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The Case for Z-Nation

giphy-1It appears Syfy has discovered a formula for making bad things good. There are four Sharknado movies – four. In fact, Sharknado 2 received the highest ratings ever for a Syfy original movie. It’s bizarre how that happens, and perhaps you saw one of those and chuckled. So why not give a show with a zombie tornado a shot?

giphyYes, I am referring the Syfy original series, Z Nation. We live in a world where the dead rising has become all too serious. The Walking Dead is a good time, but if you’re like me you need a good mind-numbing laugh every now and then. Z Nation provides the absurd, with a surprising developing cast, as well as a self-awareness that keeps it entertaining. giphy-5The first few episodes can be rough to get through, the acting is awful and you don’t have a clue who is who and who to like, plus DJ Qualls doesn’t help. If you stay with it, you will be rewarded. The cast begins to gel, the situations they get in to become fun, the variety of zombies (radioactive zombies!), and they go full double apocalypse. On the run of Z’s and nuclear fall out, oh and all the odd groups on the way.

giphy-4So what in the hell is the show about you might ask, other than the zombies? Well, there is man called Murphy, often referred to as “The Murphy” who was used an experiment to find a cure for the zombie virus. He is the only living thing known to have survived a zombie bite and everyone wants a piece of him, so we follow a group tasked with escorting him to a secret bunker where they can use his blood for a cure, maybe. giphy-3Murphy develops abilities to communicate with zombies, take control over other people by biting them, and he even knocks up a lady who has his bizzaro hybrid baby. What the hell? Yes, it’s a weird show, a very weird show, and when you need that bit of weirdness in your life, I recommend this one. Season 3 is just getting started, it kicked off with a 2 hour movie to bridge together a time hop in season 2, it was quite enjoyable. Z Nation season 3 airs on Syfy Friday night’s at 9pm EST. Seasons 1&2 are currently streaming on Netflix.


1 thought on “The Case for Z-Nation”

  1. That’s a great review. I think by episode 4 or 5 it found its feet.

    It’s silly, and it’s fun, and doesn’t ask to be taken seriously

    It just is a bit of escapism and entertainment

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