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Flag Burning: Your Right, Your Loss

trollThis morning, Donald Trump, as he is apt to do, Tweeted out a little bit of inner monologue that has succeeded in rubbing people the wrong way; as he is also apt to do. It should be no surprise to anyone at this point that Trump is an atypical President-Elect. His Twitter is, and will remain for the foreseeable future, an access to his thought process, his feelings and emotions, his “fire-side chats”; if you will.

You’re certainly not going to like everything he feels the need to share with you, but it does not necessarily dictate policy choices, nor deep dark plans to overthrow the US Government and send us into the spiraling dystopia of Panem.

So here’s what he Tweeted:

Understandably, the media are losing their shit. But, seeing as how they can’t stop being wrong; and overreacting in such a way to generate faux fear in the hearts of anyone who still pretends to take them seriously; I’ll wager that the Supreme Court ruling of 1989 (decided by Conservative Antonin Scalia) will hold up and flag burning will never lose its Constitutional protection.

It may, however, carry with it a stigma. Such a law or strategy for literally or symbolically planning war against the government has never been taken very lightly by…well…the government…and is not completely out of the question.

(EDIT: It now seems very evident that this is yet another genius example of what Centipedes are calling a #TrumpTrap; a deliberate action by the Donald to force the media into a frenzy; specifically over the fact that Hillary Clinton was the monster they truly fear)

That is, it wasn’t out of the question when Hillary Clinton sponsored an actual BILL to outlaw flag burning; dancing around its Constitutionality by suggesting that it would be illegal if it was perceived to be an attempt to incite violence/rioting…which…unless you’re using a flag to start a grill in your backyard–it would nearly always be.


So let’s not get our genitals all tied in knots over some innocuous tweet. We can’t dial everything up to 11 every time Donald Trump says something we disagree with. Because then no one will take you seriously when and if the Wolf is actually at the door.

You’ve spent the last several years banning flags, desecrating flags, telling states to remove flags, and burning flags in the streets. You think setting fires and getting flag-waving banned because it makes you feel uncomfortable may be, just the teensiest bit, unproductive?

As for those trying to shut down the speech of groups they disagree with because they’re “alt-right” or saying mean things, but now getting all hot and bothered over not being able to set fire to a symbol of our sustained and unified republic…please go fuck yourselves, and then call the ACLU.


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