neighbors from other races, the economists reasoned, the less racially tolerant you could call that society. (The study concluded that economic freedom had no correlation with racial tolerance, but it does appear to correlate with tolerance toward homosexuals.)

    Unfortunately, the Swedish economists did not include all of the World Values Survey data in their final research paper. So I went back to the source, compiled the original data and mapped it out on the infographic above. In the bluer countries, fewer people said they would not want neighbors of a different race; in red countries, more people did.

    If we treat this data as indicative of racial tolerance, then we might conclude that people in the bluer countries are the least likely to express racist attitudes, while the people in red countries are the most likely.

    Compare the results to this map of the world’s most and least diverse countries.

    Before we dive into the data, a couple of caveats. First, it’s entirely likely that some people lied when answering this question; it would be surprising if they hadn’t. But the operative question, unanswerable, is whether people in certain countries were more or less likely to answer the question honestly. For example, while the data suggest that Swedes are more racially tolerant than Finns, it’s possible that the two groups are equally tolerant but that Finns are just more honest. The willingness to state such a preference out loud, though, might be an indicator of racial attitudes in itself. Second, the survey is not conducted every year; some of the results are very recent and some are several years old, so we’re assuming the results are static, which might not be the case.

    Here’s what the data show:

    • Anglo and Latin countries most tolerant. People in the survey were most likely to embrace a racially diverse neighbor in the United Kingdom and its Anglo former colonies (the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and in Latin America. The only real exceptions were oil-rich Venezuela, where income inequality sometimes breaks along racial lines, and the Dominican Republic, perhaps because of its adjacency to troubled Haiti. Scandinavian countries also scored high.

    • India and Jordan by far the least tolerant. In only two of 81 surveyed countries, more than 40 percent of respondents said they would not want a neighbor of a different race. This included 43.5 percent of Indians and 51.4 percent of Jordanian. (Note: World Values’ data for Bangladesh and Hong Kong appear to have been inverted, with in fact only 28.3 and 26.8 percent, respectively, having indicated they would not want a neighbor of a different race. Please see correction at the bottom of this post.)

    • Wide, interesting variation across Europe. Immigration and national identity are big, touchy issues in much of Europe, where racial make-ups are changing. Though you might expect the richer, better-educated Western European nations to be more tolerant than those in Eastern Europe, that’s not exactly the case. France appeared to be one of the least racially tolerant countries on the continent, with 22.7 percent saying they didn’t want a neighbor of another race. Former Soviet states such as Belarus and Latvia scored as more tolerant than much of Europe. Many in the Balkans, perhaps after years of ethnicity-tinged wars, expressed lower racial tolerance.

    • The Middle East not so tolerant. Immigration is also a big issue in this region, particularly in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which often absorb economic migrants from poorer neighbors.

    • Racial tolerance low in diverse Asian countries. Nations such as Indonesia and the Philippines, where many racial groups often jockey for influence and have complicated histories with one another, showed more skepticism of diversity. This was also true, to a lesser extent, in China and Kyrgyzstan. There were similar trends in parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

    • South Korea, not very tolerant, is an outlier. Although the country is rich, well-educated, peaceful and ethnically homogenous – all trends that appear to coincide with racial tolerance – more than one in three South Koreans said they do not want a neighbor of a different race. This may have to do with Korea’s particular view of its own racial-national identity as unique – studied by scholars such as B.R. Myers – and with the influx of Southeast Asian neighbors and the nation’s long-held tensions with Japan.

    • Pakistan, remarkably tolerant, also an outlier. Although the country has a number of factors that coincide with racial intolerance – sectarian violence, its location in the least-tolerant region of the world, low economic and human development indices – only 6.5 percent of Pakistanis objected to a neighbor of a different race. This would appear to suggest Pakistanis are more racially tolerant than even the Germans or the Dutch.

    Update: I’ve heard some version of one question from an overwhelming number of readers: “I’ve met lots of Indians and Americans and found the former more racially tolerant than the latter. How can these results possibly be correct?” I’d suggest three possible explanations for this, some combination of which may or may not be true. First, both India and the U.S. are enormous countries; anecdotal interactions are not representative of the whole, particularly given that people who are wealthy enough to travel internationally may be likely to encounter some subsets of these respective populations more than others.

    Second, the survey question gets to internal, personal preferences; what the respondents want. One person’s experiences hanging out with Americans or Indians, in addition to being anecdotal, only tell you about their outward behavior. Both of those ways of observing racial attitudes might suggest something about racial tolerance, but they’re different indicators that measure different things, which could help explain how one might contradict the other.

    Third, the survey question is a way of judging racial tolerance but, like many social science metrics, is indirect and imperfect. I cited the hypothetical about Swedes and Finns at the top of this post, noting that perhaps some people are just more honest about their racial tolerance than others. It’s entirely possible that we’re seeing some version of this effect in the U.S.-India comparison; maybe, for example, Americans are conditioned by their education and media to keep these sorts of racial preferences private, i.e. to lie about them on surveys, in a way that Indians might not be. That difference would be interesting in itself, but alas there is no survey question for honesty.

    Correction: This post originally indicated that, according to the World Values Survey, 71.7 percent of Bangladeshis and 71.8 percent of Hong Kongers had said that they would not want a neighbor of a different race. In fact, those numbers appear to be substantially lower, 28.3 percent and 26.8 percent, respectively. In both cases, World Values appears to have erroneously posted the incorrect data on its Web site. Ashirul Amin, posting at the Tufts University Fletcher School’s emerging markets blog, looked into the data for Bangladesh and discovered the mistake. My thanks to Amin, who is Bangladeshi and was able to read the original questionnaire, for pointing this out. His analysis is worth reading in full, but here’s his conclusion:

    The short answer is, yes, someone did fat finger this big time. “Yes” and “No” got swapped in the second round of the survey, which means that 28.3% of Bangladeshis said they wouldn’t want neighbors of a different race – not 71.7%.

    26K Facebook likers and 2.5K Tweeters, take note.

