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7 Reasons You’re Barb from “Stranger Things”

itworksEveryone needs a good friend; a friend that they can straight up shit on. Perhaps that is why everyone loves Barb from Stranger Things so much. Let’s break it down with the Top 7 Reasons You’re Barb.

  1. You’re incredibly insecure and are latching on to the nerd girl character Barb because she is a reflection of how low your self-esteem is.


  2. You’ve always been jealous of your friends who were getting some.

  3. You did everything you were told to do when you were younger and now you regret it so you relate to the Barb and her nothingness.

  4. You think you were always the voice of reason, but you were really a nag.

  5. You like her fashion sense because it’s the way you were forced to dress and would never dress like that in public ever again (not including Halloween).

  6. You realize you always dreamt of being the star of the show when in reality, you’re just a Barb.

  7. You’re really a Nancy, but feel about all the Barbs you screwed over, so now you make up for it by pretending to identify with characters who stink.

All in all, you’re either a horrible person, or a complete loser. Congrats, Barb.


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