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Winter Soldier, Meet the Falcon

Set for a release date of April 4, 2014, Captain America: The Winter Soldier will serve as a follow up to The Avengers, following Steve Rogers’ story after the events in New York City. Comic book fans know who The Winter Soldier is, but for those of you who are curious…(Possible Spoilers)


Bucky Barnes, Captain America’s best friend and “sidekick” was thought to have died in the accident that also ended with Steve Rogers being frozen in time. In fact, Bucky got his shit pushed in, but remained alive. He was given a replacement robotic arm and a new memory by the Soviets for Department X, and became…(drum roll) The Winter Soldier. His next assignment was assassination jobs which turned out to be pretty grisly…such as when he launches a terrorist attack in Philadelphia killing hundreds of people.

You’d think these acts would be unforgivable, but keep in mind that the Soldier doesn’t know who he is. There are many stories about The Winter Soldier including him being romantically connected to the Black Widow; however, the plot with the most impact may be in Marvel’s Civil War.

In Civil War, the Soldier has retained his memory as Bucky, but retains the memories of all the atrocities he’s committed. When Steve Rogers is killed, it’s Bucky who takes up the mantle of the Cap. But, it’s not likely this plot point will be brought to film.

So let’s get into it, already! What can we expect from the next chapter in the Captain America story?

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Falcon! The first black superhero in mainstream comic books will be brought to life by Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker) and looks pretty bad-ass…even without the giant silly wings. Falcon is set to be Captain America’s partner in ass-kickery, and if Winter Soldier is going to be as killer as he should be, Cap is going to need all the help he can get.


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