    Amin adds, “Bangladeshis are a tolerant bunch — it’s ok to come visit.” The error in the Hong Kong data, first discovered by Chinese-speaking users on Reddit, was flagged by Engadget Chinese editor Richard Lai. Ng Chun Hung, a University of Hong Kong professor who was the principal investigator on World Values’ survey there, confirmed via e-mail that the data had been transposed on the survey company’s Web site. He added that he has written the World Values Survey team to alert it to this and ask it to remove the faulty data. My thanks to him, as well as to Lai and the Reddit users who dug through original Chinese-language survey forms to demonstrate the error.

  276. Regarding the cost of living: the rising cost of living is due to massive immigration. 75% of the foreign people who come here have nothing and we have to give them everything which means you and I are paying taxes and working for free for the first 6 months of every year to feed house and clothe outsiders who for the most part are rude and ungrateful. There is no need for immigration as there are 35 other countries with lower birth rates than canada,including a country called JAPAN that has a 1% immigration rate and is 99% JAPANESE!

  277. Jane, it is prejudice Canadians like you who people are commenting about here. Obviously you have a big problem with “immigrants”, as most Canadians that I met do. In general, Canadian immigration laws only accept highly skilled and qualified immigrants into Canada; after which, they find it almost impossible to find work in their area of expertise because of the narrow and prejudice Canadian mentality.
    Just to sum it up, any country that has no culinary or musical tradition is a country without a soul. And don´t forget Jane, 99% of “Canadians” (like yourself I´m sure), are from somewhere else at one point in history.

  278. We the canadian people did not ask for massive immigration from the 3rd world. 20 years ago canada was almost all white and the minorities had respect for us and us for them and they learned english before they came and didnt suck off the welfare system, ruin neighborhoods, give people racist looks on the buses, speak in their foreign tongues etc. Everyone was happier before all this crap hit our once beautiful nation. There were also alot of jobs and now there are few so no immigrants should be coming here now as they would only be taking jobs away from the local qualified people who are citizens. Alot of immigrants are scammers and liers and cheaters. Every race tries to outdo the other. Its unsafe to go out at night. The polticans are catering to terrorists. And you wonder why we are upset. OUr new generation cannot find jobs because outsiders are taking them who just got off a plane. They should stay in their home countries and leave our country alone for our people.

  279. Im sick of an immigrant telling me Im racist in my own country. Tell me in your country would u like the whole damn world moving in and taking all the jobs, ruining your nation, being disrespectful to your people, ruining neighborhoods and they were not even invited by our people to live here thats the funny thing. Also I am out of work and so are MANY of us now so its racist for an immigrant to come here and take our jobs.

  280. Jane, I am a (native, white) Canadian and also out of work, but I don´t blame it on “immigrants” as you do, try blaming the bloody government.

  281. My best friend is half native and half french she and i feel the exact same. We are totally neglected by our government, we are both out of work and single. I happen to have some native in my from the 1700s as my great granddad had a micmaq wife, he was a fur trapper with the natives.

  282. I dont blame it on them but I dont like their cocky attitudes and they use the racism card. I am mixed white race irish and french. I realize it is the government and mainly its the liberal party who started this whole mess. Now the liberals want to teach 6 year old kids how to have sex in school I would think some of the immigrants would be FREAKING OUT about this! The liberals are also anti-poor and they make money off the poor. There is no one there to help a poor person and half the p eople on welfare are college educated and should have a job. In fact alot on welfare have more edcuation than their workers do!

  283. what the fuck country is this teaching sex in school to children at age 6 years old
    and teachers teaching girls from grade 7 and 8 how to do oral sex
    girls age 12 and 13 years old
    this is what Canada wants bring all the teens girls and boys for the sex world this is why so many single mothers to many teens girls are prostitutes in Canada selling sex on change money
    this is why so many Canadian women on dating sites trying to find a man to be husband overseas
    the sex world brings in USA each year 3 trillions of dollars prostitutes brothels
    Chinese, Koreans, Brazilians, Canadians are been exploited in Los Angeles and Las Vegas
    the PORN Industry of USA, and UK hires Canadians Porn Stars most all the porn stars from the XXX movies are from Canada

    Thailand is already the whore country of the world where sex drugs and crimes are made everyday each second
    Canada wants to join the Thailand to be the next sex drugs and crime country

    Canada only needs to do one thing is open the door for prostitutes and criminals enter in Canada
    already Canada has tons of Terrorist living in everyday enters in Canada 200 new women to be sex workers

    Toronto SUN, News paper NOW and they are full of ads from sex workers who are illegal in Canada

    50% of the women on this ads has STD and HIV positive

    police or immigration do nothing to stop them

  284. Most of the liberal parties have gay members and they also work in city hall in the major cities- they are pushing to teach how to give a BJ to 6 year old kids with videos etc. I am not joking! Also to the person who commented on vancouver. I lived there for 6 y ears. The reason why the locals are so standoffish and seem selfish is because they are the kids of the hippy generation whose parents left california in the 60s. So they are the new generation. They are very leftwing, pot-smoking, pro-gay, anti-religion, anti-poor………thats why vancouver is called hollywood north. Alot of movies are made in vancouver too as its cheaper than hollywood. Also vancouver has a high bisexual population- UBC is called University of Bisexuals so if you are straight and work at UBC u will be mistreated as a straight individual but you wont realize it right away………..if this happens there is nothing you can do because gays now have more rights than straight people and are protected under the human rights code. Also in canada an animal has more rights than a human – if a person mistreats a cat or dog they will be imprisoned and fined but its okay to make someone homeless and no one helps a homeless person………weird society………….

