Friday Goob News! 9/16/16

Alright, alright. I know I’m a little late this week. Sue me. Shit happens. But I don’t fuck around, and there will be goob news. Count on it. So let’s get started to watchin’ it!

TommyNC2010 is back, and we’re all happy to see him filled with autistic frustration instead of sadness and tears. Make no mistake, this is not quite on par with the 90-minute Tommy Extravaganza of last week, but it’s still worth every second.

Tommy’s new apartment is starting to take a turn for the worst, it’s filthy, it’s hot, and loaded up with cookies, candy and soda. He’s planning an “epic” housewarming party on a TUESDAY night. And along with his new buddy, Jared, the little moments of pure joy build up to a conclusion that can’t be missed. Is he drunk, is he sloppy? Maybe a little of both?! Find out!

If you’re short on time at the moment, save the video above for a quiet night at home, and sink your teeth into this little Tommy pleasure nugget where he gets a present from (probably not from) Daniel Tosh.

At the risk of making this a TOMMY HEAVY edition of Goob News, I figured I’d leave you with some of Tommy’s recent and best #TweetBeforeYouEat Instagram snaps. Take care, and we’ll see you next week!


A post shared by Tommy NC2010 (@tommync2010) on


A post shared by Tommy NC2010 (@tommync2010) on

#tweetbeforeyoueat before you eat

A post shared by Tommy NC2010 (@tommync2010) on

Everything looks great!



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