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Alternative Christmas Jams to Spice Up Your Holidays

You have heard all of the Christmas songs over and over, year after year, and perhaps you have heard some of the covers of those songs that better strike your musical fancy. Let’s say you haven’t heard them all, don’t be a know it all, that’s not cool. Let’s put some different tunes in your ears for the Christmas season!

Check these out!

August Burns Red: These guys released an almost entirely instrumental Christmas album that absolutely SHREDS! I had a hard time picking one song off of it. The task was too difficult for me to decide, the beautiful melodies, the head banging breakdowns, and toe tapping jams, this is the album, THE ENTIRE THING, is what you’re going to listen to if you want something heavier for your holidays! 

Twisted Sister: You might want some hair metal in your holiday, or maybe you are really curious, and then incredibly surprised that Oh Come All Ye Faithful sounds almost exactly like We’re Not Gonna Take It.

Weezer: You want something smooth and chock full of ‘member, this is the album you are going to listen to. Yeah, maybe you say things like “I don’t even like Weezer anymore.” Well you can get out of here my friend! This is quite the enjoyable set of Christmas tunes.

The Killers: Like them, or not, this album has some unique videos. The video for The Cowboy’s Christmas Ball is worth a watch.

Bad Religion: A little punk rock can go a long way, and that is exactly what this fun album does. The bonus is that the last track is a remixing of American Jesus, which isn’t a Christmas song, but it is arguably the best Bad Religion song there is. Enjoy !

This article focused on albums, not single songs, we’ll do that next week. Enjoy the jams!


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