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The Mobile Strike Models, and You

The objectively awful Mobile Strike game is for dads and intellectually disabled adults. So perhaps marketing to that crowd is a genius scheme. But despite the desperate outcry for more “realistic” women and the virtue-signalling adoration thrown at plus-sized models (read: women with slim faces but huge bodies) seems to border on condescending.

Who on earth is playing war games on their phone who is also intellectually and physically excited by these commercials? The two groups of people who like battle tanks and also hilariously overweight models being non-ironically sensual is categorically a Venn diagram of two circles separated by entire galaxies. So, why? Why the full body shots spliced in with tight close-ups on the face as if you instantly forgot what the body looked like? Is it a ploy to turn cisgender heterosexual men off of “gaming“?

Anyone with any semblance of common sense could ascertain that the marketing ploy is to increase the visibility of the ad…and not the girls. While your dipshit friends debate the subjectivity of the “beautiful” females in these ads, Mobile Strike gets another 2000 clicks on YouTube. It’s genius, really–and takes full advantage of the “useful idiot.”

These commercials, nor the models, are natrually nowhere to be found on the game’s websitenor their Facebook account.

So, next time your Facebook buddy says something like “not finding these women attractive makes you gay,” feel free to shoot back with, “and not thinking they’d me more attractive if they lost over 100 pounds makes you fucking retarded.”

As for the neo-feminist anti-body-shaming message, it can only be rendered moot by this type of add; since you’re still “objectifying” women, it’s just 200% more woman.


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