  285. Having settled here from the US, I am consistently unimpressed and let down by the overall quality of the people in Canada. Unreliable, inconsiderate, unfriendly, unhelpful, uptight, uninspired, passive, stone-faced, and overall just f*cking lame. The country is highly fragmented and divided and everyone blames the rival faction for all the problems (of which there are many). Workplaces are filled with totally incompetent managers hired by their friends and regular staff are typically immature, lazy drones that will be cordial to your face then stab you in the back when it benefits them. Grocery stores are filled with frozen crap because people here can’t cook, and good-quality ingredients are so expensive that they couldn’t even if they wanted to. Wages in most industries are far less – and will buy you less – than in America in comparable industries, with the exception of anything to do with the government (which you can only get if you’re bilingual or have good connections). The drivers are among the most inconsiderate, reckless, and selfish I have ever seen, and the lack of substantial police presence on the roads allows this trend to reach epic proportions. Good health care only exists for the few that have good family doctors, whereas the majority have doctors that do little except load you up on meds and speak to you as if you know nothing about your condition, and many will get confrontational if you demand to see a specialist. Also, no legal recourse exists if your doctor makes a serious error. Customer service in general is atrocious, with many cashiers and store personnel not even acknowledging you, even if you make an attempt to greet them (less so if you get away from the cities).

    For the love of God, do not move here if you’re in the US currently. You WILL regret your decision regardless of where you move to. The US, despite its faults, is inhabited with people that at least have a soul. Americans at least have a good sense of compassion, professionalism, and integrity.

  286. You want amazing people and amazing customer service- please visit white canadian cities. The big cities that are filled with many races have the worst customer service and are very rude. I can prove this. My birth city and province has most of the call centres in north america and alot of them are american. They have moved some of them to india and asia but most return because no one bets the maritimers for being educated, friendly, honest and not having an attitude that persists in other parts of canada. We also had the very first telephone company in the world called NBTel which is now called Aliant. Its a 200 year old company. We also have alot of cruiseships in my birth city since 911 and they love the maritimes. Every woman gets a free rose when they enter the port. There are free shuttles so the workers on the cruiselines can go shopping.

  287. Jane, I’ve had other friends from the Maritimes who have also said that it’s a different world out there compared to Ontario (where the majority of immigrants come). However, I find your posts on this blog to be bigoted and xenophobic, if not downright racist. Stop blaming the immigrants for your country’s problems. My criticisms are just as applicable to the white Canadians I’ve known than to any immigrant group.

  288. Yes highly skilled all right. Half of them are criminals from their home countries- like somalis work very hard dont they! They have a grade 4 education- gets 6 welfare cheques for each wife they have who is given a free house to live in and babies all over the place. For people who dont live here dont judge u have no idea. All my friends here think the same its not just ME. Some immigrants are born lying as soon as they can talk like some middle easterners. The taxi drivers are sexist pigs mostly from arab countries who break tons of laws, block roadways, take long trips on purpose so they can overcharge you. Plus there are tons of illegals in canada now walking around with TB and god knows what else. About 50% of the immigrants are great and are highly educated but the other 50% of what we get in canada is 3rd world trash…….

  289. Jane you are downright racist for saying visit white canadian cities rly rly are you fucking kidding me so other races are not supposed to be in cities that are deemed for only whites? As an american going to college here in canada to save on tuition and student loans I can’t wait to leave when I’m done I am caucasian by race and I see how fellow caucasian canadians treat, make fun of blacks, mexicans people from other races one guy even said you know why blacks have big noses I said no why. His response was so they can breathe all the white mans air. Jane you would think this is funny sadly I do not absolutely despicable. America has its faults yes but theres clearly a reason 315million live there and only 35million live in Canada, second biggest nation in the world yet only 35million people its time to look within yourselves as canadians and admit the problem is within no the world. Have a GOOD DAY

  290. Some of the immigrants are 100 times more racist what the hell are u talking about! And rude! And some of the men are male sexist pigs and its against the law in canada so they better watch out they could be charged for sexual harassment very easily………………

  291. I did a research on web and few countries around the globe i can say we white people not all of us but the white race did the worst crimes in this world
    i can say by Jack the Ripper, Rodolf Hittler, and many others from Europe USA, UK and Canada did the worst crimes in white race History
    what do i have to say about other races blacks, Asians, muslims, islam is
    today they are commenting the worst crimes of racism using and abusing the govermments for protecting them under stupid racial laws
    Canada is one of the countries of the world has more muslims living on polygram systems muslims and islam people living with free money free houses by govermment laws
    black people 90% of them lives on drugs or crimes most all of them runs drug dealer business or prostitution 90% of the jails in USA, UK, Canada are black people not because they are majority its because they are real criminals
    Asians the yellow race that everyone says they are smarter and they do nothing agaisn’t other races so here it goes
    Asians dominate the world of prostitution each country of the world has Asians what they do is sex work for survive
    Australia, UK, Europe, USA and Canada the biggest race of prostitution business are Asians
    they bring children under age 16 to be sex workers in those countries
    they send their wives and girlfriends overseas to be sex workers
    Canada, USA, UK and Europe are full of Asians students
    what they do for support the studies is prostitution none Asian women works on low paid jobs none Asian women works as housekeepers bartenders and cleaners
    what they do is sex work for survive

    many Asian women arrived in Canada with no money no skills today they owns business
    i used to drive escorts most all women i drove was Asian women many nurses doctors and Teachers Asians were prostitutes i drove them to houses, Hotels, casinos i drove them all over the place

    this trash women who does prostitution they had sex with over a 1000 +++++ men
    2 sisters from Germany at age 55 they came on TV exposing their past lives they said they have met over 350.000 men in 30 years as prostitute

    a friend of mine used to work in a brothel in UK Trafalgar Square he count in one day 7 Asian prostitutes had more then 95 men in one day
    UK London Trafalgar Square big business of prostitution

    all this Asian women who are in Canada studying they do sex work to pay school fees rent and food
    many of them are working by themselves others works for agencies who contract them and bring them in Canada with a promiss of a new live in Canada or USA
    Vancouver the first step and open doors for Asian sex workers coming in Canada

    Canada its not a country where people can come and find jobs
    Canada now its a business country for sex drugs and crimes
    Canada lives under criminal codes and sex workers
    drug dealers, sex workers, gays and terrorist has all protection laws and rights in Canada

  292. Whites from other nations are not like Canadians. There are no people on Earth like Canadians, whom I think are probably the least socially developed whites anywhere in the world, yet possess an attitude of superiority for all other groups in the world. They are way behind and it’s not surprising that they make ethnic and racial jokes from the ’60s. I think this comes from the fact that the country is hard to live in and that the people in the country haven’t been outside the country. Americans on the other hand tend to be social and friendly and not so soul less and with dead eyes.

