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HBO’s Vice Principals is Worth Your Time

giphy (5)I was and still am a huge fan of the HBO series Eastbound & Down. The primary reason for that is that the show hit on all of the extremes of comedy, and yet somehow was able to seamlessly sneak it dark drama. Some find it humorous for the vulgarity and others find it boring or depressing when they find out that the vulgar behavior you find funny at first is, in reality, a cover up for the character’s inner demons and insecurities.

VPThe latest show from Jody Hill and Danny McBride, Vice Principals, uses the same formula, tweaks it slightly, and BOOM! You’ve got a fantastic story coming your way that will make you laugh, and feel the emotional struggle for each of the starring characters. A lot of people are describing this show as Eastbound & Down in a school, but that’s not true. There is more of a focus on characters instead of the primary lead; McBride isn’t the same as Kenny Powers. McBride, along with Walton Goggins and Kimberly Herbert Gregory, deliver two sided characters that make Vice Principals much more than you may expect.

Vice Principals attacks the senses and you should give it a watch because Jody Hill and Danny McBride know what they’re doing, and it’s damn good.


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