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This is Why We Can’t Have ‘Stranger’ Things

There's been a lot of speculation about the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, due to its supernatural elements and all of the undisclosed "secrets" of the Upside-Down, the Monster, and Jane "Eleven" Ives. But there's one thing we know for absolute certain. The two-headed embodiment of satanic deception, the Demogorgon, is you. If you haven't watched Stranger… Continue reading This is Why We Can’t Have ‘Stranger’ Things

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Moment in the Sun (of the moment)

from TheHollywoodReporter. The MTV VMA awards saw Odd Future frontman Tyler the Creator walk away with an award for best new artist. Of course, this new found fame and time in the spotlight has caused many to dig into his musical content and accuse him of being a bad person. The gay and lesbian community… Continue reading Moment in the Sun (of the moment)

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SuperDPS Review of Black Swan

I've never been much of a fan of ballet. I admire the art form, I'm astonished by the skill of the performers, but, like opera, I wouldn't be particularly fond of sitting in a theatre and watching an entire show. Perhaps I'm not arty or tasteful enough, but I'd most likely end up just imagining… Continue reading SuperDPS Review of Black Swan

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Celebrity Horseshit: “Nigga Stole My Mic!”

As long as it's a hot topic, let's discuss the actions of Kanye West during the MTV VMA's, shall we? First of all--the actions took place at an award ceremony so ridiculous and unimportant--a locale so prone to spectacle--that its entire title is an acronym. Even in its name, it is screaming, "This is an… Continue reading Celebrity Horseshit: “Nigga Stole My Mic!”