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Weekend Horror Flick Viewing (10/13)

The week is coming to a close and I did my homework for you again. I took to the wonderful world of Reddit and raised this questions; which flick is the best horror remake of all time? The results are in!

This week is all about the remake baby! This remake extravaganza will go as follows:


  • The Night of the Living Dead (1990): Tom Savini doesn’t do too much to make this any different from the original. The most notable difference is that the special effects are better, obviously,  the acting is much better, and of course our boy Tony Todd is the leading man!


  • The Blob (1988): People from Phoenixville PA and their beloved “Blob Fest” will tell you this remake of the 1958 Steve McQueen film is nowhere close to the original, they’re wrong. Mostly due to technological improvements, but this remake is fantastic and worth watching this weekend.


  • The Fly (1986): If you didn’t know this was a remake then you’re not all too familiar with movies starring Vincent Price. The 1958 original is dry and this remake provides refreshing upgrades the original wasn’t capable of doing. Plus, it stars Jeff Goldblum everyone loves that guy.


  • Dawn of the Dead (2004): Before Zack Snyder took the reigns to try and make something out of the DC Comics Cinematic Universe he directed this zombie fest. Zombies weren’t messing around in this one, seriously they were fast, and before he was Phil Dunphy on Modern Family Ty Burrell is the dickhead in this movie. Plus Ving Rhames and Richard Cheese’s cover of Down with the Sickness.


  • Maniac (2012): It takes a crazy person to take the one ring to Mordor and an even crazier person to take on the lead role in a surprisingly great remake of the 1980 gem Maniac. Elijah Wood will surprise you in this and if you’re not familiar with the original then watch that too.

There you have it folks your weekend is all set.

Arguable Mentions: Evil Dead (2013)

                                   The Thing (1982): Not technically a remake, but it is based on the same novel (Who Goes There?) as The Thing From Another World (1951). There is a 2011 remake of the 1982 movie, however, it is crap.


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