    This problem should have been solved long time ago, but now the country is crumbling and the problems expressed here by the racist Canadian whites are part of the larger issue. The frustration expressed only illustrates the extent to which the country is decaying and that is expected of any country that is eating itself from within. Canada failed to establish a soul, a national culture and identity, and the whites have assumed being white means being Canadian. But since that fable effort wasn’t strong to begin with and now its time had come and gone, the problems a real country could have solved fairy easy are unsolvable. You can’t make being white a nationality since there are many white – as there are nations and continents consisting of various races – a nationality, there simply have to be a bigger unifying factor as this isn’t the colonial era. A modern nation state requires solid foundations with own structural capacity to survive, something Canada clearly failed.

    I have been to Canada, it wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t nice, it wasn’t livable and it wasn’t fun. It was like I’ve gone back in time. I have been to nearly a dozen countries and I’ve never known a country like Canada, which shouldn’t really be called a country since it’s a congregation of ethnic groups that have little to do with each other.

  293. how can you call Canada a country when Canada its not a country no more Canada its a refugee camp
    British Colombia and Alberta its full of Asians Ontario its full of Indians and Arabes
    you call this a country you call this a country were habited by whites who explorer and develop this country for other races come over and change the laws and rules like the muslims and Indians are taking over all the jobs
    when 10% of the white race in Canada are unemployed and the jobs are open for Indians and other Asian races to come in work as low paid jobs

    you call this a country when everyday enter in Canada 800 refugees to make home
    Terrorist criminals serial killers under asylum and refugee claims
    when over 200 Asian prostitutes enters in Canada each week to be sex workers

    you call this a country when the gov of Canada gives free money for Indians come in to study when many Canadian born has no money to afford a meal
    when gov gives free money for muslims to support their multi wives and 10 children
    when gov open doors and legalize prostitution for more Asian under age coming in Canada to be sex workers
    you call this a country

    dude open your eyes had you seen Toronto its full of Asians friends of mine asked me is this any Asian country or middle east

    the problem is come in Canada Asian illegals gov do not deport them
    comes in Europeans the Police and immigration is after them to find out who is illegal in the country
    on the cbc news weeks ago was over 3000 Asians awaiting to be deported did they no they didn’t
    when on news the immigration is offering money for deport illegal from Canada
    Toronto SUN news paper NOW and its full of ads from sex workers who are illegal in Canada
    what Police or Immigration did about their is the phone numbers and locations of the sex workers what Police or Immigration did NOTHING THEY DID NOTHING TO DEPORT THIS SEX WORKERS WHO HAS HIV AND STD

    nothing sex workers are welcome in Canada this is how the gov agencies protect them
    some political websites has porn and escorting ads on their websites
    what kind example gov of Canada is giving to people

    this is why Canada wants more refugees from Asia and Middle Eastern for vote on them
    the deal is i bring more refugees in Canada give you a new home but you vote on me to stay on power of the gov
    this is what happen but people don’t see this

    Canada no longer will be owned by white soon Canada will be owned by Arabes and soon a new language will be in Canada

    google its all tere about terrorist criminals and prositutes are in Canada
    its on news paper cbc news paper Canada

  294. Amazing thank you to the person above! I could kiss you! Hardly any immigrants stand up and tell the truth. You have it all correct! Canada was great when I was growing up it was so safe and there were no gangs in canada then. Toronto was good until 1990 when it was in canadian culture- its not canadian now. My friend is partially blind and yesterday he got a bus and the driver was african and he told him u cant get on the Bus and this man is 57 and he has a blind card! My friend talked back at him adn got on anyway and the driver was very rude to him and he kept slamming the brakes so alot of people fell. And no one stood up for my white friend cause they dont want to get involved in case bus security comes. He should be charged under human rights. THen we have the stupid chinese girls some are so rude to the older white women they act we are in THEIR country. Same for african woman- some have stinkin attitude that is very racist and they think they are better- they have a damn chip on their shoulder….I dont get why they bring in east indians they are worthless and liars and scammers- same as middle easterners they should bring people from europe………… fact back to this driver they make 100000 a year in ottawa- white women should be hired before these outsiders who are not even born here or canadian..

  295. Jane, you sound like an embittered woman who blames everyone else for how her life turned out. You are an example of the deluded people with whom I was raised who were fiercely proud of a canadian-ness which we had however yet to do the hard work of fully defining but in which we were encouraged to just believe. You’re so delusional about the merits of living here and I feel sorry for you because you obviously haven’t had the pleasure, as I have, of immersing yourself in a fully fleshed out and vibrant societies such as the US, France, Germany, and Italy(where my parents are from). Carnes, camilla, and others here have done people of good faith here in Canada a great service by giving us some constructive criticisms — however I’m afraid canadians are just too committed to their views that they are, a priori, quite simply the best, most tolerant and progressive people around.

    Here’s my take, a native born son of this country, on what’s lacking in the canadian experience compared to what I had found living in 3 other foreign countries of some substance.

    1. No sense of community. Even when I was growing up and the population here was far more european, people would mind their own business. Neighbours would often not even bother saluting each other, let alone inviting each other into their own homes. How is it even possible to create an identity in such an unreceptive and even hostile social milieu? How?
    2. Horrible, unruly organization of the Job market. Even when I was training for a career, it was common knowledge among my friends in school that prospective employers in our industry were actively recruiting foreign staff with many years experience with whom we were somehow expected to compete. In Switzerland they don’t do this, neither do they do this in Germany. In those countries, it is virtually unheard of for trained young people NOT to assisted in joining the labour force (German unemployment rates in the young hover at the 6% range, in switz. that would be @ 3%). In Canada, you are on your own in every sense of the word and if you do not establish yourself in your chosen field it is deemed to be due entirely to some personality of character flaw rather than a systemic weakness in the organization of the society itself. Only about a quarter of the people I went to school with, who spent good money getting trained, were ever able to establish themselves in my industry. What a horrible waste of human capital.
    3. No fun culture. I’ll tell you a little story to illustrate this…I went to a street festival once, which I rarely do as they seem to be just a scheme on the part of the Businesses in the area to drum up business rather than a true celebration, and what struck me right away is how many police officers were milling about. You see, when a group of adults (and I stress adults, not children) gather, it is presumed by canucks that we might become unruly and spontaneously have fun — and of course we couldn’t be allowed that now, could we? Everyone just walked around without mixing, yet doing what is considered fun here, which would be BUYING things to consume. In Canada, there are really only two activities that are truly encouraged — working (and paying taxes) and consuming. Socializing is verboten.

