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It’s finally here, the moment I’ve been waiting for all month long–Billoon45‘s “Month in Review”! Bill Monroe goes into his usual schlemiel ballad about his unfortunate existence, but this time, it’s punctuated with a message of hope and perseverance. He’s survived a stroke, a heart attack, multiple balloon poppings, and believes he may be meant to walk this Earth for many more years. But he is going blind. Oh, and he says he’s going to be working hard to get Hillary Clinton elected…staying home and making love to balloons–which is about as hard as I expect anyone to work to get Hillary Clinton elected.

We’re also treated with a supplemental video where he fucks another balloon.

In perhaps the BIGGEST NEWS UPDATE–I know, I buried the lead on purpose this time–TommyNC2010 has finally featured SAILOR TWIFT STUDIOS in “Mailbox Monday”!!!

We sent Tommy FintonTalking Nerdy T-Shirt that he won’t wear, a few #RTR stickers, and a Sailor Twift Studios business card. I also included the portrait I drew of him, which he neglected to find during this video because he was overly excited about the GIANT FUCKING BOX he got from his sister-in-law. But, he made it up to me on Instagram and agreed to come on the podcast.

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But that’s not all! We’ve got yet another Tommy controversy in the TommyVerseThis week, a video was uploaded titled Back to the Haunted Farm in which Tommy goes…back…to the haunted farm. However, the haunted farm never appears in the video! What instead appears in the video is him struggling to read the name of actor Kevin James. Some harmless dyslexic fun, you might say. But no. Tommy removed the video and reuploaded it with the embarrassing seconds REMOVED and an explanation-less apology in its place. Unfortunately, this is now lost in time…but here’s the edited video below:

And finally, Michael Ray Bower (HeyBower) would like you to see how he behaves at a friend’s (?) Halloween Party. This is 48-seconds of pure irritation. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine how anyone put up with this for over a minute.

Also, stop dressing like Dustin from Stranger Things. That goes for everyone. Unless you have a tubby and adorable child you can dress up, don’t do it. You just look like Bower–a lesbian long-haul trucker. This goes for you, too, Amy SchumerWhy can’t you be more like Taylor Swift?

Fuck. Yes.

That does it for this week’s GOOb NEWS! See you fucks next time!


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