Grace, Chewbacca & The Deplorables: 2016 Year in Review At the end of each year, it's customary to reflect backward instead of looking forward. Pretty much the only forward-thinking we ever do is related to some doomed-to-fail resolution that we wind up breaking within the first month of the new year when the first celebrity we kind of liked dies. Pass the cigarettes, … Continue reading Grace, Chewbacca & The Deplorables: 2016 Year in Review


It’s Time to Say ‘Goodbye’ to Star Wars

You and Star Wars have had a good run. You saw the original movies when you were young and grew to love them more and more with age. One of the first shining moments in your cinematic-viewing youth was watching the towering and imposing figure of Darth Vader on the screen; dark, deadly, terrifying. You've had endless … Continue reading It’s Time to Say ‘Goodbye’ to Star Wars

The Centipede’s Dilemma There's something happening; and it goes far beyond a year-long meme war (never forget). A new language has been created, new heroes have emerged, a complete mainstream media world-view has been uncovered and challenged at every turn, and the infighting among new cliques like the Alt-Right and Proud Boys has already begun. Thus begins the "Centipede's … Continue reading The Centipede’s Dilemma

Based Yeezus Comes Home to ‘Daddy’ There's a lot to love here in this seemingly impromptu meeting of President-Elect Donald Trump and too-woke-for-this-planet genius Kanye West. This quick press-invited meet-and-greet comes on the heels of West being released from a mental health facility after confessing his admiration for the Donald and cancelling his tour. It was clear from the brief snapshot we have … Continue reading Based Yeezus Comes Home to ‘Daddy’

Your Russian Hacker Theory Sucks While it's ultimately refreshing to have individuals who have a seemingly limitless history of being categorically wrong about every major issue involving race, gender, sociology, and economics suddenly get super-into international politics instead, one does not simply become magically red-pilled when one's political nemesis becomes God Emperor. In this latest and transparently bogus attempt to (at … Continue reading Your Russian Hacker Theory Sucks