    I will be taking my leave permanently of this place in 2 years once my kids are able to establish themselves, and I have also been trying to nudge them towards partaking of some opportunities in the States or Singapore. I would urge any canadians to do the same, for the sake of your soul. Ciao!!

  296. you know what really really hurts is hard working good immigrants who follow all the rules to come to canada the right way and its virtually impossible i went to school with a jamaican kid he had been in canada since grade 8 and went to college here graduated in 2011 he tried so so hard to obtain his permanent residency however it was not possible he tried so hard he worked at zellers and had a part time job as a barber he even hired 2 other canadians in his barbershop one whom worked the desk answered calls booked appointment yet he still could not obtain his PR while he says somali indians and arabs get theirs and their citizenship he could not believe it in the end he gave up and moved back home. As a citizen i do not understand how a country would turn their back on a tax paying citizen for a refugee who is here to claim welfare for God knows how many years it baffles me but just thought I’d share. So basically not all immigrants are bad might I add this kid was white so you can’t tell me it was a race thing.

  297. Immigration to Canada is a Canadian industry and $$$ is the main objective. Here is how it works.

    (1) Canada targets middle class in various countries. While it is true that no body is using a gun to force these immigrants to come, immigrants are lured by clean air, free education, high quality of living etc. to come to Canada.

    (2) Since these immigrants are mostly professionals under Federal Skill Worker Programs, they usually have some means to bring to Canada. After they come, they may purchase house, rent an apartment, buy a car etc. and these represent injection into the economy.

    (3) When immigrants settle down and start to look for a job, the “Canadian experience” barrier is erected and the major objective is to shut out professional immigrants from the job market.

    (4) Now these immigrants faced a dilemma: go back to home country or stay in Canada. If they stay, they need to look for jobs and these manual and labor intensive jobs are waiting for them. Some immigrants stayed forever in these so-called survival jobs and others may choose to go back after obtaining their citizenship.

    (5) There is a strong economic reason why Canada admitted 250,000 immigrants per year.

    (1) The major weapon used by most Canadian employers to protect local Canadians from competition from foreign professional is “Canadian experience”

    (2) Professionals from foreign countries should not come to Canada unless you have millions of dollars and plan to retire here.

    (3) Manual workers from foreign countries should come but I believe the current point system will bar them.

    (4) Local Canadians should not complain immigration because the money brought by immigrants are tantamount to FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). The price local Canadians paid is different races with different cultures coming to Canada and some (not all) white Canadians may not like this.

  298. Yes I know I worked at immigration!

    I am sick of immigrants saying they dont get jobs because of racism or no canadian experience. Its not the real reason. They have to hire a certain amount of minorities unless its a small business. I have been in and out of work all my life and I am trained in many different careers yet I still dont get hired since 2008. I only had 2 temp jobs when I used to hold great jobs in my country. Now ontario has the highest debt in canada thanks to massive immigration for no known reason, at a time when we are in a double dip recession the same as 1929. If there are only so many jobs then why are outsiders coming into canada? I even heard there are DOCTORS graduating in canada who cannot get a job what do u think about that! Its bad enough it took my brother 7 years to get a job in a university-its because there are too many minorities taking the jobs from outside countries. When you sent over 2000 resumes and you cannot find a job in your own country there is a huge problem.

  299. To; Jane

    I think your racism is a symptom of a larger underlying pathological issues/problems requiring immediate psychological attention.

    I highly doubt you’d understand but the immigration issue stems from fundamentally flawed government policy. The people you are complaining about constantly (to no avail, it seems) are sought after and invited by YOUR government. Many leave and never come back but many more are then invited by your government which deploys an active program of courting people from around the world. I consider it a morally reprehensible scheme to collect money from unsuspecting, innocent and hard working people from poor countries. When they arrive they are on their own and have to content with social, economic and other hardships, such as; racism, astronomical cost of living and society still stuck in the colonial era mindset. I am speaking from my experience as a black immigrant in Canada (before I left).

    You said you prefer white immigrants, and that is your prerogative, but white nations are experiencing population decline worldwide. So the sooner you realized and accept that whiteness no longer entails special privilege or cultural supremacy, the better your life will be. Your complaints might appear legitimate but you live in a country where complaining is daily activity. Have you ever considered moving to another country? What obtainable objectives do you have in mind that would reasonably alleviate your seemingly endless suffrage? Surely the “country” won’t go back in time and become all white; that is the fallacy of the false alternative; it won’t happen. Canada is becoming unlivable for increasing number of people, having understood that simple fact and being subjected to unprecedented humiliation, I made the decision to leave and my life is considerably better for it. The choice, the solution and the entire issue rests on your shoulders.

    I think Logan illustrated the point clearly to a certain extent.

  300. Id you come to canada and your not white and you apply for a job and dont get the job guess what? Its not discrimination………cause if that was the case that I AM BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST by my own people because I am white and I sent over 2000 resumes in 4 years and I still dont have a job…….could it be because nonwhites are being hired over ME gee well that would be reverse discrimination.

  301. Probably the reason you have not found a job is because employers have sensed your racisim. There is obviously something wrong with you if you have not been hired. Maybe you should try Tim Hortons????

