When the Frog Went to War


Last night, Americans were unnerved by the breaking news that Trump had ordered an artillery strike on the Syrian Air Force base from which planes carrying “Chemical Weapons” had supposedly launched an attack on the rebel-controlled town of Khan Sheikhoun.

As I argued in a previous article, this “Chemical Attack” likely never occurred at all.

But, sadly, the mounting evidence of questionable circumstances, the avid journalists and politicians who have actually visited the region and can speak volumes on what’s happening on the ground, and Trump’s most vocal insider supporters could not prevent the powers that be from convincing the President that now is the time to flex.

Officially, thus far, attacks have been limited to Shayrat Airbase with a probably estimate of fewer than 10 casualties.

While this is a clear violation of trust in the minds of Trump’s most supportive fans, it may not be too late to walk this back. Members of Reddit’s The_Donald and 4chan‘s /pol/ are actively attempting to create potential scenarios in which Trump is actually the magical Jesse Eisenberg to the Deep State’s Michael Caine (yes, that’s a Now You See Me reference. Don’t judge).


We’re all understandably nervous about this one. But here are some things to remember as we wait with bated breath for the other shoe to drop.

1. Trump voters are not to blame for this. Trump voters wanted an end to this kind of Globalist World Policing. Democrats and Neo-Conservative Republicans in positions of power have been advocating for this for a long time. Just hours before the attacks, Samantha fucking Bee introduced Hillary Clinton at the Women in the World Summit who said this to a thunderous applause from her most loyal supporters:

…so if you think things would’ve been any different if your candidate won, think again. At least Trump supporters still have hope on their side. And if your argument is that Bernie Sanders wouldn’t do this…maybe you’re right. But Trump wasn’t supposed to either.

The political Left is at a stalemate, caught between their hatred for Trump and their desire to see (what they perceive to be) a victimized people vindicated.

The political Right is at a divide, split between those who want to see a priority in National interests, and those who want to continue to feed the bureaucratic war machine.

2. If you’re arguing that Anti-War Trump Supporters who ALSO don’t want to expand the Refugee Crisis are hypocrites, you’re a fucking moron. If anything, recent events in Syria (let alone the entire Western World) have shown exactly why many red-pilled Westerners are against ingesting large numbers of refugees.

From what we’ve seen in these desperate propaganda videos, everyone effected by these attacks are women, children, and the elderly. Why? Where are all of the young men?

Why, they’re flocking westward, of course. And this should tell you two things: Islamist Rebel Militias/ISIS are keeping vulnerable people in Syria to utilize for sympathy and human shields; and they have a reason to let certain groups of people “escape.”

And while young, military-aged Islamic men scatter around the Western World, we see an increase in violent assault and terrorist action. What a coincidence.

3. Sorry to keep bringing up the White Helmets, but…it can not be overstated what these disguised militants are up to; and it may become even more evident a lot sooner than we think.

When ISIS began to destabilize key areas in this region, and countries such as Turkey and Lebanon began to lose strategic ground, Obama’s State Department and British Intelligence saw opportunity. James Le Mesurier created the White Helmets or Syrian Civil Defense…now under the umbrella of Mayday Rescue.

This would become a way for these governments to fund ISIS-led rebels in Syria through the guise of humanitarian efforts. Plausible deniability…to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Don’t get it twisted, friends. There are no “moderate” rebels in Syria. The White Helmets are ISIS. And when our President reacts to ISIS Propaganda with an attack on the Syrian Government’s military, he is playing into their hands.

Which means we’re all in a lot of trouble.



Syria: The Tale That Wags the War Dogs

As the world gains more insight into the avalanche of reporting about alleged Syrian Chemical Attacks, we begin to see that things might not be all that they seem in the Islamist Petri Dish of the Middle East.

Over the years, much of the Western World has been keeping Syrian President Bashar al-Assad at a bit of an arm’s length. While he seemed, on the surface, to be a much much much lesser of any conceivable Middle Eastern evil, there were still confusing and largely unsubstantiated reports coming in from Amnesty groups and the U.N. that Assad was systematically executing his own “innocent civilians.”

2As we learn from the current alleged “chemical attack” by the Syrian Government, these atrocities may not be the doing of the government at all. Rapidly growing reports are shifting more toward the notion that Syrian bombardment of ISIS territory either led to the destruction of a terrorist chemical weapon deposit…or…that the “rebels” simply gassed their own locals for the purpose of fabricating the behavior of an evil fascist dictator.

In 2013, we saw the development of an “unarmed humanitarian” group in Syria known as the White Helmets. While a majority of the media and local activists have decided to champion this group as heroes, many are suspicious of their motives, actions, and allegiances. Very little actual information was known about them, but it would appear from several skeptic investigations that these White Helmets are actually Islamist Rebel allies in clever humanitarian disguise.

We’ve seen highly questionable use of propaganda videos featuring the White Helmets as well as local militia groups using women, children, sick and dying people, and the elderly to generate sympathy through social media…and the mainstream. The clarity and quality of these staged displays become pretty understandable when you take into account their $30M budget which goes directly to 3000 “volunteers” in Syria with zero accountability.

Conveniently placed “doctors” and “victims” staging horrific “vlogs” on a regular basis (from the same individuals) begging for TV time and Media attention have become the norm. Perhaps the most infuriatingly egregious of these social media campaigns is that of Bana Alabed, an alleged 7-year old refugee who seems to do nothing but talk about fear and beg for a mainstream U.N. (and Canadian?!) forum. They all have the same rhetoric, and the same message; and despite controversy, I truly hope Russia (a Syrian ally) does have the ear of the White House; because the wheels are already in motion by the GOP, Democrats and Mainstream Media, as usual, to create another war of false intelligence.

I remain hopeful in this, and thankful that we have an administration with a chance of turning this around (despite already putting their foot down to the contrary). I can’t help but believe that President Hillary Clinton would already have the guns loaded.

The message from the Rebel sympathizers and allies in Syria appears to be “End the Syrian War” but what they really want is a No Fly Zone…sanctions which would lead to aggression, and therefore a concerted effort on the part of America and the U.N. to remove Assad from power. As we learned (but somehow won’t acknowledge) from Iraq, the removal of a leader based on calculated lies gives free-range for the true enemies to thrive.

In fact, the individuals truly rallying against war in Syria tend to be against the White Helmets.

It’s understandable that we don’t see the devil hiding behind the dust-covered children being utilized as human shields. And it’s reasonable to feel empathy for innocent people caught in the middle of this. But if we’re going to truly advocate for change in this volatile region, we have to look closer and perhaps check our empathy at the door. The devil is filming a fake war using real weapons, and we’re in danger of being the captive audience (not unlike those who rated The White Helmets at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes).

For all potential faults that certain Middle Eastern leaders, such as Assad and Michel Aoun, may have in their careers, the flowers of peace and prosperity can only be planted after we remove the plague.

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