You Might Be a Fascist If…

I'd like to say that violent protests and hyperbolic political discourse in the streets throughout our country was a new phenomenon; that our "Cheeto Dictator" President--or whatever--has inspired some insane reactionary hate movement. Fortunately, despite what your illiterate Facebook friends may think, that's not the case. But unfortunately, this kind of assault on western values, common … Continue reading You Might Be a Fascist If…


Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 42: Chasing Enid

The chronicles of our trip to Enid, OK / Fly Film Festival, Auto Shop and lap Alfredo / A Song of Fire and Fire with Game of Thrones / American Airlines finally gets us home / Roxborough Night Market / A Festival of Alt-Lights / We are men, not Nazis / Tragedy in Charlottesville / … Continue reading Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 42: Chasing Enid

When the Frog Went to War

Last night, Americans were unnerved by the breaking news that Trump had ordered an artillery strike on the Syrian Air Force base from which planes carrying "Chemical Weapons" had supposedly launched an attack on the rebel-controlled town of Khan Sheikhoun. As I argued in a previous article, this "Chemical Attack" likely never occurred at all. But, … Continue reading When the Frog Went to War