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How Aubrey O’Day Broke My Heart…

Tonight, I was perusing Twitter for my daily dose of hashtag-related humor, suggestive images, and kids using language that I stopped understanding long ago. This is when I stumbled upon a gun-control related tweet from the lovely Aubrey O’Day.


O’Day was referring to a breaking news story out of Southern California this afternoon regarding a doctor who was specifically targeted (for some reason) and shot several times in the examination room of a medical office. I’d imagine more people were probably shot today than just this one case, but that’s beside the point. Any shooting is too many shootings. Regardless, this catching my eye, I decided to make a point in return–as people who want to keep their guns and right to privacy make her “sick”.

I am by no means a “gun nut”. I do, however, get upset when people lay blanket insults out without tact or sensible thought. I’d imagine I’m more of a “freedom nut” as I want to respect every citizen’s individual rights and give them as much power over their own lives and decisions as possible–except when it comes to harming others in the process.

Let me just state that I hadn’t heard of Aubrey until seeing her on Celebrity Apprentice, but I really enjoyed her on the show and believe, despite her statement, that she’s a very smart woman. This is when Aubrey broke my heart…

I just want to point out that she very carefully changed “HAVE guns” to “NEED guns”–not in an effort to shorten the tweet, clearly, as HAVE and NEED are similar in length…but almost certainly to make my point about the language and rhetoric of the Second Amendment seem like the ramblings of a fucking mental case. Of course civilians don’t NEED guns. Even a well-armed populous or hillbilly militia wouldn’t stop the wrath of the actual military full of trained individuals.

Also, we don’t want another Civil War. We don’t want states to secede from the Union, and those who think that a black president is the End of Days are batshit. Perhaps I didn’t make my point clearly enough within the 140 character allotment, but I did attempt to explain myself to Aubrey and her followers who mostly felt that they needed to echo her sentiments.

Anyway, this was my evening. How was yours?

I love you, Aubrey. Let’s be friends again?

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