  302. I held great jobs all my life including UBC, hospitals, the police, immigration, CSIS (canadian secret service) and lawyer’s office. My last job was Head Office of Elections Canada. There is very little work now in canada. My white friends are out of work too for the firs time in their lives.

  303. Haha funny post. Some commenters here are dumb as fuck. Also, to the Lebanese commenter, if you don’t like it so much, then take your muslim ass back to your shithole country and get the fuck out of mine.

  304. I’m not going to touch on the political/economic arguments made against Canada by previous posters, but I will say this: the arguments made here against the Canadian people are only valid if you’re considering one very specific geographic region: southern Ontario (specifically the Golden Horseshoe). Go north and you’ll meet very nice, genuinely kind people. North of Parry Sound, it’s a whole other universe almost.

  305. To northern ontario: any place with few third world people is nice! Toronto is a dive now! Did you know that there are 150 gangs in toronto all foreign. Something very bad can and most likely will happen in toronto. They also have the highest youth unemployment in canada.

    To formerly left above- how can u judge if u no longer live in canada and I d ont like when people new to canada act like they know everything about canada when they are not canadian and most likely have never travelled or lived in other parts of canada. Some live in their parents basements and never live the independent life!

    As for birth rate that is a lie too. There are 35 other nations with a lower birth rate than canada, Japan is one of them. Russia also does not have immigration.

    To the other person who commented on fraudulent people working in immigration your deadon. Unfortunate we the people have no control over that. There are alot of people making alot of money off immigration, alot of them are foreign crooks from foreign nations, but some are local crooks.

    Unfortunately whites dont get to make decisions anymore its made from another racist minority who controls our banks, media and politics….the ones we saved from the nazis….

  306. Onto you American are the dumbest out there and you say Canada sucks it’s because we are all strong rebuff to live here can’t be a fussy ads hitch like you guys

  307. ONe more reason I hate canada is the vicious unprovoked attacks on people alone, 3 have been murdered in surrey, bc in the past 2 months. Surrey has a huge east indian population and major racism and issues between them the the other residents. Loads of gangs. (these did not exist before when surrey was white.

  308. My friends and I are OUTRAGED we are not being hired in our own country.The fast food places bring 3rd world drones on visas, no whites are hired or they want students. Flipos take the home care jobs and get into hospitals over us with no experience and little english- I just met one the other day (tr ied not to lose it) she has on ly been here 1 year and has a FT union job in a nursing home.

  309. Can’t agree more.
    Canada is fucking country which looks peaceful but boring and full of hyorcisy.
    Damn freezing winter lasts half year. Overpaid tax lasts forever and is getting increased continuously.
    America’s sex slave–Canada.

  310. Air Canada have the tiniest lawyers who are all physically deformed. They have underwritten screw you into their agreements and they all have ugly haircuts. Their security are small dogs called Dusty and Dusty has a tiny cock. They are not an airline to fly with if you belong to the civilized world and they can’t even speak their own fucking language the cunts. They are an butter of scum. Let’s hope they freeze to death in their small piss hole a a country.

  311. I hate Canada for its assholes, terrible communities, freezing weather and taxes. It’s great for poor people, definitely not for me. Everyone seems to love what they are told to do in here. They always busy working and schooling, this is the true Canadian life. They don’t look for what is better for themselves, they just stuck in this shit-hole and be like sheep. They pretend to be polite, but they are all unfriendly…I can’t stand them. They owe money their whole lives– don’t just look how they are. They are all actually poor. Never immigrate to this country if you are wealthy, otherwise they will suck all your money from your pocket. I prefer the US

  312. Well canada is way better than The USA. Okay,nightlife is way better in the states. But what the fuck? A winding down economy, there is no future of the US. The asians are kicking asses in the US and showing who’s boss. What is so proud being fucking american? Bloody 8 out of the 10 most deadliest gangs originated there,one of the highest no. Of rapes happen in the US, moreover racism , drugs, lowlife crimes. What the fuck are we Americans proud of? Any thing happens in this world, and we’ll be the first ones to get fucked.Seriously GOD BLESS AMERICA. I am an american. But definitely not a proud one.

  313. Hey Mr Kanav1000, this winter was brutal in Toronto, another winter like this one and I gurantee you people will flee south of the border quicker than hell. But what do people do? they buy canada goose, with a smirk on their face pretending this is the right way to do things. No it’s not, it’s freaking cold, you can’t get out on the patio for 8 months of the year. Taxes are everywhere it’s pathetic. This sheep mentality will be here to stay. Nothing will change, it’s a police state that protects its citizens so long as they don’t interfere with Family Compact ruling this country. They call Canada liberal? It’s actually very conservative in an ignorant sort of way. This puritanical presbyterian mindset permiates through all structures of local and provincial government. Anyone with a modicum of freedom still etched on his heart can see through that.

  314. Canada’s business and, most especially, its bureaucratic elites want you immigrants here as it makes their lives that much easier. They want you to come here to pay the aforementioned outrageous taxes on pretty much everything, to pay the exorbitant charges on your phone/food/insurance/banking services provided by the cartels that so characterizes the business environment here. One of the biggest roles you play, too, is to sustain the simply ridiculous homes prices here…you see, escalating home prices represent not wealth creation but rather are a transfer of wealth from those without property to those who already have some. Young people and immigrants are the outsiders, the dupes, that sustain the whole predatory edifice of builders/property taxes/mortgage lending/ cabal which, in Ontario at least, now represents almost half of economic output. I’m getting out in a few years. I advise prospective immigrants to go to Australia, Sweden, or Norway. Don’t waste your time here.

  315. I sadly have lived in SHITHOLE Ottawa for 11 years.
    Ive never met a bunch of more miserable hating racists as I have found in Ottawa. I have to get out of this nightmare. If you want to experience real BOREDOM to the point that you want to commit sideways move to Ottawa.
    However I love Victoria BC and Vancouver .
    The people in Ottawa are just plain ignorant , nasty bunch of rednecks.
    and the worst of it they actually believe Ottawa is great HAHAHAHA what a bunch of brainless morons. Ive travelled all over Southamerica, Europe USA and Canada and Ive never been to a more boring miserable disguating place than Ottawa Ontario.
    What a SHITHOLE. And the French Canadians are all a bunch of CUNTS LOL

  316. Good article, funny. I went to college in Ottawa and it was fucking cold there! How DID you like the neo-gothic parlimentary library? I thought it was pretty damn good (for Canada!).
    Peace Bro.

