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I Did Nazi That One Coming!

We are in full meltdown mode, ladies and gentlemen. It’s as if you’re all going through the five stages of grief in a manic and unprecedented dynamic. Aside from the occasional anxiety attack, I’ve been having the time of my life watching all of this unfold. And I have some big-boy rational explanations for you kids who actually choose to listen.

First of all, there is no Nazi Uprising.

B-b-b-but I saw on the news! People were giving Hitler solutes and giggling about Pepe!

2I know, sweetheart, I know. But those people have always been here. You’ve just been ignoring them and siding with your liberal friends who support Palestine’s declared effort of the actual extermination of the Jews. Except, that’s not funny. That’s real. A Pepe Frog putting some SJWs in a concentration camp with the tag “Making America Great Again!” is funny, and not real, and doesn’t make one anti-Semitic. And I shouldn’t have to explain why.

Sadly, this is simply about two things in particular: an inherent need to be correct and an inherent need for good guys & bad guys. It’s a pretty serious accusation to call someone a racist, bigot or misogynist; but it becomes even more poisonous when you allege someone is a white supremacist, a Nazi, or a literal member of the KKK. These are, however, the allegations that have been tossed not only at Donald Trump, but the individuals that he is currently choosing for his Presidential Cabinet.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Just typing the words “Donald Trump” in the same sentence as “Presidential Cabinet” made me cum fireworks)

giphy (21).gifOnce you allege these things about specific people, it’s very hard to backtrack. Almost like volunteering to “register as a Muslim” to show solidarity, and then not being able to get on a plane because you’re associated with the people who try to decapitate cartoonists.

So–because, not for lack of effort, it’s almost impossible to backtrack calling people white supremacists, the regressive left has to double down. And this comes in the form of either finding actual Neo-Nazis and claiming they make up 25% of America…or redefining patriotic nationalism into white nationalism, and then to white supremacy.

We have an inherent need for good vs. evil and, as chimpanzees with automobiles, we find it difficult to comprehend grey areas in the socio-political spectrum…even though that’s where nearly every aspect of life resides.

2.jpgThe video circulating the mainstream media shows “alt-right” founder Richard Spencer giving a speech to a group of “alt-right” event-goers and shows a maximum of 5 out of a crowd of dozens laughing and giving a Nazi salute to “Hail Trump.” Spencer later laughed it off and said that he just got caught up in the moment and he and the audience thought it was a funny and absurdist joke.

That doesn’t sound like something an actual Neo-Nazi would say. But you know what does? The question “Are Jews even people?” Which is a question he supposedly asked in the video. A question that he didn’t ask. That’s right. You have a video in front of you, edited and out of context, only placed into the context of your imagination; but you have a video with words and actions. And even still, they misquote the speaker. How is that possible?

1Because the left has such a perceived market on parody, and using things like…say…drawing “Trump Swastikas” out of protest, they’ve lost the plot when it comes to honest reporting/journalism, and gotten what they asked for: a good old fashioned trolling. The media got trolled all through the election process, and they’re getting trolled now. They’re all just too focused on burying their heads in their own asses to realize it.

And that’s not to say that racism doesn’t exist; that hate groups don’t exist. They do, and they reside equally in both ends of the political spectrum. But none of these groups have any power unless the other side concedes that power. And when the left characterizes the entire right wing, “Alt-Right“, conservatives, or fellow liberals who disagree with them on who to vote for as “white supremacists,” the only result is that 25% of the country gets labeled as white supremacists. Congratulations, now you’ve given them power.


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