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It’s high time….

So, fair readers, it's been a while since you've heard from ole Davey. Let's fill you in on what you've missed in the last few weeks or so.... Still unemployed, however, I'm now doing some part time stuff for our very good friends at Derisory Designs, based out of Good Ole Port Richmond.  Cool-ass t-shirts… Continue reading It’s high time….

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California Uber Alles

Last call for alcohol. Last call for your freedom of speech. Drink up. Happy hour is now enforced by law. Don't forget our house special, it's called a Trickie Dickie Screwdriver. It's got one part Jack Daniels, two parts purple Kool-Aid, and a jigger of formaldehyde from the jar with Hitler's brain in it we… Continue reading California Uber Alles

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Re5: A Wonderfully Un-Racist Romp Through Scarytown, Africa

The Resident Evil series has always served to baffle, befiddle and befaddle me; certainly not as much as the Metal Gear series, but enough to cause concern for the future. I don't think I've ever successfully completed a Resident Evil game in the entire series. At the risk of being "gamer'd" to death, the excuse… Continue reading Re5: A Wonderfully Un-Racist Romp Through Scarytown, Africa

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My Heart’s a’Twitter

In this marvelous time of social networking, social news, and...ample alternatives to being "real life" social, one of the most underestimated and useful is Twitter. I say "underestimated" because, while it is ridiculously populated, it is mostly used by advertisers, companies, promoters, individuals who want an outlet to share their experiences and, well, promote themselves.… Continue reading My Heart’s a’Twitter

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Murphy’s Tavern: A Place to Go

The last thing I want to do on this site is to start openly promoting anything aside from this site. Well, that's not entirely true. The last thing I want to do would probably be Judah Friedlander with a live bear trap lodged halfway up his rectum. that that's the alternative, open promotion doesn't… Continue reading Murphy’s Tavern: A Place to Go

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What’s A Rob’et?

And so we learn this week that we, as humans, are totally and completely fucked. Now, I'm sure this story is probably twisted a little, and it probably lost something when it was translated, but seriously! Robots that get insanely posessive and attached to people.  Weird. Now we could talk for days about how one… Continue reading What’s A Rob’et?

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Gryffindor FTW!!

Once in awhile, I'll happen upon something that I will--for a short time--consider the "Greatest Thing Ever." While this practice is often more spasmodic and arguably useless than Keith Olbermann's lists of Best and Worst Persons in the World, it often serves to satiate my otherwise excruciating somnambulism during the average work-day. Just about every… Continue reading Gryffindor FTW!!

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URL Hell

So, as many of us know...pretty much anything you type into the address bar when you're trying to get to Google takes you there.,, and so on...although every once in a while you get one that doesn't take you there. ANYWAYS, I discovered that apparently, Facebook takes no such protection against such… Continue reading URL Hell