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Bath Salts & Hot Dogs: Sausage Party Review

Grits (Craig Robinson), Firewater (Bill Hader), Twink (Scott Diggs Underwood) in Columbia Pictures’ SAUSAGE PARTY.

The first time you heard about the movie Sausage Party you probably thought to yourself, “WTF”, which is incredibly accurate. The first time you saw the trailer you probably said to yourself, “WTF” and “I think I want to see this”. I have seen Sausage Party, and let me tell you this, it’s the hilarious fever dream I hoped it would be and more.

In a time where people seem to be offended by everything, Sausage Party goes out of its way to offended everyone and anyone with any sort of sensitivity. I don’t think any subject was left untouched, and as ridiculous as this movie seems, it somehow makes a great point to how petty we people can be… by way of food and other grocery store items. This is a world where lavash and bagels can’t seem to ever get along, and Michael Cera shows us his true form as a deformed midget sausage.

I enjoyed this movie to the point where I’d like to avoid spoilers. If you’re in the need of serious belly laughs after a hard day or week, this is a movie that provides. This movie takes itself as serious as you should take it, and by the end you’ll be in the mood for hot dogs and bath salts!

Joe’s Grade: A

(EDITOR’S NOTE: For future reference, when looking for a particular character image from this movie, do not attempt to do a Google Image search for “Sausage Party Twink“)

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