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Weekend Horror Flick Viewing (10/20): ‘Member Berry Edition

screamThis was certainly an interesting endeavor and I thank all of those who
participated. Last week I asked around for people’s favorite horror movie between 1990-
2002. The variety of responses was surprising, I thought Scream was going to be the top
pick by a landslide, it wasn’t. Funny note, I posted a status on Facebook with clear
instructions to not respond by commenting on it, and my aunt and some of my mom’s
friends opted to comment a horror movie breaking rule 1 and using a movie that was
from the 70/80s breaking rule 2. The things I could get people to sign because they don’t
read the instructions….
Let’s break it down what you should watch based on the member berries of your
1.) Scream (1996): Do you like scary movies? Do you remember that this is the
first horror movie to use cell phones? This classic is now 20 years old and
changed the game for horror movies going in to the new millennium. This
movie is chock full of member berries! Watch it!
2.) Army of Darkness (1992): Break out the boom stick and watch Ash Williams
enter a different dimension to kick some deadite ass. I know you must be
curious and the answer is yes, this movie got an equal amount of votes for best
90’s horror movie as Scream. This movie is too fun to miss out on so watch it!
3.) Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998): The return of Jamie Less Curtis to
Halloween, and the ignoring of the existence of Halloweens 4, 5, and 6.
Michael Myers is back! 90s heartthrobs Josh Hartnett, Michelle Williams, and
even Joseph Gordon-Levitt! Even LL Cool J is working the gate in this one,
it’s a fun watch and ties in with Halloween 1&2 very well. So watch it, and if
you didn’t take my advice from the first week watch Halloween 1, 2, and H20,
4.) Silence of the Lambs (1991): Everyone who chose this movie as their fave
made sure to ask, “does this count?” and yes it does. This movie is incredibly
disturbing and perfectly executed. Most of us who were kids the first time we
saw this never forget the chills we got from watching Anthony Hopkin’s portrayal of Hannibal Lecter. So put the lotion on the skin, sit back, relax, and
5.) Event Horizon (1997): You feel like you need a little sci-fi horror? Then this
is the movie to go with. Sam Neil was in more movies than Jurassic Park and
Laurence Fishburne was in movies between Boyz in the Hood and The
Matrix. It’s got the right amount of suspense to give you the shivers and a fun
sci-fi story to boot.
6.) Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (1994): One two Freddy’s coming for you,
three four don’t be bored, and watch Wes Craven reboot his own movie
franchise. The sequels got a bit goofy, and Craven took it upon himself to
make Freddy more menacing making this the scariest of all Nightmare on Elm
St movies ever made. If you haven’t seen this then you really should.
7.) Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993): Slashing, possession, and
Freddy’s glove surprising us all at the end. The ninth installment of the Friday
the 13th franchise is strange, but enjoyable. Jason Voorhees has some new
tricks in this one.
8.) The Craft (1996): This is one of those movies I think some of you may have
forgotten, well get reacquainted, because it is a fun flick and safe for those of
you who don’t want nightmares but want some witchcraft.
9.) The Haunting (1999): We know she dips beneath the lasers and Catherine
Zeta-Jones also stars in this remake of the 1963 film of the same name.
There’s also Liam Neeson and Owen Wilson! Fun Fact: This original can be
considered a rip off of Vincent Price’s House on Haunted Hill also had a
remake released in 1999, and is also better than The Haunting. Watch this for
the how silly it is factor, it’s still fun.
10.) The Exorcist 3 (1990): You might not remember this, or know that it
existed, but perhaps you did. Someone did which is why it’s on the list. It’s
hard to describe, but if you enjoy possession and a link to the original The
Exorcist you should if it a shot. Don’t ever give The Exorcist 2: The Heretic a
shot. Just don’t do it, this movie you’ll be ok.
11.) Candyman (1992): This one stars our pals of #TonyToddTuesday and
#XanderBerkeleyFriday fame, Tony Todd and Xander Berkeley. Tony Todd
scares the bejesus out of us with his hook and the even more disturbing part is
why he is covered in bees.
12.) The Faculty (1998): Hey look Usher is in this with Josh Hartnett, Jordana
Brewster, Elijah Wood, Salma Hayek, Famke Janssen, Robert Patrick, Jon
Stewart, and even Shooter McGavin himself Christopher McDonald. A must
13.) Leprechaun (1993): Does this movie serve as proof that Jennifer Aniston
had a nose job, member that debate? It’s funny, it’s creepy, and Warwick
Davis found regular employment.
14.) Idle Hands (1999): Devon Sawa didn’t make it on this list for Final
Destination, no sir; it’s for this stoner comedy/horror. It’s ridiculous and an
overall fun ride. The Offspring make a cameo, member The Offspring? You
can get a good laugh with a side of gore with this flick!
15.) IT (1990): Pennywise the Clown scared enough kids that he made this list.
The three-part mini-series event that made us step away from storm drains is
never dull. We all float down here.

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