The Red Herring and the Rise of Hate

We’ve all heard about the massive outbreak of hate crimes after, and surrounding, the election of Donald Trump. We’ve heard about them…but have we seen them? Supposedly these white anti-gay, anti-Muslim, anti-black homophobic, Islamophobic, racist bigots are floating to the surface. But where are they? Have we seen examples flooding the mainstream media…the social media? Have we seen one?

2Meanwhile, we’re hearing about brazen KKK marches that never happened; Muslim women who were never attacked; gay men who were never beaten; and a myriad of other hoaxes, lies, fabrications that both the mainstream media and social media are happy to foam at the mouth over, and quietly distance themselves from when they are discovered to be egregiously inaccurate.

Swastikas and hateful messages were scrawled on parks, public property and private businesses; historic black churches set on fire…in the name of Trump and White Power, or so they would seem; until it is found out that these were corrosive acts by people desperate to make it look like the Deplorables were out in abundance, spreading fear and hate.

But maybe their prophecy of the rise in hate crimes was accurate. We certainly seem to be seeing a lot of anti-white, anti-Trump crimes being committed on a widespread basis. The central message is terror and physical punishment for those whose race or political view is somehow in conflict with the perpetrators.

3And now we have the story of Brittany Herring, the ring-leader of this under-reported and under-valued kidnapping of a reportedly disabled young white man by four young black men and women in Chicago. The victim was missing for 48 hours; his torture and humiliation being live-streamed via Facebook.

The monsters responsible chanted familiar Black Lives Matter catchphrases like “Fuck White People” and “Fuck Donald Trump” as they forced their victim to crawl around, drink from a toilet, beg for mercy, and endure beatings and partial scalping. All social media has worked tirelessly to remove any footage of these actions from the public narrative, of course.

While I’ve grown skeptical of these types of events, the attacks perpetrated against white supposed Trump supporters or conservatives have been almost metaphysically reliable. And while the term “hate crime” should probably be eliminated from legal processes, it remains a complicated issue and should not be reserved for so-called “protected groups.”

1It can’t be understated, even if it is played out ad infinitum ad nauseam, that we would be seeing a very different reaction from the media and general public if the races were reversed; and that’s terrifying. The fact that we can’t universally concern ourselves with violent behavior is truly problematic. That’s not to say white people should be flipping cars or burning Chicago to the ground (which is undoubtedly what would occur if the racial roles were reversed). No one should be causing violence and destruction over a perverse act of violence or destruction. It’s simply counter-intuitive to any cause for justice or peace.

But this is not just troubling as an act of horrifically casual violence from some animals in the already putrid and vile shit-hole of Chicago, IL. It’s a continuation in a series of terrorist acts of intimidation toward an entire group of individuals in this country.

Political threats, ideologically-motivated violence; can we fix this scourge, or even mend the wounds at this point?

Fuck…we’d settle for it being accurately portrayed on the news.



Talking Nerdy, Ep. 188: Make America Cait Again



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Marvel’s Captain America Civil War finally gets us our pictures of Spider-man! / Alternate Spidey endings / Lucifer still sucks / Shamrock Local adventures / I Am Cait is back and it’s time to #MakeAmericaCaitAgain / The truth about popular music / BuzzFeed makes people afraid of the word “white” / Gamer kid becomes the smartest person in the room / Alex doesn’t recognize movie quotes / Going Overboard should never have gotten made / Millennials are destroying the country / #EqualFuture is child abuse / Donald Trump would be more fun if he were gay / Mac Miller has a love-hate relationship with the Donald / Hillary Clinton is going to be the biggest loser to win the Presidency / Bernie Sanders doesn’t know what Democratic Socialism is / Bernie Sanders is an action figure / Chicago protests were a lot worse than we thought / Talking Nerdy picks the next president / JXC Studios gets even better on Vine / Let’s get started to watching it!

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Guy Ritchie, Chi City, and Brain Crack

AlexI recently attended a private screening of the (new to Blu-Ray) Guy Ritchie film Rockn’Rolla (by which I mean I rented it on Blu-Ray and watched it alone). As a director and storyteller, Ritchie stands out among the greatest. His forte is the modern British gangster films with urban flair and stylization; however, he does tend to stray from this formula (especially during his infatuation with Madonna) but I think I appreciate this film more because Madonna decided to leave a genius, steal his style, and chase after Alex “Insult to the Great American Pass-time” Rodriguez. Rockn’Rolla is a great film that takes us right back to the days of Ritchie’s more well-known works: Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. If you haven’t seen it, see it. Fuck Madonna.

Have you heard of Mr. Chi City? Well, MrChiCity3 to be exact. Yes? Well, I’m not surprised. His YouTube channel has almost fifty-thousand followers along with almost four thousand friends. I wouldn’t insult him by calling MrChiCity a YouTube phenomenon, but he’s definitely a YouTube celebrity. The difference, of course is that YouTube phenomenons have existed and are no longer individually relevant beyond what they did (intentionally or unintentionally) in the past. For example: Chris Crocker (and might I add: FUCK YOU, Chris Crocker! You’ll always be a joke and a novelty. We don’t even want to watch your shit when we’re sitting at home, drunk, watching YouTube videos on Playstation), Star Wars Kid, Dramatic Gopher, Tay Zonday (Chocolate Rain) and numerous others that I can’t be bothered mentioning.

Mr. Chi City on the other hand is in your face, but never forces himself (or is forced by other sources) upon you. He’s a colorful–and not in a racist way–character/real-talk-real-life mayne dude who wants to be entertaining and generally wants to communicate with his fans. He’s not a celebrity, he’s a YouTube personality and he doesn’t pretend that he’s better than anyone else, unlike some people. And because he provides me with hours upon hours of comfortably racial real-world comedy, I can do no less than pimp his black ass on this site (I’m not a racist).

Today, I was invited to ponder the notion of Brain Crack, a term coined/invented, I suppose, by ZeFrank of ZEFRANK.COM. This notion stood out for me because I am addicted, not only to the notion of Brain Crack, but also its implications. I am a brain crack addict.

Perhaps I should take a moment to explain. Brain Crack, as I understand it, is defined as the process by which ideas are stored in your brain-case which are potentially decent and well-thought out, but as they remain and develop in your brain for long periods of time without you acting on them, they become too precious and complicated and any action that you take on these ideas will never be sufficiently satisfying to you anymore.

I think this concept adequatly defines my problem. Most of my concepts, ideas, musings, writings and tomfoolery exists solely within my canta-lobes and will never see the light of day. And if they do happen to seep out into a computer application or a dusty notebook, they will never take the form that I truly intended…and that will be disappointing.

Maybe this is a good thing. No, not keeping your potentially brilliant ideas hidden away in the dark swamps of your brain (where vicious, blood-sucking marsh-beasts all resemble a melting wax droid of Sophia Loren…I’m sorry…I could’ve just said “resemble Sophia Loren.”), but letting ideas go, and allow them to take the shape that they do. Your intuitions are probably flawed and unreasonable; the same reason why we stand firmly by the terrible cartoons we loved when we were children.

It’s time to let go. The Brain Crack is destructive and evil. It’s what holds creative and brilliant humans back from doing something that they’re proud of. I’ve tried to start breaking this addiction Cold Turkey and it’s not as easy as I wish it were.

alex G.