Rush Limbaugh is a piece of shit. We all know this. Having said that, he has his right to his opinion. I’m torn over the principle of pushing him to apologize for the remark. If Limbaugh had to apologize to everyone he ever wronged, humiliated, or flat-out offended, there would be a single-file line wrapped around the globe. The purpose of his apology was meant not to reach out with sincerity to “slutty prostitute” activist, Sandra Fluke, but to ease the tension and get himself out of the steel shithouse that he built. When advertisers and sponsors began pulling their support for his show, it was either nut up or shut up—forever. Though many of us would prefer Limbaugh just fade away into the good night, he is an entertainer who plans on existing for quite some time—or at least until Obama’s Secret Military wipes him out like they did to Andrew Breitbart. —AG

Rush Limbaugh Apologizes to Sandra Fluke

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