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Happy Belated Death Day, Hugo Chavez!

The death of 4-term Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, is a tricky subject. On one hand, I’m an American and America’s relationship with this president has been “sketchy” at best. Because of the possibly inaccurate reports that came from the country during times of supposed human rights violations, voter intimidation, and, well, the suppression of media outlet, it remains difficult to gather a complete and accurate portrait of life in the Bolivarian Republic. Perhaps someone knows some Venezuelan refugees who could shed some light on this topic, as all I can do is admit to my ignorance. All I know is that until his dying days, Chavez remained the only world leader who looked and dressed as if he were that creepy non-English-speaking old guy who works at Target.

So, was he loved and praised? Hated and jeered? I suppose it depends on who you ask; but I don’t believe the Socialist Roman Catholic should be considered a symbol or an icon for liberals in America–because let’s be fair, Che Guevara wasn’t a saint either.



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