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Who’s Ready for Another Wolverine?

auto3How many Wolverine stand-alone movies have there been? Dear god, this will only be three? It feels like so many more. Probably because Hugh Jackman has been the focal point of so many X-Men films by now that his character become pretty much synonymous with the franchise. So what are they going to do when he’s gone? There’s only so many times Jennifer Lawrence is going to agree to be painted blue.

Either way, it’s looking like Wolverine 3, officially titled LOGAN, will be Jackman’s final appearance as the cigar-smoking, foul-mouthed hero…at least in a starring role.

Logan is rumored to be following a storyline tangentially related to the Old Man Logan comic book series. That is to say that it will, in no conceivable way, have anything at all to do with the Old Man Logan comic book story arc–aside from the fact that it takes place in the future, and Logan/Wolverine is a decade older.

Rumor has it, the plot will likely revolve around an older version of Wolverine and Caliban (who had been introduced in X-Men: Apocalypse) caring for an aging and weakened Professor X during a period where mutants are scarcely born. The evil company Transigen is training the few mutants children who are left to become killers (presumably not just maniacally switching their genders, as Transigen would imply). Somehow, Logan is tasked with rescuing one of these escaped children who shares similar mutant powers to himself; perhaps the two-clawed Laura Kinney (or X-23).

Logan is supposed to hit theaters in March 3, 2017, and people are excited. But, like Alzheimer’s patients, must be reminded that we’ve never had a good Wolverine movie…and aside from lightning striking twice with X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past, the franchise hasn’t been looking great.

I’m hoping Hugh Jackman’s last hurrah as the Wolverine character is a proper send-off, but, if not, maybe he can make it up to us with a cameo in Deadpool 2.


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