Why the F*ck Do They Say F*ck on Netflix’s The Ranch?

giphy-21Netflix released part 2 of season 1 of their nostalgia, middle America fueled fever dream called The Ranch. With all of vibes of a cheesy sitcom, which is fine if that’s what it is, comes the need to not be like network television, or standard cable for that matter, and throw around fucks like there is no tomorrow. The majority of the time it is unwarranted and takes away from the show itself, which isn’t much to begin with.

I love using foul language it’s been one of my favorite things to do since I heard my first curse word. Why? Because it can be hilarious, strongly make a point, or, I just fucking feel like it. It’s a wonderful thing that this show seems to ruin. Sam Elliot’s lines consist of random fucks for the sake of saying fuck, which is fucking weird if you fucking ask me. There is really no point to having excessive fucks on this show, it makes absolutely no sense, and honestly there may be a 65% success rate of landing fucks when people would actually say fuck.

giphy-20The only explanation would be that the show is trying to portray the characters as white trash, which after watching The Ranch they might be but they don’t want to. They’re good ol’ boys who work hard, drink every day, and say fuck, and occasionally get laid. Hey it’s all in a good day’s work using a sitcom for senseless fucks.



It Begins Again: The Death of Brittany Murphy

The bullshit about celebrity deaths coming in triples still serves to make me uneasy about the week ahead. Who’s next? Bob Dylan? William Shatner? For some reason, the death of actress Brittany Murphy has really got me in a shitty mood.

She was a celebrity that happened to be somewhere on my list of hottest actresses, but that’s only half of it. She’s starred in some pretty kick-ass movies (along with some extremely shitty ones), but that’s only another 1/4.

...son of a bitch, what a beautiful corpse.

Brittany Murphy’s death this morning was shocking. Like Heath Ledger, she was  found dead due to unknown circumstances. According to TMZ, her mother discovered her in the shower. She went into full cardiac arrest and was pronounced D.O.A. at the hospital. Fuck.

My feeling is that it was probably some serious overdosing going on; but that’s just speculation, and as of now, there is no evidence to support it…but, come on…look at her husband for fuck’s sake…

How does THIS marry Brittany Murphy? (image via TMZ)

At least I know that someone else cares. Shortly after the news broke, her super-stud-famous-fucking ex-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher posted on Twitter:

 It’s a nice, sentimental goodbye to a good friend, heartbreakingly soiled by the use of the word “2day.” Sometimes, I guess there just aren’t enough characters.

Murphy was one of those actresses that I never really missed when she wasn’t around, but now that I know she’s gone for good, I find myself heartbroken, wishing she could’ve lasted long enough to make a Just Married 2.

…at least Ashton Kutcher would have something else to talk about besides where he gets such “radical” sandwiches.

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