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5 Yuge Things About Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi

So, I know I’m a bit late to the game on this one. But I couldn’t resist writing about it, since we all know Star Wars is bae, and dope as fuck. The next installment in the new trilogy will be released in December 2017, and the official title has been announced as Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last JediPretty awesome, and pretty mysterious. But, hey, we all thought The Phantom Menace was awesome and mysterious, too. Just for fun, I thought I’d briefly look into a few little details and make some speculation on why I think this new installment is going to be one of the best Star Wars films we’re likely to see.

5. Red Logo


The first thing that stood out to me, aside from the title itself was the imposing red “Star Wars” logo. As we all know, red is traditionally a color unique to the Sith and…whatever it is that Kylo Ren turns out to be. Dark Jedi? It is obvious from the marketing choice that the film makers want us to prepare for a more sinister story line with more tragedy than The Force Awakens but with much less light-hearted galaxy-hopping.

4. The Last Jedi Book

1We’ve got two “Legends” (non-canon) books bearing the title. The first was the 2005 young adult book The Last of the Jedi which essentially chronicles Obi-Wan’s arrival on Tatooine and his life as a hermit looking after baby Luke Skywalker. After hearing that a former Jedi apprentice, Ferus Olin, has survived Order 66, he takes it upon himself to leave Tatooine and go rescue him.

The second is the 2013 novel, simply titled The Last Jedi. This book takes place around the same period as the young adult novel (18 BBY) but focuses on a young Jedi named Jax Pavan and his battles against the Empire aboard his ship, the Far Ranger, as part of a secret Coruscant-based resistance group called Whiplash. It’s a cool story; Darth Vader shows up to ruin some days, we get some fun Prince Xizor stuff within the Rise of the Empire arc, and it’s almost entirely independent of any of the films. There is really nothing to be found in this story that would have any crossover in the upcoming film. The writers likely just thought it was a cool and ominous title to get the fans’ attention and capture their inquisitive imagination.

3. The Last Jedi Title

xxxSo that leaves only mere speculation over the choice of the title. Usually Star Wars trilogies have gone with:
–Reference to a person (A New Hope/The Phantom Menace)
–Reference to a conflict (The Empire Strikes Back/Attack of the Clones)
–Reference to a resolution (Return of the Jedi/Revenge of the Sith)

But this new trilogy seems to be shaking things up a little bit. We only know two things for sure:

–“Jedi” can be singular or plural, so the reference doesn’t necessarily have to mean–for example–Luke Skywalker dies, making Rey Solo (likely) the “Last Jedi.” In fact, it could mean that everyone is A-OK aside from Rey losing an arm and Luke losing his chill. Perhaps “the Last Jedi” references a new order of force-sensative warriors. What if Rey, Ben, Finn and Poe are all “The Last Jedi.” Seems unlikely, but we know at least Rey and Poe are force-sensative, so it could happen.

–The title crawl of The Force Awakens explicitly refers to Luke Skywalker as “the last Jedi.” So if they’re swapping the titling sequence, The Last Jedi is the film referencing one individual, and The Force Awakens was the conflict. It’s likely we’ll see Episode IX have a title that signifies some kind of resolution. It would stand to reason that, since we saw very little of Luke in Episode VII, that The Last Jedi would be a lot of Skywalker-heavy exposition.

2. Rey Bloodline

1.jpgAs I mentioned before, I’m pretty confident that Rey is a Solo–specifically, Kylo Ren’s sister. It seems to be the only logical step to take and would at least somewhat mirror the Jacen and Jaina Solo arc from “Legends.” This is the scenario I’d most like to played out on screen, but anything’s possible. This bloodline would tie in to the Skywalker Saga as well, since Rey would be Luke Skywalker’s niece and Ben would be Skywalker’s nephew (which we already know). After all, Luke and Obi-Wan were Jedi and required to be celibate…unless they throw a wrench in the works and screw with everything we thought we knew about Jedi. But there’s one more step to the bloodline hypothesis, and it’s…

1. Snoke

1Yeah, yeah. Everyone has their Snoke Theories, but there is one that makes the most sense and is categorically the most plausible, and functional to tie the entire 9-episode saga together: Snoke is Darth Plagueis.

While I’m sure we’ve all heard this theory, I’ll fill you in a bit. Plagueis was the Sith Lord who trained Emperor Palpatine. In canon terms, he’s mentioned in Episode III as the Sith Lord who had power over death and could manipulate midichlorians to create actual life. The theory behind Snoke is that Palpatine attempted to murder Plagueis but it didn’t work and he wound up living forever as one of the most powerful Sith Lords to ever Sith.

The interesting bit lies in his power to manipulate the midichlorians, as this would could have hypothetically been used to create a Virgin Birth in the Force…and that virgin birth would be…Anakin Skywalker. This would make Snoke/Plagueis Darth Vader’s Father, Kylo Ren’s Great Grandfather…and Rey’s (if that theory is true as well).

Undoubtedly we’ll get all of this exposition in the next installment, and I know, if you’re a fanboy like me…you’re counting down the days!


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