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Carlos Danger is in Trouble, Again!


Anthony Weiner (a.k.a. Carlos Danger) has finally deleted his Twitter account after the New York Post exclusive (sounds like an oxymoron) story that he’s been sexting it up again.

Not that that’s any of our business.

Of course, this is a huge political deal now that his wife, Huma Abedin, is out traversing this great country of ours, campaigning for the Wicked Witch from Wherever You Say She’s From, Hillary Clinton. Now, according to reports, their marriage is coming to an end.

Not that that’s any of our business.

Social Media attention is now being turned on the previous Weiner scandal and Sydney Leathers, the woman who divulged the bulge in the last apparent “worst thing to have ever happened.” But, for now, this new busty brunette in question remains anonymous.

Not that that’s any of our business.

4The best part of this whole “scandal” is Anthony Weiner‘s Trend-Setting forward-thinking approach to dick-size comparison photography. I don’t think anyone’s ever though to use your own newborn baby lying next to you to show the equivalency in size to a boner. Classy and smart.

So while his soon-to-be-ex-wife campaigns alongside a woman who has been through (and done) far worse, we all look on in faux-outrage thinking, “thank god it’s not me this time.”



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