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Life Lessons from Brandi Love

The First Time I ever kissed a man and felt light headed and slightly confused, I married him! I always wondered when I was younger how I would know who the “one” was. I had heard “you just know”, and things of that nature. But when I kissed Michael on our 3rd date ( yeah right, it was the first!) I knew he was the one because of how he made me feel, both physically and emotionally when we locked lips. That passion still makes me dizzy and weak kneed today.

With the power of a god, I would liberate peoples minds to be able to see through the thick foggy glasses society has put on people’s faces. What a world it would be if people could and would think and choose for themselves and not be so ridiculously concerned with what the masses would think. Less judgment more involvement in ones own life.

I’ve always considered myself someone who is to make new paths for others to hike on. I have always preferred, not only the road less traveled…but the road not yet traveled.

I can’t stand when Motherfuckers talk meaningless banter about others in public forums especially when they do not know the individual. Take it out back and deal with your shit in private. I mean for crying out loud get out of high school already.

When I was a kid, I really wanted to be a veterinarian. This stayed a desire of mine until I was 15 and realized that as a vet there would be times I had to put animals down, and that sometimes they died no matter what I did for them. This changed my path. I still love animals, however I simply have them as pets now and leave the medical up to the pros. 🙂

If my life were a crappy romantic comedy, it would not have the crappy part! Romantic comedy perhaps but mine would so not suck. I am pretty sure, ok positive it would be xxx rated. Being Swingers and truly living the hotwife lifestyle, there has not been a week without hot sex and or nudity in over 18 years! We definitely have had some wild and funny experiences that I am sure would make anyone belly laugh but it has been a hotass sexy ride. Hmmmm, maybe we should document all this activity…oh yeah we have! (Smirk) IS my romantic comedy.

The worst advice I ever got was that I could trust the judicial system to work for the innocent.

God dammit, I wish I would have fucked that rockstar when I had the chance.

I think one of the shittiest things I’ve ever done was getting caught hiding Easter eggs when that was supposed to be the Easter Bunnies job. Needless to say the Easter Bunny ceased to exist that day… 😦

One thing you should know about me is that I absolutely love what I do. I am asked all the time how I balance my adult life with my professional life with family life and to me it is simple. When you love what you do and know who you are there is time for the things you choose to pursue. Priorities are always in order and then of course time management is essential. I have definitely need a hand now and again with that last one but when I follow my schedule, shit gets done and everyone is happy! It brings me a massive amount of joy to see people liberated from that which binds them. If I help just one person get to know themselves better, and start living as that person…..I have accomplished my goal.

Thanks Super DPS crew for allowing me this opportunity to hang with you guys! Cum visit me anytime (wink)


Brandi Love

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3 thoughts on “Life Lessons from Brandi Love”

  1. Thanks for the info, your site is good! I’ve had a tradition with my cousins for years where we hunt for easter eggs. This really made me think of that! Happy Easter!

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