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What to Watch: Election Weekend Movies!

Election 2016 has been… exciting…. I guess…..

But HEY! Guess what? At least we have some fun flicks to watch if you’ve got the itch for some political movie action. So here’s what you’re going to view depending on your mood:


  • Mood -Taking it Easy


Primary Colors (1998): It’s interesting enough and chill enough that you can enjoy it if you want to watch a movie without over the top intensity or humor. It’s not a spoiler, that is John Travolta basically portraying Bill Clinton.


  • Mood – Hopelessly Romantic


The American President (1995): Not my thing, however, not a bad movie. The President is a widower, he falls in love while running for re-election, and yadda yadda yadda. The cast is fantastic, Rob Reiner directed it, Aaron Sorkin wrote it, and Michael J Fox is in it. So if you’re the romantic movie type this one is for you.


  • Mood – Wanna Learn Somthin’


The War Room (1993): It’s a fantastic documentary which follows George Stephanopoulos and James Carville behind the scenes of the grueling Presidential election. After you watch this you will watch the episode The Bunker from the IFC series Documentary Now! It will not disappoint.


  • Mood – Thrills Please


The Manchurian Candidate (1962/2004): You can go with the original or remake for this one. It’s an interesting story that will mess with your head! Watch both and see if the 2004 remake to see the difference between Cold War Fear vs Corporate Greed Fear.


  • Mood – What if


Man of the Year (2006): I know you’ve probably had thought “what if Robin Williams made one more movie?” Well my friend you’re in luck! It’s not new, but it will be new to you because nobody saw this film. You get a bad movie, but you get Robin Williams, your call.


  • Mood – I hate myself


Swing Vote (2008): Just look at the poster, you can watch it if you want to continue the downward spiral of severe depression.


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