VH1 to bring back ‘Pop Up Videos’

Get your present-face ready. You know, that expression you get when someone gives you a gift that you really don’t want but you have to act as enthused as your mind can handle? That’s the one. VH1 has made the nostalgia of the Nickelodeon generation (that is, adults born in the eighties to early-nineties) their bread and butter. Not only can they capitalize off of this misplaced nostalgia, but they’ll do you one better and give you shows like Best Week Ever to gain that edge on those who are too blazed to remember anything further back than 5 days ago.

Yes, we’re all very excited for the rebirth of ‘Pop Up Videos,’ but why? They were annoying, not-very informative, and went on for far too long. Do we miss that little ‘bubble popping’ sound flaring up every 5 seconds during music videos that we almost kinda wanted to watch? Is there something we wanted to know about Duran Duran so badly that we must put all our faith in VH1 to educate us?

One of the “positives” of VH1 bringing ‘Pop Up Videos’ out of retirement is that they are going to begin featuring rap and hip hop vids for the first time. But…eh.

In an age where we have full access to any and all information and any and all music videos that have ever been made at the touch of a button, do we need ‘Pop Up Videos?’ I suppose my generation has reached the point in our lives where we start to look back on things a little differently. Wasn’t it exciting when Spike TV brought back Ren & Stimpy? Then we realized the new version was garbage?

MTV is set to bring back Beavis and Butthead in the fall, and I’m almost excited. I liked the show, but I never gave enough of a shit about it to care if the new version can “hold up.”

Perhaps the fact that I no longer have cable and have been relying on Netflix for nostalgia on demand has made me a bit cynical when it comes to praising crap I watched as a child. But, in the long run, at least VH1 offers a new generation the opportunity to watch something vaguely culturally interesting…

…while MTV is sending developmentally disabled Neanderthals to Europe.

Alex G/


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