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#NPC NEWS – Volume 1

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 108: Fireside and Firebombs with Conrad Benner

Streets Dept founder Conrad Benner joins us to talk nerdy about street art, counterculture, and haters on Facebook. We cover the violent climate of Ferguson, MO and the unfounded hatred of the ALS Cold Water Challenge! We finish out the episode with some Bachelor Party stories, getting shot in the nuts, and a rousing game… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 108: Fireside and Firebombs with Conrad Benner

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But is it Art?

One of the best movies to come out this year was Exit Through the Gift Shop, a documentary by infamous street artist, Banksy, which combined two pleasures of mine: film-making and modern art. As a former art student and reluctant and bitter film maker, I feel I'm at least somewhat qualified to examine the art… Continue reading But is it Art?


The Super Dudes Power Squad Shirts Have Arrived!

Hey folks! If you didn't already know, Super Dudes Power Squad now have T-shirts and buttons for sale over at Spread! Featuring illustrations and artwork by Super Dudes Alex and Joe! we have multiple pages full of selections to choose from. The best part is you can choose your own color shirt right on… Continue reading The Super Dudes Power Squad Shirts Have Arrived!

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Life Lessons with Satine Phoenix

The First Time I Ever tried to be a stripper I had to take 2 shots of Patron and I couldn't let go of the Pole. It was my life support system. 8 years later I STILL have to have something to hold on to onstage. With the power of a god, I would actually… Continue reading Life Lessons with Satine Phoenix