July 2018 Issue #SAILORTWIFT



February 2018 Issue #SailorTwift

Twitter Censorship and the World of Tomorrow

Twitter was created a decade ago, but didn't truly see the height of its rampant popularity until 2012. I know--not too long ago at all. It played a huge impact in Middle Eastern revolutions, and David Cameron threatened to ban it during the London Riots of 2011. So...understandably, there are a lot of little, let's … Continue reading Twitter Censorship and the World of Tomorrow

The Day America Elected a Frog

Let's get one thing straight. Most of America doesn't vote; so before you gloat about "America wanted Trump" or "It appears Clinton won the popular vote, so clearly America wanted Clinton," understand the the vast majority of the country didn't give a fuck about either candidate; or at least not enough to push a button. … Continue reading The Day America Elected a Frog

An Open Letter to Americans

My Fellow Americans-- No, that's too formal... Hey, guys, what's up? That's better. We're about seven exciting weeks away from the next presidential election, and I'm not sure if you've noticed, but you guys are really letting it get to your heads. Between the endless protests and puffing up your chests on social media, you … Continue reading An Open Letter to Americans