The War on Comedy, part II

I bet you’re wondering where part one can be found. The answer is that it can’t. I’ve decided to call this “Part 2” because part one exists all across the web. One comedian “goes too far” and one topic is no longer acceptable to make light of. If we can’t laugh at horrible and offensive things, we just become dead, boring, melancholy, hateful people.

If we can’t make jokes about the things that hurt us the most, we would be in our rooms in tears every moment of every day. 9/11 weakened this country in every conceivable way. But we were able to make jokes—horrible, tasteless, unoriginal, filthy, offensive jokes—but we laughed and we were able to cope.

Rape is now the hot-button issue because of a flippant remark made by comedian Daniel Tosh. Subsequently, the fine people of Center City Comedy, It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia, and myself released a video you may or may not have seen. Not intended to take advantage of the debate, entirely (honestly) by coincidental timing:


And then, released an article in response to a hateful and vindictive blogger:


(Which, I imagine you could consider part one of this soap-box speech)

While the outrage seems to be settling around Tosh, it hits home for us. I’ve been trying to make a name for myself in this business for years…and it hurts that people react this way. What hurts more is that people give any credence to some inane and illiterate blogger who only feels the need to cause pain.

I could be just as flippant about the negativity and the haters. I could retort in ways that are mean, spiteful and derogatory, but I don’t want to…except towards one person in particular. I don’t want to hurt people who have already been hurt or offended. I don’t want to hurt people–period. But if my sense of humor or style offends, I can’t control that. That’s who I am, and you are who you are. You probably won’t change, and I almost certainly will stay who I am as well.

I especially want to thank those involved with this project, and those who stand strong in support of comedy and the artist’s right to freedom.

Thanks guys (and especially gals)!

10 thoughts on “The War on Comedy, part II”

  1. hey fuckstick..my reading level surpasses anything you hacky little pricks could dream up. i got more talent in the tip of my penis.

  2. i forgot that you simpletons blew up the internet with your 5000 views of that drivel…shows your delusion…if you think ken starr had a hard on for bill clinton then wait til ya get a load of me, ya dig?

    i predict 15 plants at thursday raven lounge show armed with mentos.

  3. Just apologize and take down the video. Mistakes happen, but you can’t go to the mat insisting that every one of your mistakes should live on forever. As a bonus, you won’t spend the rest of your life fighting commenters and assholes like deepthroat.

  4. 1. It’s not my video to take down. It’s not on MY YouTube page (yet).
    2. Even if it were, I wouldn’t take it down because I stand by it as being funny.
    3. I’m sure I’ll have to deal with insults and threats from dickless up there my whole life regardless. Can’t you just NOT pay attention to us if you don’t care for what we do? We’re not hurting anyone.

  5. And that’s where we disagree. I think minimizing/trivializing date rape WILL hurt people, but what do you care? You got up to 5,000 hits! Who cares if someone gets raped in the future?

    If filming frat-boy-id videos for comedians doesn’t work out, maybe you can get a job as an administrator at Penn State.

  6. You’re right. Absolutely. When someone gets raped in the future, I will personally blame myself. Just as I personally blame Wes Craven every time someone is brutally murdered. We just put it out on Thursday, asshole. What have you ever done? Stay in Mt. Laurel.

  7. Ahaha I’d like to meet the rapist that says, “Ok, if this viral video gets any more hits, I’m gonna force my dick in some chick…sorry, LADY, tonight.” What a lame yet somehow popular stance. I bet Elliot’s dad came out as gay and then married a cat.

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