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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Photos Released

Disney has been having varying success with its live-action recreations of classic animated films. The Jungle Book was phenomenal; so much so that director Jon Favreau has since been tasked with bringing a “live-action” version of The Lion King to theaters. I say “live-action” in quotes because it would technically just be realistic animation, as there are no humans in The Lion King and the entirety of it would likely be CGI.

But next on schedule from Disney‘s catalog is Beauty and the Beast, and now we have some publicity stills to get an idea of how it’s all coming together, but more importantly, how it will look.

Love her or hate her, Emma Watson looks great as Belle, and the Beast (played by Dan Stevens) has a look that seems ripped straight from the animated film. The talking housewares and furniture will be what makes this film interesting. They seem to be played for adorbs and ‘member-berries, but they have an odd Tim Burton-esque look to them that could work wonders…or fall flat like the atrocious Alice in Wonderland films.

Either way, I’m as excited as a 30-year old heterosexual man could be. The original was a childhood staple and a timeless classic. I can’t wait.



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