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The Truth About “Unfiltered Beauty”

Photoshop Parody Ads Show the Depressing Truth About Filtered Beauty

“In a new series of incisive Photoshops, artist Anna Hill uses the image editing techniques that are ubiquitous in mainstream advertising to turn herself into a model. The resulting parody ads don’t market make up or clothes, but instead, the image-perfecting power of Photoshop itself.”

I posted this article on Facebook and did a well-thought out commentary in the comments section. I spent too much time on it not to re-post, so here ya go…

(Just take the “You” in this to be directed towards someone who shares the “artist’s” mindset. You can read the original thread HERE)

1. Everything in the media tells men that being fat and slightly antisocial is okay as long as your kinda funny and smart? I missed that one. The media tells men you either need to be wealthy, famous, or super hot. That unrealistic expectation is paired with the unrealistic expectations for women in that FICTIONAL MAN gets FICTIONAL WOMAN and you have to be ABC to get DEF. That’s all there is to it. And everyone knows that’s mostly unrealistic, but it happens and that’s how society works.

2. I don’t think people are really effected by seeing beautiful photoshopped images any more than a passive noticing. You say that men only have the capability to say “She’s hot” rather than to say “She seems very knowledgeable and well-spoken”…that’s a little condescending. I think even if a guy does focus only on looks, again…it’s a passive thing. That notion disappears so quickly. Sure I can say “that girl on FOX is hot,” but after listening to her talk for 2 minutes, I give up. I think girls who are intelligent and well-spoken often feel that they’re somehow at war with the dumb prom queen and that was never true. In fact, more and more, you see the straight A student becoming prom queen, or the Valedictorian being the Quarterback of the Football team.

3. Not everything is black and white. And I totally agree with you that I (an adult unmarried male) don’t know what it’s like to be a woman. I don’t know what it’s like to be a teenage girl who gets teased or feels small in a big world. My opinion is completely subjective because, it’s my opinion, and I don’t know how Jane in Kansas City feels. I do, however, know what it’s like to be bullied, put down, shit on, and wanting to die. Sometimes it takes a strong will and motivation paired with intelligence to make it in a world that’s constantly trying to pass you by.

The reality is: Rather than blaming media for showing models in a certain way, we should be teaching young people that they don’t NEED to strive towards unrealistic goals…and that certain things are fictionalized for aesthetic reasons. We should encourage our young people, but don’t give them the expectation that they can do and be whatever they want…because that’s not the case. We can put Rebel Wilson on magazine covers all we want, but she’s never going to be a media sex symbol…The important thing is: She doesn’t want/need to be.


(Special Thanks to Teresa Masterson)

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