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The Top 5 TV Alcoholics

Remember the days when the evil vices that television felt comfortable showing were very different. It used to be that sex and drugs were unheard of on TV shows unless the title of the show began with the words "The Dangers of..." Now that producers and executives have figured out that fucking, fighting, and freebasing… Continue reading The Top 5 TV Alcoholics

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Why I Hate Canada and Want to Go Home!

Recently, I took a trip to Canada (of all fucking places); Ottawa to be specific. Naturally, I had no idea what was actually in Ottawa except for a few examples of gorgeous Gothic architecture that I could see any time I want in America through something called Google. So why does anyone travel anywhere? What… Continue reading Why I Hate Canada and Want to Go Home!

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Why I Smoke and Why You Should, Too!

I've been smoking for quite some time now ( 3 years to be exact) and I've noticed how anti-smoking everyone's become. When I started school, our campus was smoker friendly; you could smoke anywhere on campus as long as it wasn't directly in front of the doors. Now, smokers have to walk all the way… Continue reading Why I Smoke and Why You Should, Too!