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Watson’s review of ‘The Watch’

Here is a film in which an alien menace is treated with indifference by those being menaced. “The Watch,” scribed by “Superbad” helmers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, is a science-fiction comedy in which little green men (who aren’t so little) plan to annihilate all of mankind. A buddy film, it has four male leads whose characters speak with increasing frequency of one another’s genitals, learn of the impending alien invasion and then proceed to speak of the aliens’ genitals. Upon obtaining the dead body of an extraterrestrial, they do not alert the proper authorities or investigate the corpse, opting instead to dress it up in shades and a wig and pose for photos while waltzing with it.

This could be the central gag of “The Watch,” that a global attack from outer-space beings is seen by our protagonists as little more than a minor inconvenience and a source of amusement. A similar gag was at the centre of Edgar Wright’s horror-comedy “Shaun of the Dead,” in which two British slackers and their trio of mates have a rather nonchalant reaction to a zombie apocalypse. But no: “The Watch” attempts to cook up an air of mystery with its plot and then strives for suspense in its action-packed climax, doing so with not a shred of success – the timer may be ticking, but our pulses pound at a steady pace, all the while our funny bones are left thoroughly untickled. (Continue Reading…)

(4 outta 10)

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