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Friday Goob News! 10/7

Review Brah is at it again, and when he’s not reporting on Papa John’s Personal Pan Pizza (which now I have to try), he’s visiting the largest McDonald’s on Earth…in Florida, of course. I’m hoping he was able to survive Hurricane Matthew, if he’s still down there. I would hate to lose such a valuable YouTuber. And speaking of valuable YouTubers…

No, not Razmuss. This dude fucking stinks, and no one is watching his shit…but…he offers a nugget of awesome this week: a continuation of our TOMMYNC2010 & J-ROD storyDon’t bother watching this whole thing, but if you need your abrupt Goober fix and need more Tommy-info, skip to the interview sections (there are about 2 or 3) and get it in.


TommyNC2010 decides to open up his heart and soul, revealing both his stand up comedy career and RAP CAREER! He’s revealed both of these things before, but this time, it seems clear that he’s getting ready to show us what he’s got. “It’s a burp.”

We should probably just suck it up and change this segment to TOMMY NEWS because he’s the only one worth writing about.

TommyNC2010 went on an epic camping trip with his family in which he gets violent gas…and also reminisces about his former life living in his parents’ attic eating fish heads.

And finally, I must leave you with one more Tommy vid. This is new for Friday, and includes one of the most amazing Time Lapse videos I’ve ever seen. Maybe the best ever. Tommy and Hamza attempt to move a couch. We all know the pains of moving large furniture–but this takes it to a whole other level. Incredible.


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