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Meet Your Black Johnny Storm!

Josh Trank, the writer/director of one of my favorite films from last year Chronicle, has been chosen to helm the upcoming obligatory reboot of Fantastic Four. More interesting, however, has been the onslaught of rumors and speculation regarding this release. And finally we have some concrete information.


  Trank has chosen to once again work with newcomer Michael B. Jordan who played popular kid-turned-super-human Steve Montgomery in Chronicle. This news is brand-spanking-new so I doubt Twitter is ablaze (no pun intended) with Donald Glover-level race-rage about casting a black Human Torch, but we’ll see how the public takes on the news.

After all, Jessica Alba was a Hispanic Sue Storm in the previous Fantastic franchise. No word on any other casting decisions–or if Sue Storm/Invisible Woman will be African American as well, but I’m excited for the updates to come!

Fantastic Four is evidently hitting theaters in 2015 along with every other Blockbuster for both Disney and Marvel, but we’ll see how that pans out.


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