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Gays Go Gaga Over Gaga


I have to admit, I’m a bit of a philistine when it comes to Lady Gaga (Queen G? Her Royal Majesty, the Gaga?). While I’ve been aware of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta’s career for almost a decade, I’d imagine the real fans remember ol’ Manhattan Stef from 2005 when she was doing club music and children’s songs (what?).

Despite her obvious talent, it always seemed like her Pop Star persona and club music seemed more suited for a Fast and Furious-style Ru Paul Drag Race than emanating from a heterosexual adult’s radio while sitting in traffic on I-76. But I’m assured some of her music can be easy on the ears…and perhaps…the soul?

27 Million Albums, 146 Million Singles, over $300M in over 3.2 Million Ticket Sales from 3 World Tours…the stats don’t lie, and there certainly aren’t that many Harris Glenn Milsteads (look it up) in the world to suck all this noise down…so she must be doing something right.

Admittedly, the video that tuned me in to Lady Gaga’s seemingly limitless talent wasn’t her at all, but a young Greyson Chance kicking some ass.

Now Greyson’s making awkward, simple, poor-man’s Nick Jonas/Justin Bieber music and Lady Gaga is still, evidently, Queen…and her fans won’t let you forget it. Her Golden Globe win for American Horror Story; her Oscar nod for a song in a Documentary about the horrors of fudging statistics; her memorable performance at whatever Super Bowl was the last Super Bowl

But for all of her successes and stretching out her talents to passable acting and passable dressing-like-Bjork, does she still own that top “Queen of Pop” trophy her fans seem to think she does?

Today it was announced that her new single Perfect Illusion was dropping in September and it’s got the Internet going nuts.

It’s a solid 80:20 ratio of guys to girls on Twitter absolutely FREAKING OUT about this new (who knows how good it’ll be) song.

Clearly Gaga has had a huge impact on the LGBT community over the years, because the phrase “I listen to Lady Gaga” has officially replaced “I’m a friend of Dorothy” as the “tell.”

And who doesn’t love an explosion of glitter and pure cocaine? There’s only one word to describe it: fabulous.

Even Netflix‘s new powerhouse Baz Luhrmann series The Get Down features a sequence that explicitly reveals the magician’s secret of the pop industry: win over the gays, and you’re in.

So now we wait and wonder. Will Lady Gaga recover from the cringe-worthy and awkward series of duets with Creepy Uncle “Stranger Danger” Tony Bennett and reclaim her throne…

…or fizzle out during a moderately successful acting career, clinging to the dying club scene, wasting away as an old crone shoving her tongue down Drake’s throat?

Oh, wait. Wrong Queen.


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