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Weekend Horror Flick Viewing (10/6)

giphy-18It’s the Halloween season and you’re feeling like watching some horror flicks. Is it that simple? Hell no! There is a variety of spooky, chilling, haunting, terrifying, yucky, and whatever other words we want to use to describe your secret blood lust that isn’t really a secret because you like to talk about how much you love horror movies year round. Yeah, I know you, because you are like me, sicko.

giphy-17Not all horror movies are the same, do not let anyone tell you that, it is not right. Here are some recommendations you should dig in to this weekend leading up to Halloween. Be prepared for more weekly recommendations so you can fully enjoy the Halloween season!

Classic Slash Fest: Halloween 1&2 (1978 & 1981) you can never go wrong with John Carpenter’s Halloween. The second film picks up immediately where the first ends so watch them both back-to-back for one continuous Michael Myers experience.


   Need more! – Friday the 13th series, Nightmare on Elm St Series, Black Christmas (1974), Alice Sweet Alice (1976), Maniac (1980)


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