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3 Ninjas Taught Us How to Prep for a Kidnapping

Yeah, sure–the whole karate thing is cool when you’re a kid and you think that you actually have the ability to be become a karate master like Rocky, Colt, and Tum-Tum. Well guess what, bub! You never had the ability and you never will!

You’re an adult and now you’re lessons are to be learned by adults, or possibly late teens. Not really sure what they were going for in this movie, but at the very least we learned how to prepare to kidnap some kids.


-Make sure you and your bros are tight enough to look at skin mags together.


-Be ready to stop everything you’re doing and call back your boss, don’t forget your manners.


-Keep it chill every day is a new opportunity to nab those little boogers.


-Try not to get distracted (unavoidable if some little dudes are doing some sweet jumps on their Huffys).


-Don’t act on instinct alone ask as many questions as possible.


-Nothing defeats old ladies like a pizza to the face.


-Never work on an empty stomach.


-Be considerate, those kids your nappin might be hungry too.

giphy (25).gif

-Kids are sneaky so don’t let them surprise you and you accidentally punch your bro.

I didn’t say all of life’s lessons were good ones. This is who you are now and you can either embrace it or be stuck in your past where you’re never going to be a ninja like the 3 Ninjas, you’re going to end up like the kidnappers. At least now you know how to prepare for it.


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