  317. I am Canadian and I live in Toronto. That said I. FUCKING. ***HATE***. THIS. PLACE.You know where I went wrong? I “messed” up and ended up living in the USA for over a decade. All over the USA. I discovered that ***EVERYTHING*** Canadian media portrays Americans to be is 98% complete horseshit. I also discovered that Canadians are so fucking full of themselves it is really sad. The kool aid drinkers up here who bought the whole “We’re Canadain and we’re better than the USA! Durr hurr healthcare. Derpy durr stupid American schools. Doinky fat stupid Americans ” hook, line, and sinker have no idea how much better it is elsewhere.

    I rue the day I made the decision to move back home to Canada. Even paying out of pocket for healthcare (which is far superior, btw) we were eons ahead in life than we are here now. Before anyone says “well if it is so great why are you not there now? ” Simple. Wife has family and extended family. I don’t. . .That is 100% the ***ONLY*** reason we are still up here. Even that reason is starting to not be enough to hold us here.

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  319. Is it me… or did ever commenter just missed out on the joke of this article?

    Comment boards are a waste of bandwidth.

  320. if you’re anglo white and posting bad comments – shame on you for not realizing this is satire lol shitbrains

  321. I fucking himpossible Ihithole because of these hidden issues, this is based on my experience. People who want to immigrate to Canada, READ CAREFULLY.
    – High taxes
    People work in Canada often overpay on tax.
    – High prices
    Food prices, phone, Internet, post secondary school tuition, gas prices, home
    Everyone can hardly afford all of the above.
    – High unemployment/low wages
    Everyday, I see hundreds of people applying for job. Even if university graduates get hired, they get underpaid.
    – unfriendly and fakeass people
    Its almost impossible to make real friends in here. I lived here for 10 years I can honestly tell you, the relation between you and your friends can’t last long. You’ll end up losing all friends you’ve made.
    – debt crisis
    believe it or not 99% of Canadians owe far more money than they expected. It’s all caused by high prices and low wage jobs. That why they work their ass off their entire life to repay their debt.

  322. I liked your post, it was funny. You look like David Arquette in your first picture.

    I also liked all the hate comments towards Canada, Made by the many imbeciles who actually thought this was a derogatory article towards Canada.

    SMRT people round here eh?

  323. I am planning to move to the US. Here is my list of reasons.
    1. Unfriendly people
    Most people I met pretend to be friends with me, but they are ignorant assholes. If you act just a bit differently than them, you get excluded from their group. Almost everyone in Canada acts the same fucking way.
    2. The Canadian life-style
    I noticed that the way they live is live-to-work. They owe far more money than they make. So they have to work their ass off their entire life to pay off their debt. I absolutely don’t want to be one of them.
    3. My potential
    So I want to be a better person in Canada. I find this impossible. The longer I live in here the more likely I will ruin my life. Even though I am being discouraged from reaching my goals in life by 100% of the people out there. I am talking about 100% of the people. They just imitate what everyone else does around them. They just act like sheep. At least in the US, there are more financially successful people by proportion. Bill Gates, Warren Buffetts, Steve Jobs and many more. Canada has very few and is full of unemployed successful university/college graduates that nobody gives a shit about.
    4. Boredom
    When it comes to excitement, Canada is the #1 boring country on the planet. Nothing to do other than school, work and shopping. Very few places to travel.
    5. Stupid laws
    Self-defense law in Canada only protects violators. They charge innocent people instead of violators. You’ll get what I am saying when you search David Chen, Ian Thompson and Brian Knight’s case. I basically can’t defend myself. If I do, I get charged.

  324. 1.Canada: full of financially miserable people
    USA: lots of wealthy/rich people

    2. Canada: people are UNinspiring, UNfriendly, Uninteresting, Ungenerous and UNreliable.
    USA: people are interesting, inspiring, admirable, terrific and at least more friendly.

    3. Canada: most of it is cold
    USA: most of it is warm

    4. Canada: we get trouble for defending ourselves ( You will understand what I mean when you do research on Ian Thompson, Brian knight and David chen)
    USA: at least in some states we can defend ourselves anyhow.

    5. Canada: boring
    USA: fun

    6. Canada: people think it’s safe , but I think it’s not because we can’t act in self defense as i mentioned in #4. If something happens we either suicide/get hurt or get charged by police stupid crowns.
    USA: people think it’s unsafe because gun violence exist there. I think it’s good to defend myself when i face imminent danger. I know the US isn’t perfect. I just have to live in the right place. It’s not that of a big deal even if gun violence exists in the US.

    7. Canada: school and work.
    USA: school, work plus fun.

    8. Canada: high taxes
    USA: lower taxes

    9. Canada: immigrants come here just to survive.
    USA: immigrants come here for better life.

    10. Canada: just a place for education and welfare.
    USA: a place for fun, sociology and freedom.

  325. I cannot believe u guys. You actually think the U.S. is better? We are going more and more into debt and cannot recover. there is gonna be a big economic crash here in the U.S.. The unemployment rate is horrible. In Florida the unemployment rate is 11.2%. When you live in Florida and apply for a job they usually have 300+ applications on file for one or two job positions. Canada is ranked number one above the U.S. They have highly reduced health care and the school tuition is much cheaper than the U.S. I would rather live there than live here in the U.S. Obama care is a joke as well. IF I TRY TO APPLY FOR HEALTH INSURANCE ON OBAMA’S WEBSITE THEY WANT TO CHARGE ME $300 ON UP FROM THERE! pathetic! the tuition here is more expensive too I think its like 18,000+ or more to go to college.

    see the following video for more information:

  326. UH Canada vs USA: some of your points about the U.S. are wrong. We do not have freedom cause now the government passed a law so that they can tap into our phone conversations and see what were up to on Facebook and other site. We have NO privacy!!!!!!!!!! They don’t have to have any evidence now to lock someone up in jail. U.S.A. is not fun if you don’t have any friends to share it with. Yeah lower taxes right now but they are gonna go up eventually. Our economy is crashing and the price of the American dollar is very low. China owns a lot of property in the US right now as well and so I say that they will own us eventually. we could become a communist government. I hate to see the day when that comes. Work is bad here too. We don’t even get paid as much as Canadians do. I have been with walmart for 6 1/4 years and I only make $11.05/hour. NO CANADA HAS MORE WEALTHY PEOPLE THAN WE DO! WATCH THE VIDEO IF YOU WANNA KNOW!

