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Time to Bunker-Up, Bunkeroos!

With the Election 2016 kinda over, the continuing shit storm of hurt feelings is going strong until the inauguration…THE CLASSIEST SUPER FANTASTIC INAUGURATION ALL TIME–IT WILL MAKE THE INAUGURATION OF ANDREW JACKSON LOOK LIKE A SAD KID’S BIRTHDAY PARTY AT CHUCK E CHEESE!!!!

(Sorry for that)

But with our first meme President coming to power, liberals and Democrats prepare to deal with the impending orange menace in many ways.

First: IT IS TIME TO FIGHT!!!!!!

Donald Trump didn’t really win the election it was…the…RUSSIANS! (yeah)

Russians with Putin hacked into the voting booths in Florida and changed all the Hillary votes to Trump votes. And if it happened there, they probably did that in, like, Michigan and Pennsylvania, too! That’s the only reason why a state would’ve flipped Republican after six straight elections. Did you see how happy Vladimir Putin looked after Donald Trump won the election and wants to improve relations? What does that mean? Only a world leader who directly influenced the election would say that!

And let’s take to the streets to prove we’re having a crappy time. It’s our turn to make everyone have a crappy time.

(Please stop rioting in places where your candidate won by a large margin, go to rural Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania and block the one traffic light there.)

Secondly IT’S TIME TO BLAME OTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you’re happy, 3rd party voters because you got EXACTLY what you wanted–even though one was a more progressive candidate, and another wanted to end the Drug War– you got DONALD FUCKING TRUMP!

I hope you can live with yourself. HOW YOU DO SLEEP AT NIGHT?!?!?

The 3rd parties did have some positive affect on the election with California, Nevada, and Massachusetts: Legalize IT, old Gary Johnson and cuckoo-for-vaccines-and-GMOs Dr. Jill Stein got a couple more to states to eat pot gummy bears in.

AND YOU PEOPLE DIDN’T BOTHER TO VOTE! Didn’t you get the message from Amy Schumer and Louie CK that not voting makes you the BIGGEST asshole of all?!

Did you know this election came down to a couple of percents in key states, so your vote would have matter (only if you voted for the candidate we liked and not anyone else)?


Yup as I said in the title, it’s time bunker-up, bunkeroos!

Time for pay-back for the way Republicans treated the person they didn’t vote in the last two elections. The way they disrespected him, that one time governor of Arizona that wagged her finger at Barrack Obama and that one Congressman who yelled “you lie” at the state of the Union, and the way they fundamentally opposed all of his policies.

Fuck those assholes. I mean, what are you trying to be; some sort of “opposition party” or something?!

But listen up, President Dildo, because they’re gonna treat you with super-duper disrespect. When you land in Pennsylvania, don’t look for just a wag of the finger from Governor Tom Wolfe, look out for him to throw a pair of old skid marked underwear at you.

Didn’t like your State of the Union interrupted? Enjoy Nancy Pelosi yelling “No Donald, you can’t grab my pussy” between every sentence or Elizabeth Warren doing a six month rain dance.

You’ve got two months left to think of all the ways to show how much you don’t like Donald Trump and the Republicans controlling Congress…and all you can do is to show disrespect.


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