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DJ Shadow ft. Run the Jewels, New Video Release!

Run the Jewels may be the only hipster-friendly rap supergroup that has maintained its image and credibility. Made up of El-P and Killer MikeRun the Jewels crossbreeds NYC beats with Atlanta hip hop–a perfect blend of East Coast sound.

In the wake of Meow the Jewels (a remix of Run the Jewels 2 featuring all cat sounds instead of instrumentals…remember what I said about the hipster thing?), and the lead-up to Run the Jewels 3, we were given a little treat in the form of DJ Shadow‘s June 24th release of The Mountain Will Fall.

The album received negative-to-mediocre reviews, but the highlight track was–no surprise–Nobody Speak ft. Run the Jewels.

I first heard this track featured on the hilarious HBO sitcom Silicon Valley, and thought it was perfect .The music video is a perfect political clusterfuck battle-song, and the track is, at worst, a chance for Bernie-Bro Killer Mike to release some of his Donald Trump salt deposits.


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