  327. Laura Heidorn – What law so they they can tap into your phone conversations and see what were up to on Facebook and other site? The US still has more millionaires and billionaires than Canada does. National debt isn’t serious,but individual debt is serious, it keeps hitting new highs. Watch this if you don’t believe me.
    Canada actually has high unemployment rate since 2008.

  328. I was born in Canada and have lived in Ottawa for almost 20 years of my life. I think if you haven’t spent enough time here, you haven’t the right to comment what it’s really like. I suppose I am biased because of my personal experiences, but I can’t honestly say I’ve experienced any happy moment here that wasn’t drug-induced. I’ve only really met a handful of nice Canadians IRL, as has been mentioned that a large number of them seem to suffer some sort of mental disorder and are unusually hostile/neurotic/uptight/etc. as a result of that. I can go on and on about all the abuse I was subject to as a result of all my disadvantages (having immigrant parents, social differences, lack of empathetic people around me growing up, etc.), but I’d rather not. I’ll just say that although no country is perfect, I’m completely baffled as to how Canada and Canadians continue to get the reputation that they do for being so much nicer/smarter/better than their southern neighbours, as I can say for fact that is simply not true. Case in point: the very first time in my life that I believe I encountered a genuinely nice person, it was a foreigner and I was 18.

  329. Canadians are extremely passive/laissez-faire about everything from how they look out for children to how they handle criminal cases. For example, there’s no universal screening available for autism and there isn’t even a national surveillance program for people with autism, so we don’t even have a clue as to how many people actually get diagnosed with autism in this country and have to ‘assume’ that it’s the same statistic as it is in the States (which has increased from 1 in 88 to 1 in 68 as of last year). It’s NOT a good place to raise a child who has any kind of social disorder, as he/she will be left to rot on a waiting list for several years (if they’re even lucky enough to receive a diagnosis) just to begin any kind of treatment, at which point said treatment becomes totally ineffectual. The criminal justice system is like that of the Third World, in which victims get punished while criminals are rewarded and/or let off with a slap on the wrist. Come on, any country with such a massive superiority complex should be able to do better than that!

  330. lived in the greatest country in the world since 1976,after this number of years you would think i would be american,NEVER,ALWAYS BE CANADIAN, married a yank,love her with all my heart and tried to get her to leave,she won’t,one day i will go HOME TO THE GREAT WHITE NORTH, i don’t hate america,but, you all are going backwards,so say what you wish and remember,you need to appreciate those around

  331. I was born and raised in Toronto. My whole life, I was brainwashed into thinking Canada is the best country in the world. I wanted to be brainwashed. I wanted to believe it. But as the years went by, reality started to seep into my consciousness, slowly at first. I would notice something that bothered me and didn’t fit the narrative, and I would try to ignore it or justify it somehow. Then I would notice something else… and something else. Kept avoiding the reality. But I was miserable. I was eventually diagnosed as clinically depressed.

    I still believed on some level that Canada was the best country in the world. But at the same time I dreamed of moving away and not coming back, because I could see that even if it was the best country in the world, I didn’t really like being here. It’s insufferably boring. The government doesn’t permit us to have fun. We’re not allowed to enjoy ourselves. There are laws for everything. Exorbitant sin taxes designed to discourage you from going out and having fun. Police everywhere, handing out tickets, enforcing laws that shouldn’t even exist in a free society. People are either government slaves, or unemployed, or doing some kind of disability scam or otherwise getting paid by the government. It’s next to impossible for most people to avoid that and start a successful business, because of all the taxes and red tape, and all the people with no money, also because of taxes, who would be the ones buying.

    To make a long story short, a few years ago I sold my house, packed all my stuff into storage, and left, without even caring where I would end up, just as long as it wasn’t Canada. I was gone for almost 3 years. Stayed in several countries on 2 continents for extended periods of time. I rented apartments and learned some of the local languages, enough in some cases to have detailed conversations with the locals. It was the happiest time of my life. My depression completely disappeared. I started to learn what it felt like to be free, for the first time. The social awkwardness that had afflicted me for years also disappeared, as I learned how to socialize with normal people – this had always been difficult if not impossible for me in Toronto.

    I was happily surprised to discover that even being in my 40s, women – some my age, some much younger, were interested in meeting me. I could say hello to them and some of them would actually respond. I had girlfriends. I felt like a kid again. Happy to be alive.

    Thinking everything was ok now, and that it was time to get back to work, get another property, pay taxes, be a citizen; I returned to Canada. If leaving for 3 years was the smartest thing I ever did, returning was the stupidest. Because after experiencing the outside world and soaking in it, not on a 2 week all-inclusive vacation, but actually living out in the world, I saw Canada for how it really is with new eyes. It was even more boring and depressing than I remembered. I saw police everywhere. Signs saying “don’t do this” “no doing that” “forbidden”, etc. etc. Oppressive and unnecessary laws covering everything. This is a fucking communist country, and I totally realize that now. They’re just more sophisticated at brainwashing people into thinking they’re free than the Soviets were.

    I had an epiphany today. They just passed another law taking away my personal freedom to sit on a patio with a drink. A small thing perhaps, but for me it’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Canada isn’t a free country and either the people here like it that way, or they’re too stupid to realize how awful their lives are.

    I am going to leave again at the first opportunity. I hope I’m not stupid enough to come back next time.

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