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You’re Not Crazy. Daniel Stern is.

Most of us remember Daniel Stern from his glory days of playing the character Marv in Home Alone & Home Alone 2: Kevin has negligent parents and he should be taken away, oh wait, it was Lost in New York. You may try to be smug and act like Bushwhacked is you’re favorite movie Stern was ever in, however, you are in idiot. The correct answer for best movie Daniel Stern was in is City Slickers. If you’re thinking Celtic Pride you’re a maniac and if you say Rookie of the Year then you’ve never seen City Slickers. Don’t feed me with that bullshit that he was the voice of adult Kevin Arnold on The Wonder Years, I know that so shut up and keep reading.

The guy had hit his peak in the early 90’s and boy does he know it. Due to the success of the Chicago Cubs, Stern has decided to bring back an old character. Phil Brickma, the eccentric pitching coach of the Chicago Cubs in Rookie of the Year.  

(Side note: Daniel Stern also directed the movie Rookie of the Year)

Check out these videos he has been posting on his social media accounts, as well as his YouTube channel. It will be a friendly reminder that you’re not crazy, Daniel Stern is. Or is he just having a good time? I don’t know, I don’t even know the guy, but these videos make me un-fucking-comfortable. My guess is he got a ton of views for a video where he brought Marv back and wants more attention. Enjoy!


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