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Climate Change Clusterfuck

So it turns out we were wrong again. Another era of being caught up in sensationalism and “end of the world” hysteria has come upon us. But where do we stand now? Has everything that we’ve come to believe about a supposed Global Warming been complete horse shit?

The short answer is “yes,” with an extravagantly hypothetical “but…

Sensationalism at its core, but the message is there.

For the better part of this decade we’ve heard a resounding rallying cry from Global Warming enthusiasts who firmly believed that our world was hurtling ever-closer to the sun. Of course, the gradual warming of certain areas could be cause for concern.

If ecosystems are being destroyed, the trickle-up effect on humanity could potentially be severe, but the over exaggeration and fear-tactics used by those who seek to push their dubious agendas may create an even worse situation for all of us.

In the mid-to-late 1970’s, government and scientists pushed the “growing concern” or the “imminent 2nd Ice Age.” Perhaps we should have listened…I mean, how many of those shitty movies is Ray Romano going to make?

Enough, Mr. Leguizamo.

Of course, we’re talking about a global cooling–not a series of animated movies that continues to put cash in John Leguizamo’s pocket. The study showed that over the previous 30 years, the Earth’s temperature had sharply declined. If the trend continued, we would all be hunting Wooly Mammoths and pissing on each other to stay warm.

Theoretically, these claims were semi-accurate, but driven by a government agenda to keep this “faith” alive. Scientists working on the government dime will undoubtedly behave as their bosses–backstabbing and twisting facts just to provide the results that those who passes out the money request. It’s not rocket science…it’s just dishonest science.

Pope John Paul II had to issue an apology for the Church’s treatment of Galileo. Essentially, they threatened to boil him alive if he kept preaching that the Earth revolved around the Sun…so he said, “Fuck it. I’m wrong.”


There is little question that small “ice ages” and (to make up a term) “fire ages” occur throughout history. Species are displaced, weird weather anomalies occur, and polar bears have to start taking more swimming lessons. None of this is reason to celebrate, but is it an occurrence that we’re able to do anything about?

History has shown us many examples of hot and cold spells. An unusually chilly Europe gave rise to Stradivarius’ magnificent violins and switched from elegant wines to more cold-friendly booze. Oh, and Greenland used to be fucking green…you know, back when it was actually habitable.

While there have been a plethora of noble scientists who have relied solely on constantly changing and often drastically impactful data, other hugely influential scientific organizations have just been caught ignoring, hiding, and tampering with data that contradicts their pre-established view.

This is where the story begins. The University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit in England was hit by hackers who found reams of E-mails amongst trusted scientists allegedly claiming to have hidden and misrepresented data which nullified their claims. The scientific community is understandably pissed.

If you're going to listen to THIS cunt's advice about ANYTHING, please feel free to eat a dick.

The research center, also known as Hadley Research Center is among the top influential bodies of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for the United Nations. While there are perfectly logical explanations for the completely taken out of context content of these E-Mails, a full investigation is absolutely imperative.

Many are calling for President Obama to address these concerns personally. While it is reasonable to believe that all of the research done wasn’t complete bullshit, it is still imperative that the data undergoes a thorough scrutiny before the world pours billions of pointless and worthless dollars into a problem that–quite possibly–never really existed in the first place.

…if we did that, we might find ourselves in some kind of…financial…crisis…hmm…

In this age of sensationalism and rampant spending, we must begin to be (at very least) fiscally conservative. And when I say “we,” I mean “the government“…because, seriously–my Playstation 3 ain’t gonna pay for itself. As ignorant assholes, we depend on our government to make the logical decisions when it comes to our tax dollars. need to finger-point.

Needless to say, this intentional mindfuck of the Western World isn’t anything new. For every major issue (and minor issue) there is plenty of misinformation to get wrapped up in. Second-hand smoke, Recycling, Baby Einstein, and Climate Change are just a handful of the elements of your daily life that we believe based on absolutely no concrete evidence.

…not to mention evolution (just kidding. I’m not retarded).

These recent findings will not quiet the voices of Climate Warriors; and there’s plenty of real evidence out there to support certain claims. The evidence, however, that this “global climate change catastrophe” is affecting the entire world on an unwavering scale, getting incrementally worse and worse by the second–to put simply: just doesn’t fucking exist.

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