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Force Fed Flicks


Who doesn’t like movies?

Sure, some of us are easier to please than others; and studios feel the need to give us whatever they feel is necessary to sell more tickets.  I must confess I wasn’t excited for the new Ghostbusters for various reasons, mainly Paul Feig pretending he could write comedy when in fact he should stick to the director’s chair and out of the script; however I did have some hopes that perhaps it could be good, it wasn’t. For these less “chick flick” movies that have women as the face of the film there is no need for constant self-defense, just make a good movie.

That’s where Ghostbusters fell flat, other than the extreme gender role reversal where all of the male characters should be wearing diapers and helmets to protect themselves from themselves; the plot is constantly forcing the fact that these Ghostbusters are women. WHAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND!?!?! THEY’RE FIGHTING GHOSTS WHILE BEING FEMALE!!!!!!

I know it’s hard to understand being that the current generation of women under the age of 40 have lived a life of constantly being told they be whatever they want when they grow up, yet are still heavily oppressed somehow. Whatever, I really don’t care, the point is we’re being force fed garbage and Ghostbusters is only the tip of the iceberg.

Over in the DC cinematic universe there has been more marketing hype to be met with weak plots, bad lines, and uneventful drama. Man of Steel was OK, Batman v Superman was meh, and Suicide Squad was whatever the hell you feel like telling yourself it was. It wasn’t good, you were lied to, and Jared Leto’s Joker is clearly the worst Joker ever. Imagine you’re one of the writers and someone suggests: “Hey I’ve got it! We make the Joker a little lovelorn bitch and throw some silly tattoos on him so no one knows the difference?” If I wanted to make the Joker a sissy with green hair I would’ve cast Jared Leto too.

You can try to defend his performance, but, you’re wrong.  Now we do have a new hope!

Dear Gal Gadot,

Maybe you were meant to be in BvS, maybe you weren’t. It’s not really known as to why half of what happened in that movie happened anyway. Your standalone Wonder Woman movie looks like it may have enough power to propel this rushed DCU franchise forward, as well as make a badass movie with a woman as the lead. Help us Gal Gadot, you’re our only hope.

Let’s consider us to be modern minded people, we don’t mind who the lead character is as long as the movie is good. We don’t need to be force fed fast food flicks, just gives us something delicious for our eyes and ears.

If Star Wars didn’t cross your mind while reading this, you’re a sexist pig. Rey is bae!


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