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Could it be? A Hamilton Inauguration?

[via Blind Gossip] While the media rushes to suggest that no self-respecting performer, marching band, or choir would dare throw their hat in the ring to light up the stage or parade at the Inauguration of Donald Trump, we’re slowly learning that this is not true.

It has been discovered that the producer of a popular theatrical show is currently in negotiations for the entire cast to perform several of their prominent songs at the inauguration. There are still several details to be ironed out, but it seems like this is going to happen; which is interesting, considering the fact that the show’s producer displayed nothing but animosity toward Trump and his entire campaign.

We also found out this week that America’s Got Talent runner-up Jackie Evancho is set to perform, despite warnings from the left and her transgender sister that this administration hates the LGBTQ community. So, either Jackie Evancho doesn’t give a fuck about LGBTQ people, or she’s smart enough–even at 16–to realize that the claim is ridiculous.

Or maybe she just enjoys the prestigious opportunity to be asked to perform for a President again.

I’m excited to find out which cast will be performing for the Inauguration. Not that Hamilton is anything spectacular, but being able to see some of it performed without paying thousands of dollars seems like a win to me.


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